Grounding Meditation
Conjuring a Grounding Cord

The grounding meditation is an important meditation technique not only for psychic self defense but also psychic healing, and learning more about creating thoughtforms.
The Grounding cord is a quick and easy tool to help you clean unwanted energy from your auric field and energy centers. This technique puts you on solid ground for learning other psychic self defense techniques as it contains many basic principals on which more advanced energy workings are based.
Applying the grounding cord will help you in any situation and can be applied discretely in seconds. It is crucial to learn how to ground yourself when working with energy so that you can accomplish the task you set out to do with out having to suffer the consequences of harboring the foreign energies of other people or astral entities.
The first few attempts at using a grounding cord should be done during a quite, undisturbed time which you can dedicate to your grounding meditation.
grounding meditation

First shift your awareness to your root chakra located at the base of your spine at the tip of the coccyx. This chakra is linked with your vital energies and with our connection to the Earth plane. It is all fitting that the grounding cord is to be your connection from your first chakra to the Earth its self.
Visualize energy gathering around your chakra. It can be any color, the only requirement is that it is a vibrant and healthy color, a powerful color. See the energy orbiting around your chakra. See it gathering into this chakra and as it does so the chakra begins to spin and grow a bright, vibrant color.Use the energy in your environment during your grounding meditation practice. Doing this will keep you from having to use your own vital energy for this working.
Visualize, feel, and know that your root chakra is glowing as bright as the sun and that it is strong and healthy. When you know that this chakra is strong and healthy you know that you are also strong and healthy and that there is no situation which you cannot handle.
See a beam of energy emitting from your chakra into the Earth. The beam penetrates deeply into the Earth all the way into its center. At this point you should feel a very gentle tug on your first chakra.
If you do not feel this the first time don't worry, the thought form of your grounding cord will become more powerful as you practice. Remember, the more energy and belief you give to a thought form the more powerful it will become.
You want to make sure that the grounding cord goes all the way down into the center of the Earth. Even though the center of the Earth is thousands of miles below our feet it wont even take seconds to reach its destination as the grounding cord is made of astral matter and astral matter travels at the speed of thought. Once you are confident that you are secured to the Earth by your powerful grounding cord you can go to the next step.

Removing Unwanted Energies

Once you have a solid grasp on the grounding meditation you can use your grounding cord to remove negative energies, unwanted belief and behavior patterns, and foreign energies which are not in your interest to harbor.
Do this by visualizing the energies flowing from your body down the grounding cord into the center of the Earth. These negative energies can look like anything. They can be visual images, thoughts, or feelings. Do not judge the images, thoughts, or feelings, just let them leave.
Once the unwanted energies flow to the center of the Earth they will be vanquished. There they will be transformed into neutral energies which the Earth can use to supply all the living creatures and ecosystems with vital energy.

Other Ways to Use the Grounding Cord

There are an unlimited number of ways the grounding cord can be used to contribute to your well being.
Grounding Pain and Dis-ease
If you are suffering from pain or dis-ease, you can use the grounding cord to alleviate some of the pain caused by dis-ease or injury.
Remember that X body part is not in pain, the pain is actually happening in your brain which is being fed information that something is wrong in X part of the body. This information is being fed to the brain via the nerves in that area of the body.Create your grounding cord as instructed in the grounding meditation.
Feel the grounding cord attaching to the brain. Once you get good at this you may even feel a slight tug in different areas of your brain. This is a good sign that your thought form is strong.
Thank your brain for doing its job well. Explain to it that you know something is wrong and do not need to be reminded of it constantly.
Use your intention to program your grounding cord to send the pain down into the Earth to be neutralized into energy which can be recycled for the greater good of all beings on the earth plane.

Programing Your Grounding Cord

Lastly keep in mind that you can program thought forms to perform certain tasks. Program your grounding cord during your grounding meditation sessions to automatically remove any energies which do not contribute to your overall well being.
This programming can be accomplished by simply believing and intending that the grounding cord will accomplish this task. The trick is not to get too technical with the programing. This can be difficult for you if you are used to working with computers. The beauty of its existence is simplicity and effectiveness.
It is best to not think the programing out in words. Instead just know what you want it to do, hold that thought as long as possible then release.
Thought forms require constant attention, belief, and energy to maintain. Do not use your own energy to maintain your thought-forms, instead use the energy from your environment, from the Earth, and from the Universe. See the Earth Energy and Universal Energy meditation for more details.
Once you have done the grounding meditation a couple of times, you will be ready to go out into the world to apply it. When ever you need the Earth's steadfast support all you have to do is validate the existence of your grounding cord and it will automatically act on the instructions you have given it.
The use of the grounding cord is not limited to any situation. Use it at work, at school, at home or any situation where you may experience anxiety, fear, depression, anger, or stress of any sort. Use it during meditation to consciously clear out beliefs, habits, or energies which no longer serve you.
By accomplishing this you will have achieved the first steps in psychic self defense, energy manipulation, and psychic healing.

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