Healing Sounds
by Miranda Smith

Have you ever played with two tuning forks, both tuned to the same note? When you strike one fork and hold it close to the other, the second one will begin vibrating, too—resonating with the
frequency of the sound waves coming from the first one.

The organ systems in your body work this way, too. Each vibrates at a particular frequency. When all is well, and you are healthy, the combined frequencies of all of the organ systems are in harmony with one

This knowledge opens up an avenue for healing from the inside out.
Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th lineage holder of Emei Qigong, says
when the organ systems are in harmony, they create “a beautiful
symphony.” But when one is not functioning well, it stops vibrating at
the correct frequency. And the effect cascades. Once the frequency of
one system is off, the harmony of the symphony is disturbed and other
systems may try to change their vibrational frequencies. This creates
havoc in the body, a dissonance that throws the whole system—you—out of
balance. The only path to regaining health and balance is through
reasserting vibrational harmony.

Coming back together

Emei Qigong teaches students the “healing sounds” for each organ system in the body. These sounds act the same way tuning forks do—when you make a sound at the correct frequency, the organ system responds by
attempting to come into resonance with it.

If the system is only moderately out of balance, the healing sounds have an immediate restorative effect: they bring unmistakable health and vitality back to the body. Simply practicing these sounds a few times a
week increases energy levels and emotional balance while safeguarding
your health. Plus, they feel cleansing—after just a few minutes of
practice, you'll feel fresh and clear.

If an organ system is badly damaged, it may take some time to regain full health. Only through repetition of the sound, day after day—often in combination with other therapies—can the system come into full
resonance with the sound and resume vibrating at the correct frequency.
But in the meantime, the potency of the healing sound strengthens the
effect of other modalities such as herbal treatments, therapeutic
movements, acupuncture, and changes in beliefs and emotions.

You can learn these sounds, along with many other effective and little-known healing techniques for yourself as well as others, at the Emei Qigong Level I seminar to be held: July 25 & July 26 and August
1 & 2 in East Elmhurst, New York. For more information, see ad on
the back cover. Call Teacher Scott at 917-957-0953 or visit

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