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The first thing you notice about the natural healers called The Crystal Children(whom I’ll also refer to as “Crystals”) is their eyes— large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock upon yours hypnotically, while your soul is laid bare for these children to truly see. They’re happy, delightful, and forgiving . . . and unlike previous generations.

Ideal in many ways, they point to where humanity is headed . . . and it’s a positive direction! The older kids called “Indigo Children,” share some characteristics with the Crystals. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and they have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, since their collective purpose is to mash down old approaches that no longer serve us. They’re here to quash governmental, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need hot tempers and fiery determination.

The Crystals are the generation who benefit from the Indigos’ trailblazing. First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete, chopping down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path into a safer and more secure world.

The Crystal Children have beautiful, multicolored, opalescent auras, in pastel hues like a quartz crystal’s prism effect. This generation also harbors a fascination for crystals and rocks. Hence, the name “Crystal Children.”

The characteristics of Crystal Children are: 

* Possess large eyes with an intense stare

* Have magnetic personalities

* Are highly affectionate

* Start talking late in childhood (they speak through intuition instead of verbally)

* Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking

* Use telepathy and self- invented sign language to communicate

* May be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome

* Are even- tempered, sweet, and loving

* Are forgiving of others

* Are highly sensitive and empathetic

* Are very much connected to nature and animals

* Exhibit healing abilities

* Are quite interested in crystals and rocks

* May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance.

* Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past- life memories

* Are extremely artistic and creative

* Prefer vegetarian meals and fruit juices to “regular food” Here is a video example of

      Crystal Children carry so much love in their hearts that their mere presence has a healing effect, yet they also possess astonishingly innate skills in this area. Even very young Crystal Children seem to instinctively know how to direct energy with their hands, thoughts, and even with crystals to effect profound healings.

The following stories speak for themselves, offering us glimpses into a future characterized by natural and spiritual healing.

Infant Healer

Andrea’s daughter’s natural healing abilities were evident during infancy. One day, Andrea was bedridden with an illness when her husband brought their seven- month- old daughter into the bedroom. Andrea says that her daughter sat there on the bed next to her, stared into her eyes, and then laid both of her hands on her stomach. “This went on for almost ten minutes, and my husband was a bit freaked out over it.When she was done, she snapped back into being a ‘normal baby’ and wanted to play. I was floored.”

Taught by Angels

When Haley was five, she began telling her parents about the angels she was seeing and hearing. She told them that she mostly worked with the Archangel of Physical Healing, Raphael. Haley said that the Knowledge Angel and the Love Angel taught her, too. Haley’s mother, Carolyn, says: “I love it when Haley places her hands on my shoulders, gently presses down on them, and I become calmer. Once during a ceremony we were holding, Haley got up, took the Tibetan singing bowl, and moved it over the tops of our heads. Then she came back and used her hands to open the top of our crown chakra. She did this so knowingly. She’d never done anything like this before, yet it felt so right and it was done with such gentleness, love, and compassion.”

World Crystal Healing Grid

Adam Garcia, a little boy from Nevada is a crystal grid maker. Last year, he had a vision to make a World Crystal Grid, in which he had people from around the world send him a crystal and he connected them together to make a healing grid for world healing. Video:

 A Boy Heals His Dog

A woman named Magda says that she and her two children were devastated by the news that their dog, Gator, had a potentially fatal health condition. As Magda’s daughter cried over the situation, her six- year- old son, Austin, calmly went into his bedroom and retrieved the energy wand his grandmother (a spiritual healer) had given him. Austin then waved the crystal stone at the end of the wand over the dog.

Amazingly, Gator laid down, as if the two were speaking to each other, and agreed to let the healing begin. Austin waved the energy wand over Gator for about 30 minutes, telling him that he wasn’t going to die and that he was making him better.When he was finished, Austin said to his mother gleefully, “Mom, Gator’s going to be fine. I used my magic wand on him, and he’s better now.”

Magda reports, “Gator’s now perfectly healthy without any side effects, and he and our family are happy and complete!”

She Heals Herself and Her Mother

Teresa Zepeda says, “My six- year- old daughter, Crystal, is definitely a healer!” Teresa says that Crystal has instantly healed herself more than once.

Teresa’s back ached, so she asked Crystal for a hands-on healing. She placed her little girl’s hands on her back, but Crystal pulled them away and said, “I don’t have to put my hands on you to heal you.”

Teresa reports, “The relief from the pain was immediate, as if it was never there in the first place. I’ve had severe back pain since I herniated some discs 14 years ago. Before Crystal’s healing, I was often bedridden with back pain. Since the healing, I haven’t been bedridden once, and my back only bothers me a little now and then.”

Have Profound Insights

Crystal Children can see the beauty and love in the world in and in other people. An example is 12-year-old Kayla Davis who has been speaking about profound insights since she could first speak. Now, she writes inspirational blogs for children and adults on her Instagram and Facebook pages called Kayla’s Kidspirations.  She calls the posts "kidspirations" because she wants to inspire other kids. Her posts are usually accompanied by her nature photography, which is also profound. 


Absolute Faith

All types of healing have a faith c o m p o n e n t , whether it’s traditional or alternative medicine, or spiritual healing. Studies show that the healer’s and the patient’s faith are important variables in determining the outcome of treatments.

The Crystal Children have extraordinary faith in their abilities to heal, and this is undoubtedly one reason why they’re so effective at it. Three- year- old Victoria refers to herself as “Dr. Toria,” and she’s already established a successful track record in alleviating headaches and backaches for friends and family members.

Since infancy, Victoria’s been aware if someone is injured or not feeling well, and wants to kiss it away or touch it until it’s all better. Victoria’s grandmother says, “Victoria believes that you can ‘throw bad things away,’ and during her healing treatments, she mimics reaching into your boo- boo, snatching it up, and tossing it away, into the air. She’s always been so aware of other people and their problems, and she’s so certain she can fix them!”

One time Victoria and her grandmother visited a nursing home. Of course, Victoria wanted to heal all of the residents. Her grandmother recalls that it was very difficult to convince her granddaughter that she couldn’t cure a very old, infirm person of all their problems; or that a person in a wheelchair might be in God’s hands. Victoria said, very solemnly, “But Grandma, I talk to God!” Her grandmother notes that Victoria’s belief in herself and her ability to change the world is amazing, and “a beautiful thing to see.”

Comfort from the Crystal Children

Not only do the Crystal Children heal physical bodies, they also mend people’s hearts.

After four- year- old Lois O’Neill’s brother, Jack, passed away, 50 guests attended a wake at the family’s home. Lois’s dad, Mick, says that instead of attending to her own grief, his little daughter spent her time walking grieving adults around the garden. Lois explained to each person that Jack wasn’t really gone. Mick says, “Lois lightened their hearts with her explanation of our garden, the angels, and the fairies who live there.”

Four- year- old Colin intuitively knows how to comfort a person in need. One time when Colin and his parents were visiting some relatives, one of the women became ill. Colin insisted on sitting with her in her bedroom. Even though she slept most of the time, Colin quietly sat by her side.

Whenever she’d awaken, Colin brought her cold drinks, or alerted the family if she needed something. He was a true source of healing energy and assistance.

Studies show that children often avoid contact with disabled children, yet this new generation seems to break that mold. They show natural compassion for people with physical challenges. For instance, three- year- old Zoey makes friends predominantly with physically disabled children. One of Zoey’s playmates was born unable to walk and has a slight droop on one side of her body.

Zoey’s mother says, “This little girl has made a considerable amount of progress since beginning school with other children, and also since her play dates with Zoey. It’s been a very rewarding experience to know that there are no prejudice barriers in the eyes of our Crystal Children.”

Crystal Children have a knack for saying just the right thing to inspire, comfort, or uplift people. Naturally optimistic, they help others see the silver linings in life’s clouds. At five years of age, Carter is already showing natural counseling abilities.

Carter’s mother recalls the time her friend Ingrid came for a visit. Ingrid, a gifted hypnotherapist and artist, was feeling blue. Little Carter went up to her and said, “You’re a beautiful and talented therapist, Ingrid.”

Carter’s mother remembers: “Ingrid thought I’d coached Carter to say that. But I told her I hadn’t, and that I’d never before heard Carter use the word therapist or talk about the concept of being talented. All I know is that Carter can psychically pick up who needs love, and then offer it.”

Offering that love is the collective mission of Crystal Children. They teach us to receive love. As their adult guides, our job is to nurture them so they’ll be unafraid to love, to help them know that it’s safe to talk about and feel deep emotions.We need to guide them, especially during the adolescent years, to remain their naturally loving selves.   for article.

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