Our members have always had the ability to change and personalize their profile page, but now that we have the new Ning Design Studio the process is a little different.


To access the Design Studio you need to make sure you are on your profile page. Underneath where it shows your profile picture, your name and where you live (if you choose to display that info), you will see that it says ‘Customize my page’. Click on that and the Design Studio panel will appear at the top of the page. On the left hand side of the Design Studio panel you will see that you have three options to choose from; ‘Theme’, ‘Customize’ and ‘Advanced’.


If you have css codes that you want to add to your page for your page theme then click on ‘Advanced’. This brings up a new panel within the Design Studio panel where you can copy and paste in your css codes. Once you have done that you need to click on the orange button that says ‘Publish’ (located at the bottom right of the Design Studio panel) to save the new css codes.  


About The Old CSS CODES

Unfortunately the new Design Studio does not support the old css codes. We have found that you can still use the older css coded page designs, but you may well find that the page theme will appear slightly different within the new Design Studio compared to how it was before. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this as we do not have anyone on our team who is able to update the old css codes for you.


Other Ways To Personalize Your Profile Page (No Codes Involved!)

If you want to personalize your profile page without using a css coded theme then you can use the option ‘Customize’ on the left hand side of the Design Studio panel. When you select this option you have the ability to completely personalize every part of your page. You can change the ‘Body text’, ‘Heading text’, ‘Paragraph spacing’, you can select images from your computer to upload (by clicking on the camera icon on the ‘Page background’ and ‘Canvas background’ options and if you look at the second column in from the left hand side, you will see that you can lots of other things such as how the links and buttons on your page look among other things. Feel free to play around and experiment with these options so that you can completely personalize your page. You do have the option to ‘Preview’ how your page will look, but the changes aren’t permanent until you click on the orange ‘Publish’ button (located at the bottom right hand corner of the Design Studio panel).


If you want to use one of the themes that Ning have designed, click on the ‘Themes’ button on the first column on the left hand side of the Design Studio panel. Scroll through all of the designs that are displayed and once you find a design you like select it by clicking on it. Remember to click on the orange ‘Publish’ button to save the changes you make once you are happy with the design you have chosen.


How Do I Exit The Design Studio?

If you do not want to add any changes and you are simply taking a look at the Design Studio you can exit it at any time by clicking on the orange ‘Cancel’ button located at the bottom right hand corner of the Design Studio panel. If you have made changes to your page that you wish to save and implement, before you exit the Design Studio please ensure that you click on the orange ‘Publish’ button, located at the bottom right hand corner of the Design Studio panel, next to the ‘Cancel’ button. If you exit without clicking ‘Publish’, any changes you have made will not be saved.


What If I Don’t Like The Changes I’ve Made? Can I Reset My Profile Page?

Yes, you always have the option of resetting your page to the website default theme, so you really can have fun choosing different designs as you know that if you select something you are not happy with, even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can always revert back to our default theme.


To reset to our default page theme you need to go to your profile page. Where you see the ‘box’ on your page that shows you your name, the option to sign out, your inbox, alerts and friends, you will see underneath those things that it says ‘Settings’. Click on the ‘Settings’ button. This takes you to a new page. Underneath where it says ‘My Settings’ you will see a list that says ‘Profile’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Email’, ‘My Page’ and ‘Connections’. Click on ‘My Page’ and you will see that this takes you to another new page. Underneath the section titled ‘Appearance’ you will see that you have the option to reset your page theme, this is the option that you want. Click on the word ‘Reset’ to change your page back to our default page theme. If it asks you if you are sure, select ‘Yes’.

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Thx for taking the time to explain it.  We forget that many may not know how ... and some of us (cough cough) are just lazy!  LOL  I had a complaint about my page being too bright and hard on the eyes .. so I finally did a little something, but mostly - I spend my time elsewhere.  But one day.. one day, page --> watch OUT! ;-)  (it was a tease / not a real complaint .. but it did need something! ) 

Thx again for making it easy to follow.



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