I nominate my friend, Pieter de Jong, who lives in Noordwijk aan Zee, Nederland, who is a good samaritan in his daily life.


This spring, he took in a girl he had never met, who had been trafficked internally by a Turkish boyfriend and forced into prostitution by him, which is illegal in Holland. While independent and voluntary prostitution is tolerated, it is not legal to force another into prostitution involuntarily (as in the term "pimp"). Pieter had visited a pub in his home town of Katwijk aan Zee, and while he was there, he noticed a young girl in her twenties. When he left, she just followed him until he was in Noordwijk aan Zee, where he lives. He had walked home from Katwijk via the Duins, bordering the North Sea, which made it impossible to pass by car. This was good, in hindsight, as her "boyfriend" was unable to follow her and could not locate her whereabouts. As in those cases, the girls are readily able move about in the day, but at some point in the night, return to their home base. The girl had asked Pieter not to call the police, which he thought was suspicious. However, when he had heard her story, he realized that there was a reason. The police, especially in Noordwijk, are clients of hers or at least do business with her boyfriend.


Pieter then called the Dutch organization in Amsterdam that helps girls in those situations. They sent a taxi for her and picked her up, taking her to a safe place. This organization, with the assistance of the Dutch government, pays for the girls to receive a new identity and place to live, as in these situations, their lives are at risk, even after the fact. In this particular situation, the girl was a high-level call girl, so she would be a lot of danger, as she was deemed valuable and had escaped. Her family had also been threatened and the phones were tapped. Pieter could also have been at risk for taking her in, if the boyfriend had known where he lived. Luckily, everything turned out well in the end for her and her family. It was good of Pieter to take her in and get her to safety.


Three years ago, Pieter helped me in a similar way when he did not have to and got me back to Texas safely. If he had not stepped up and acted as he did in my case, I would been detained for 3 months in a facility for trafficked women, even though I was not one. This could have been an interesting life experience, but I am glad I was spared that, even though I am sure my empathetic compassion would have been increased even more for the women there. Someone had reported this in error. As a foreigner, I was required to have a current visa, which I did not at the time, owing to certain circumstances. Because of Pieter and his kind assistance, I received a slap on the hand and not more. I am able to enter into the EU, while I could been barred from re-entry, as their immigration rules are more strict than the USA. This is only due to Pieter's generosity of heart and his kindness. 


Earlier in his life, Pieter gave an old country house he had fixed up, full of antique furniture that he loved to a married couple, because the wife loved gardens and was a nice person. This house has a beautiful garden and he knew she would take care of it. The house is now worth a million dollars. Pieter is just a good friend to everyone. He himself does not even have a house now, but only lives in a rented apartment, but he never complains.


Pieter is a person who I never met before and I am sure I will not meet again on this Earth. He is the most is the most generous person I know, a person you can depend on in times of life or death, always there, never failing his friends, family and even strangers. Pieter goes above and beyond the call of duty as a human here on Earth and will be the first one to say it is nothing special. Maybe that is true, in the ideal world. But in this world we currently live in, it is nothing short of angelic. He is really an angel here on Earth. This is why I nominate him to receive the Random Acts of Kindness Award.

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Thank you for sharing this with us.  He sounds like a very deserving candidate for the RAK AWARD! ;-D

I just realized this... RaK award... :) thank you, de Zengo. i love it!!! :) this is a nice serendipity between RaK and RAK... i had wanted to nominate RaK first... 

then, i remembered what Pieter did recently for that girl, a stranger, bringing her into his own place for the night, not even knowing her, to give her shelter...he believes in all children being our children. not someone else's. so I just had to nominate him this time! :)  


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