Please review these guidelines for conduct prior to participating in any interactive portions of the Humanity Healing International Website.

All members - old and new, paid and unpaid - are expected to be familiar with, and adhere to, these guidelines.


These guidelines are subject to change at any time to reflect the growing issues within our Community, and we make a definite point of announcing such changes as they are made.

However, full responsibility of staying informed, updated, and aware of changes lies with each individual Community member.

Ignorance of these guidelines is not a legitimate excuse for misconduct.

1.)    Please Contribute Actively to the Community.

  • POST AN INTRODUCTION in the forum within 30 days of account activation – this is absolutely required of all new members.

  • STAY ACTIVE IN DISCUSSIONS on our forum.  We purge inactive and under-used accounts twice per year.  If your account has been inactive for four to six months, it will be assumed that you do not wish to be a part of the Community any longer.  As such, your account will be purged from our system (not banned).

  • JOIN A GROUP THAT INTERESTS YOU and submit content that supports the subject.  This is a great way to get to know other members who are also interested in the same ideas.  Joining multiple groups is fine, but please remember that remaining active in all of them is important.  In light of this, please consider your personal time constraints before joining more than one or two.

  • CONTRIBUTING IN CHAT is a fantastic way to engage others, stimulate your mind, and keep the Community going strong.


2.)    As a Spiritually Aware Being, you are expected to conduct yourself with a high degree of honor, integrity, and dignity on this site.  The following behaviors are inappropriate, and disruptive issues will be resolved promptly by Management:

  • TROLLING:  Any member suspected of having joined Humanity Healing for the sole purpose of directing traffic to their own personal profile page or to an outside website will be suspended pending investigation.  If trolling is proven, the member will be removed.

  • ADVERTISING AND SPAM:  All members have the opportunity to share their outside endeavors on their own personal profile pages only.  That being said, any personal profile page that is clearly only a sales or advertising page will be removed.  Members who advertise within the Community without going through the correct channels will be suspended.  If you wish to advertise with the Humanity Healing Network, please contact us at the following:  You will find that our rates are very competitive.


  • ROLE PLAYING:  This Community maintains a live-and-let-live attitude, but extreme flights of fantasy will not be indulged here.  This is NOT a role playing community.

  • WHINING:  We are here to help and support each other.  However, excessive pity-seeking is unhealthy and distracting to others.  Respect members of the Community, and yourself, by keeping this kind of behavior in check.

  • BOASTING:  Making statements in order make yourself look important, special, or exceptionally qualified is considered boasting, whether regarding spiritual or earthly credentials.  When posting on a serious topic, please do so in a respectful and sober manner.

  • GRILLING OR MOCKERY:  Each individual’s ideas and beliefs are subjective.  Everyone has the divine right to believe what they wish.  Elaborate claims may be looked upon with polite skepticism, but outright hostility is not tolerated.  This is a safe space to meet and discuss ideas and memories openly, without having to always front with a disclaimer.  We believe that the beauty of Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) is sacred, and encourage this to be shared to help all our members learn and grow.  When you share ideas, please do so kindly, and with respect for others.

  • TRYING TO CONVERT OTHERS:  You may not, at any time, attempt to convert someone to your religion or belief system.  We wish for this sacred space to be considered neutral ground.  We have people of all faiths here, and most do not appreciate conversion attempts.

  • BEING OVERLY SUGGESTIVE OR CRUDE:  Casual flirting and clean jokes are fine.  Anything else will warrant a warning notification, and you will be asked to discontinue the offensive behavior immediately.

  • EXCESSIVE PROFANITY:  Please keep your language clean and courteous to others.  You will receive a warning notification if you’re going too far, and will be expected to stop it immediately.

  • INCORRECT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR:  This forum is in English, but we are aware that it’s a very big world, and English is not the first language of many of our members.  Please be considerate and keep your words easy to understand.  In the interests of overall comprehension, we suggest that members do their writing in a word processor with a spelling and grammar checker before posting on the site.

  • MISCONDUCT ON OTHER NETWORKS:  Those who show a pattern of misconduct on other sites will not be met kindly here.  Members of Humanity Healing International are expected to be mature and responsible outside of our Community.  We are a well-respected and respectful organization.  We have an upstanding reputation both amongst our peers and on the Internet in general.  Any actions outside of our network that degrade the integrity of this Community are not tolerated.



3.)    Please Respect all Administrators and Moderators.

You may not unduly argue with a staff member, either publicly or privately. Belittling, berating, and otherwise hostile treatment or disrespect of any staff member will automatically get you banned.  Administrators, particularly the site founders, are the final word on what constitutes disrespectful behavior.  Group moderators have limited authority within their own groups only, and do not have the power to ban members without the approval of management.

If you are banned, an appeal may be filed with the founders.  If successful, you will be on probationary status.  If any further incidents occur, you will be permanently banned, with no possibility of returning to the Community.


4.)    Harassment, threats of harassment, and discriminatory behaviors are not tolerated.

While we are open to a good, hefty debate, there are specific places on Humanity Healing for such discussions.   In all areas, we expect you to be courteous and respectful.  Please keep in mind that statements made are peoples’ opinions.   As such, people should not have to put a disclaimer in front of everything they say.  It is formally understood that, as stated in these guidelines, no one is intentionally trying to offend or insult anyone else.

Name calling, finger-pointing, belittling, threats, removal of content without approval from an administrator, and anything else that disrupts the peace of the site will be swiftly dealt with by management.  Anyone conducting themselves in this manner is subject to immediate suspension, and possible removal.


3.)     Humanity Healing International Logos and Graphics are Copyrighted.

None of the official logos or graphics of Humanity Healing International may be re-distributed, copied, or derived from in any form unless written authorization is obtained from the founders, and the original artist.  Any content submitted within the Community becomes the property of Humanity Healing International, with all credits and rights also still remaining with original authors.


6.)    Projects and public relations activities are conducted by the founders.

No Community member may act as an official spokesperson for Humanity Healing International, or for any of our associate organizations, for ANY reason.  Administrators may occasionally act on behalf of our organization at the express request of the founders only, and only for the task at hand.  The majority of public relations activities will be handled exclusively by the founders.

Anyone caught misrepresenting themselves, or their association with Humanity Healing International is subject to immediate removal, and possible legal action, with absolutely no possibility of returning to the Community.  Three strikes are for baseball, not fraud.

7.)    Founders are available by appointment only.

This includes member crisis situations, interview requests, and so forth. To request an appointment, please submit your request using our contact form under the heading ‘Contact Us’ on the Homepage, or send a direct email to  We will respond as soon as we are able.

8.)    Public Events related to Humanity Healing International are to be conducted under these same guidelines.

If any member is found in violation of these guidelines at an event related to our organization, they are subject to review, possible suspension, or removal.  If an event is held without our knowledge or permission, and we are misrepresented in any way, the person responsible is subject to possible legal action.

9.)    You must be at least 18 years of age to be in this network.

While there may not be any overtly adult content on the site, this is a legal issue that we must adhere to.

10.)    Membership is a privilege, not a right.

Both basic and paid memberships are subject to these same Guidelines and Terms of Use.  Members who are banned because they have broken these terms of use, to which they agreed at the time they joined the Community, will be banned without legal right, ramification, or refund.

Likewise, Humanity Healing International reserves the right to suspend or ban any and all disruptive accounts at its own discretion, hereby absolving itself of any possible legal ramifications or responsibilities.

11.)    These Guidelines are Born of Necessity

We fully realize that some of these guidelines may, at first glance, be considered rather harsh to some people.  We wish it to be known that it is not our intention to be militant, or overbearing in our approach to operating this Community.

However, there have been particular past members who have fraudulently presented themselves as officials of Humanity Healing International, and who have conducted false business and humanitarian activities on our behalf, without our knowledge or consent.  This has caused significant trouble, and we have been obliged to engage in far too much damage control due to the actions of these reckless, insensitive few.  In light of this, we feel that it is our right, and our responsibility to guard against such actions, perpetrated by people of questionable integrity.

Our first defense has been that we now do our level best to screen new members thoroughly, both for our own protection, and yours.  We have also updated these guidelines, and make them readily available here for all Community members in an effort to keep the peace, and to inform all would-be troublemakers that we do not tolerate fraudulent, insensitive, or disruptive behavior.

Comments, opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Please email us at:

or write to us:

Humanity Healing Network

9947 Hull Street Road - Suite 117

Richmond, VA   23236-1412

(804) 859-3395

These guidelines are not negotiable.

Your full understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Last Update: 02/01/2012

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I have read & am signing 3/23/12.

If I do make a mistake, I only ask you notify me and I will immediately make every effort to rectify and correct. 

Thank you for everything each of you do to pull this all together.  From my heart I truly have enjoyed being on this team with each of YOU!  ~dZ

Great rules!  It is not easy to keep a forum as large as this operating at a high level.  


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