The health guide for seniors
Advice, prevention, and traitementspar Francois Piette Sébastien Weill-Engerer

How to live as best as possible as long as possible? How years of maturity your best years?

This practical guide offers tips for maintaining your health, answers to your main concerns, scientifically validated information on the major discoveries of medicine.
Francois Piette is a professor of geriatrics and internal medicine, chief of service at the Hôpital Charles-Foix.

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by Professor François Piette, Manager Charles Foix to hospitals: Health Guide Senior Citizens

Why you did you set out to make this guide?

Francois Piette PiettePr.François: At the request of Odile Jacob, Dr. Sébastien Weill-Engerer, and myself, we set about writing this guide on aging well documented, with recommendations to prevent disease, Disability ...
The guide is intended for young seniors who want to age well and who reflect the behavior to prevent pathological aging. This guide also explains the pathologies of old age to accompany his parents.

We have organized our work around the issues that came up most in our ears, around the possible symptoms that were often painful for patients, their relatives:
# The brain and memory
# Alzheimer's disease
# Depressions
# The heart and blood vessels
# Take the air at full lung
# Exercise and Longevity
# Eyes
# Falls
# Pain
# The vicissitudes of gut
# Below the belt
# Living long and well
# What science tells us about the aging body
# The mysteries of the brain and metabolism
Initial feedback from our colleagues are quite complimentary. As readers, they say "learned a lot, especially on the evolution of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.
What do you expect such a book? What is the possible sequel?

Pr.François Piette: We wanted to make this guide to give the public access to information documented, independent fiable.La communication with health professionals is often inadequate, due to time souvent.Cet book is not intended to fully heal yourself! It is a source of general information to better discuss with professionnels.Nous say that problems, difficulties should no longer remain without réponse.Nous want to wring the neck of some cliches, including the famous "your age", "having pain at your age is normal, "" At your age, you can not do anything "... We give food for thought and action, sometimes changing networks of professionals if the answers do not change and are not argumentées.Un Volume 2 is possible on the subjects that we have not treated, the deafness example, but also a presentation of the geriatric, just a "Geriatrics: user manual"
What are the key tips you want to call?

Pr.François Piette:
# Council first before any other - accept oneself, accepting his aging, his physical changes, social ... and accept the idea of his own death, while keeping a project for all these years. Do not ask the question really is generating anxiety. Subject themselves to stay Zen in front of the evolution of his life to the end is fundamental. No preventive action is possible without this self-acceptance. Neither the denial or fatalism ... bring me to the desire to practice preventive activities.
Tip # 2 - Make a regular physical activity. There is no need for her doctor to start climbing stairs. Only the decision to begin a more intensive sports such as tennis, running ... request a visit from a doctor.
Tip # 3 - Eat a balanced diet and prefer the Mediterranean diet: lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, a small glass of red wine per meal.
Tip # 4: Do not smoke.
Tip # 5: diversify its areas of interest continue to grow throughout his life.

Knowing that at age 80, a woman has ten years of life expectancy, a man, age 7. It's worth continuing to search for and treat any disease to live well until the end.

Health Guide Senior Citizens
Prof. Francois Piette and Dr. Sébastien Weill-EngererEd.Odile Jacob September 2003575 pages

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