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This is a wonderfully simple Tibetan tantric meditation, which transmutes
negativity at every level. The love energy of the heart is what does
the transmuting. It is a very ancient meditation and for many sages it
is regarded as the only meditation necessary.

Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Become aware of your body,
how you are feeling physically, becoming aware of any aches, tensions
or discomforts. Now become aware of how you are feeling emotionally,
acknowledging any frustrations, anger, worries etc.

Now breathe into the discomforts/ fears and worries, bringing them up
to the heart. Then breathe out love and compassion through the heart.
Keep repeating this cycle for at least 10 minutes.

You will feel your pain, worries and fears melt away as they are
transmuted by the love energy in your heart centre. You may experience
aches in the heart as the heart opens more and more to love and

The more you do this meditation, the more you will find your life healed
and transformed by love itself.

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nice meditation. simple and elegant.

Thank You !
Thank you for sharing Rak.

Can anyone reply to me about this meditation?

I have some questions

what are your questions?

Thanks Rak

With the breathing in..thinking of problems..does it mean we inhale and think about the problems? and hold it..and exhale..and visualise them being exhaled too?

Do you have a website?

Brian , it is me, liane... yes, you inhale and hold inside your heart. You may call down the Violet flame and ignite inside your heart and let  it burn all the tensions as you use your heart flame to purify your life.

Hi Liane!

So your name here is Rak?

Is it safe to call down violet flame? Ive heard one has to be trained with it?

You mean I need to visualised the violet color whirling in my heart?

Thanks a lot

No, you do not need to be trained, the violet flame is a dispensation of Grace and healing. You  call and decree the violet flame to restore the purity of God's desires in your heart, and  keep it in the sacred heart part of your heart chakra as a permanent flame. Do this exercise. In the beginning this may not be a pleasant experience, you need to do not give up and continue to do it. If your heart chakra is not all blocked, it will be easier to do it. 


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