Hello Soul Family,

To make browsing in our network more pleasurable and easy, We are
providing answers for the most frequently asked questions. Please
take a moment and read them, before you report an issue to the
Administrators of this site. Much Metta to all,
Humanity Healing Leadership Team


1. Why can't I access some features of this site?

Some NING websites, including Humanity Healing, have been having problems interfacing with
Internet Explorer Users/ Members .You can have more success if you
download FIREFOX browser instead. FIREFOX is a free program that
comes with a built in

2. How can I change my Profile Picture?

You can change your Profile Picture and alter your setting anytime . Simply go to "Your Page",
click on "My Photo" and click on Upload Photo. Then upload the
picture you like most from your

3. Am I allowed to promote/advertise my business or practice here?

You may list your practice and /or your business/or website on your personal page. We understand
this is a Network of like minded people, but selling things/or
services or requesting donations are not allowed on this
network.You may wish to advertise with us. You can find all the
Information relative to this on The "Advertise" Tab above. For more
specific questions, please contact

4 .What type of written content is allowed on the forums, blogs and messages ?

The Entire purpose of Humanity Healing Network is to connect people on the heart level. We expect
that all the written media content should to be constructive,
uplifting, non partisan, with no discriminating remarks allowed.
Nudity, profanity and/ or abusive language will not be tolerated.
This also includes gossiping, harassment and spamming. We advise
caution to all members when giving away any personal information

5. Are there rules to open and manage groups here?

We regard our groups as an extension of our family. Therefore they should reflect the basic
principals of Spirituality and Oneness that Humanity Healing
Network and Foundation align with. Every Group created must retain
an active participation by its members and have competent
management. Groups that became inactive for more the 90 days would
be deleted.

6.Do you have any restrictions on the Video content, or sound media files (music)?

This network was created with intentions of Light and Good will to all who are involved. We are
priming to create a Spiritual and supportive environment. Any
negative messages/music content or post will not be

7. How can I stop the amount of Friends requests and spamming coming from other members of this

Humanity Healing Network has a "Tolerance Zero" Policy dealing with Spamming issues. If you feel
overwhelmed by numerous messages and invitations (not only from HH,
but Other networks) simply go to the end of the e-mail you just
received and click on the links

To stop following this group, go to: "https://humanityhealing.ning.com/group/humanityselfmastery?unfollow=1">
Or To control which emails you receive on Humanity Healing Network,
go to: "https://humanityhealing.ning.com/profiles/profile/emailSettings">https://humanityhealing.ning.com/profiles/profile/emailSettings

8. I am having personal problems with another member of this Network, what should I do, what should be
the procedure to better deal with this

We Understand that some conflicts may arise from the interaction of different individuals
inside of a Community. The management of those conflicts and even
the possibility of mediation of those can be achieved through the
loving and kind intervention of our *HH* Leadership Team. To report
any issue, please contact them. They can be found at the Our "Team"
Tab, under Moderators tab.

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I think this link works. I posted it on one of my sites. If not : I will email it to you.


BEing FULL of Thanks III

Subject: Stellar Code – Chiron and Orion
Date: Sunday, December 05, 2010
Start Time: 09:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
Dial-in Number: 1-270-400-2000
Participant Access Code: 707110


It was in the middle of the page ... with the background it's difficult to see. 


Hope this helps.




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