Reincarnated Soul Groups

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

The theory and beliefs of reincarnation teach that people tend to be reborn with the same souls, again and again. It has become almost a cliche - a common pickup line, if you will - the notion of "Haven't we met before - perhaps in another life?" But it isn't just a line. Often, we are attracted to souls that we recognize, even though we rarely remember from where. 

he theory and beliefs of reincarnation teach that people tend to be reborn with the same souls, again and again. It has become almost a cliche - a common pickup line, if you will - the notion of "Haven't we met before - perhaps in another life?" But it isn't just a line. Often, we are attracted to souls that we recognize, even though we rarely remember from where . "Love at first sight" has been described as reincarnated mates finding each other once more. Siblings, parents and children are usually groups that we have interacted and shared our lives with in past existences. Reincarnation tosses the theory of random selection and chance reproduction out of the window. Instead, it teaches that children are born to specific parents for a reason - karma and familiarity draw them together yet again. 

Soul Mate Connections

Through the lens of reincarnation, soul mates are seen as very bonded souls who choose to unite as a couple again and again. They have shared many lives and experiences and both wish to continue the relationship as different people. The deep understanding that exists between these two souls is a bonus that helps both partners grow and develop. They help each other reach their full potential more easily than first time partners. Soul mates can also be parents or children, friends, relatives, coworkers. The closeness, the soul bond isn't restricted to romantic relationships. There is also no hard and fast rules about gender - couples can take turns being either male or female. However, it seems common for couples to express memories of being the same sex as they are in the present life. It could be though, that they don't recognize their mate in any memories where the genders are reversed. It might be hard to picture your husband as a woman and vice versa. 

Family Ties Span Lifetimes

Very often we have known our family members before. Sometimes these past lives were loving and enriching while others may have been challenging and even dangerous. When people choose to be reborn into the a family configuration together, they have a mission to discover and enact. There are specific lessons and experiences to explore together. Children choose who to be born to before conception. Sensitive potential parents can learn to sense the child soul as it lingers around them before pregnancy occurs. In the family who can recognize what their specific goals are this lifetime, the dynamics can quicken and each member can grow on an inner as well as an outer level. Children often remember their past lives, especially the most recent one quite effortlessly. If your child speaks about "another mother" - listen. They could give you clues about your family mission in this lifetime. It's always helpful to notice the dynamics that occur among family members, the little memories that may be stirred up as you engage in family activities and the dreams you have about your family. All can give clues to the current themes you each are working on as a unit. 

Keep Thy Enemy Close

Not all reincarnated soul groups are beneficial or even close. Often we meet the people we regard as our enemies again and again. Perhaps this is one good reason to avoid cultivating them! Failed relationships, tensions in the neighborhood or at work - any number of relationships can go sour. If the people involved do not resolve this tension and ambivalence it can carry over like a chronic disease. Best to process all negative feelings held about others in your life, talk about them and resolve them so they don't carry over in your energy bodies. Forgiveness and compassion are important for many good reasons. Resolution keeps karma within a manageable and content range. Those who continually add more negative karma to their soul's field are just asking for lots of interpersonal conflicts and problems, life after life. Best to love thy enemy, thy neighbor, whoever you have a problem with, yourself. There are lessons to be learned from the soul groups we choose to be a part of. Good or bad, loving or hateful, they all exist for a purpose. Learn to connect and "read" your soul groups - the messages and discoveries hiding there can be both profound and enlightening. They can help you discover your current life's purpose and path

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i am having problems with my sister in law since 1980s when i warned my brother not to marry her over the phone (he and i used to be close friends and she does not have a brother). he has only stood up to her once or twice in 26 years (once it was just to come to my mom's house for Christmas eve rather than their house-only once has that happened in 26 years) and it almost busted up their marriage. i have tried to resolve things with her and get along for years, but she has never changed ... it is not possible for us to talk directly, due to explosions (we have never really talked openly face to face, even though i have tried, as she refuses to look at me and mostly ignores me, except when she says things that are not nice sometimes.   ... is it possible to resolve without talking directly? .... maybe she is giving me some lesson. i don't know.  

Life is a school !! every ones know that , in you case you have to be calm when this situation happen, the only way to disolv the problem is you , thats is deep inside of you , you really pay atencion outside , There is a reason for every thing , every thing have an explanation , in others life both of you have some memories not lost , be calm , see the ligth in your soul and fullfill you love , but only you with you experience in life time will on that cure , be allways positive and be patient , thats we are here to learn and heal ................................Namaste.

Great article. Enjoyed reading about this topic very much.  Well it confirms what my mother once said after about a bazillion catholic retreats she said "well just remember you choose to us" at the time I thought how absurd! I do not think she thought of it in reincarnation terms nevertheless this blog makes sense.

As the years have gone by I have come to terms with it therefore causing me to look at myself everyday.

then i realize I still have so many unanswered questions but take it one day at a time.


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