There's a movie that came out in 2011 called the Big fix. I can't find a torrent of it but if I can find a copy I'd love to share it here. The movie elucidates how big oil is tied to all of the industries in the united states and very heavily to the war profiteering industries. It also points out how toxic the oil spill was and how the government bent over and became prostitutes for the oil company-and not expensive call girls from the emperor club-cheap hookers-hell I'm not sure they didn't pay THEM to sleep with them.

Anyway you look at it the regulators in charge of industry now are run by the very people who worked in that industry... The fox has been set to guard the hen house. (if the embed fails)




All of this exposes how the Achilles Heel in the Economic Control Matrix is ENERGY.  The problem here is that the Energy industries invest in the war industries and keep the war profiteering running. They are also TERRIFED of the solutions I'm offering.

I was discussing with someone I met on another ning site named elshara about how messed up this system was and he said timelines were merging into ours and the universal laws from other deminsions are starting to affect ours in such a way that it's hard to see the law of attraction as being enough to save us from this economic mess.I Sat and listened for 45 minutes to his hopelessness and felt drained.  And then I started to do Reiki with another guy, I just got the stage 1 done and not long after having broken down what we have of the veil I Decided to talk to my friend Rachael about Energy independence. it turns out raerae was doing the work while I Was fretting about Energy. I know a lot of oyu think Free energy is aroudn the corner-Maybe. But why should we rely on a Bailout by higher forces when these solutions are not being mass marketed?

What Elshara Told me was the best means for us to fix this system now, form his level of awarenss was Civic disengagement: to STOP FEEDING THE SYSTEM as MUCH AS POSSIBLE and getting OTHERS to BAILOUT as well

The first place to start in this is that I Think we should Start a coopt of some kind. Maybe lottery based to get people on Solar power for their homes.  This is because this is where we spend most of our time. Also if the person lives in the Northwest we could do Geothermal-an EXCELLENT solution. In regions where the ground is hot.

The Second part is that I have solutions. Your Flex vehicle cars can be converted to run on 100% ethanol and your older cars can be converted to run on E85, and maybe even E100 if i can find solutions.

I would recondmend looking at THIS site and watching all of his Videos: and lookign at his MYTHS section.

For OLDER DIESEL Engines it's possible to run off of VEGETABLE Oil and get FREE OIL from companies looking to dispose of it.  all you have to do is Filter The oil before using it!

Where I'm at E85 sells at 2.99 a gallon, you can research the prices in YOUR area. IF you can get a E100 system you can, finally just merely grow Sugarcane and convert it to Ethanol and filter it and distill it and run it straight thru your car for the price of the crop. and getting the ethanol

I would caution you against Burning the Stalks because you will ruin your Soil.... If you want to keep harnesisng DON'T DO IT.

you can also grow Sugar Beats! I know someone who does this but I'm not sure how the yields are in growing your own. I nkow that corn is AWFUL for ethanol though. IT would take HALF AN ACRE of corn just to go across the country. It's just that we Produce so much f****** corn in he us we have a massive surplus of it for fuel. I don't know if Producing your own anything will be enough for your personal gas use. I need to do further research.

Now if you BUY the beats, you'll get f***** vs Sugar cane.


How to Make Ethanol from Sugar cane:

How to Make E85 From Ethanol. (Thats 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline)

E85 Prices:

Then finally if you're interested there are KITS ot make your older cars Flex Fuel compatible. E85. They cost a couple hundred dollars and the price of installation if you can't do ti yourself. DON'T TRY IF YOU AREN'T A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.

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