How To Change Your Profile Page

On your profile page select My Page. It will take you to the My Page settings page. Here you can change your Photo, Appearance, Address and My Apps.. You can reset the placement of your features for you page while you’re in this section if you so wish


Change profile picture:

In the profile setting you will see Photo. It tells you to upload a photo from your computer. Select Browse Now you are in your computer files go to where the picture you want for your profile is located at. Select that picture and hit the open and wait for it to load and go back to your page to see your work


Change your theme on the Appearance page:

I like to use the Pure Light Theme for my profile pages. In the Basic Theme I change the colors as needed to make it all easy to read and see. I prefer to use in colors White #FFFFFF for my colors in the Header and Body. I use Transparent for Module and Sides. For Text I use White #FFFFFF in Network Name and Body. I use Times New Roman for my text style.

In the All Options I add a picture to the side and body areas. I have to upload the picture from my computer. I mark the picture to tile image for both and then saved and go back to my page to see if I like it.

Stay out of the Advanced unless you know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


Sound is really very easy to add. You can use either the site simple loader that is one song at a time from your computer files or you can use the flash loader and add entire albums from your computer. You also have the option to upload music from a Website URL

All music needs to be in MP3 files ONLY. (This is for your site player). Also make sure that others can copy the songs if they want them as long as they are not copy written. It is only right to share the files with others. :-) I have placed all of the Chakra tuners from top to bottom  for all members to add to their profile player if they should wish to.  Just click add.


You can also use a free player like I have on my page to find and save music. Just use search for Song Name or Group.

The site for it is:


Just sign up for a free account and start adding music files to your player. You can add a picture like I did so it has a nicer look to it. When you are ready make and get a copy of the code for the site use the Share My Playlist and it will take you to the page for that. When you get there you can choose to Auto start, Random Shuffle and Custom Skin. The first two are a matter of your choice as to how you want it to work. Custom Skin is how you place a picture on your player skin.  So you select yes and then go to any image place (I use photobucket for mine as it is another free image site.  http://photobucket.com/) and select you image html code and place it in that box. The http:// is already selected for you so remove that from your html code and any other things such the word [IMAGE] or the like from the html code you select. Add it to the box and then you want to “Generate a custom skin preview” to see if your image look all right. Next you select “Get Code” and it appears at the bottom of the page. If it looks good to you then copy the code save it to a Word or Note Pad Document and go to your page under Edit Tex Open that section of your page and enter the Code and any other writings or pictures you want there. See my Page for an example of both of these players.


 It is always a good idea to print these instructions before you start this process

You can always go to http://ning.com for more information or for questions on How to do things with your page... 

 You need to have a membership on there also and then you can manage all of your different sites membership pages from there...

Any questions?

Please contact me.

Love and Light,

White Light

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hi whitelight! thank you so much for your offer to help.  i want to make my own playlist, however, it commented that it is only for those in USA. but i am outside of USA, is there other site you can suggest?  thank you


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