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I can easily answer yes to all of these thru experiences in my life. During my young adulthood I had a series of re-occuring dreams. Some of flying my own spacecraft where I sat in front of a console and to reach my destination all I had to do is think of the movements I wished the craft take to get there.. Some of the dreams took place in ancient egypt, some were in biblical times and other moments. The ones more familiar to me from studies were egypt and biblical times but differentiated slightly from history and the bible. They gave me hints of who I may have been in past lives but still was not quite sure. At about the age of 45 while living and working in Oklahoma city it seemed one day to make a special trip to one of my most favorite metaphysical book stores. I just knew that I had to find something. As I walked into the store it had a bright glow inside that I had never seen there before. Then I just hapenned to walk right up to a certain book counter even though I had to make a few turns to get there and saw the cover of a book that stood right out to me. On its face was a picture of a UFO, a Pyramid and a male African lion, all things that have always for some reason held special in my life. On the back face of the cover it told about an alien group who came to earth with the purpose of bringing its people from out of the darkness and into the light. Some chose to stay and inbreed with the earthlings and incarnate century after centry for the same purpose that they chose to come here for. The name of the book was Secret Places of the Lion and authored by a man named George Hunt Williamson I had to have that book and made its purchase.

As soon as I got home I sat down and opened  its cover to start reading. It's introduction pages were so familiar to me that they gave me goosebumps, but the goosebumps got worse as it introduced the story of an alien ships captain by the name of Merk who came here over 10,000 years ago for the purpose of what I already mentioned above. It also gave his stories of several of his incarnations that I can honestly day were written word for word to those repetitive dreams of some 30 or more years earlier. Then I had an idea of who I had been in those past lives but even though those goosebumps remained with me from the front to back cover there was still some uncertainity of the books truth and whether I had actually lived thru those past lives. About a week later I met a young lady thru a dating service that matched my spiritual and paranormal preferences. As a first date I took her to a Native American Spiritual park called Red Rock Canyon. It was a little ways outside of Oklahoma City so she and I had lots of chance to talk. We got into the topic of reincarnation and as she believed also I felt comfortable enough to mention my new findings. She agreed that they may have ben my past lives. As we got to the park and was about to pass a canyon wall I had in mind a little talk with God. I was still a bit leary of the book and my discovery. So I asked if it was all true and if so to please give me a sign.. Immediately I turned to the canyon wall and there was a huge shadow of the front section of a male African lion cast upon it. I quickly askedmy lady friend to look and tell me is she saw as I. When she replied yes I got my camera out and only took one picture of it. The camera was not digital so after we walked away I began to worry  if the picture was as clear as I hoped. As we walked back the shadow was gone.

 Well anyways I got it developed and the picture was perfect and perfectly centered. I had all the confirmation that I needed to believe in my discoveries and even a picture of my last confirmation. I will try to post the picture here. If it does not come up you may find it with the pics in my profile page.


Truly fascinating accounting of your experience Frank.  Thanks a bunch for sharing this unique experience of yours.  I will look on your page for the Lion shadow.  I too have always had an affinity for all the felines.  There is an interplanetary group of feline beings called the Hathors & a man by the name of Tom Kenyon channels them.

Oh wow wow ~if that was not a sign I do not know what could have been~astonishing!

Ann as you can see I finally got the picture download of the Lion Shadow. I have heard of the Hathors and they are supposed to be a very benevolent type and willing to help us. I went thru abduction expereiences from a small child and right up to my mid 50's before they suddenly stopped. I can remember the greys very well, but have seenthem in two sizes short and tall. The tall ones seemed more intelligent. Seen the praying mantis type, the reptilian hybrid, a light being and a short brown-greenish pudgy type who wore brown robes with hoods like monks. Below is an art picture from a medical journal, but it is the closest resemblance that I have seen to the light being. I could see right thru to his internal organs that lit up the same as shown in this picture. From hat I remember this picture is exactly identical.

It's been interesting to read the different accounts of peoples experiences with ET's.  I have never had any nor ever seen a space ship.  I have stared at the stars in years past & would say "beam me up Scotty"    What do you think that this being of light wanted when you saw him Frank?  It seems like a mix between a living & physically deceased person...or what we may look like if we obtain/attain a light frequency body.

Well Ann this meeting was a odd one that I fully did not understand. Thru out my years of abductions just before their appearance I would wake up at night with a feeling of electricity flowing thru me. This would happen right in my bedroom with a brother in a bed on each side of mine while they remained sound asleep and when I got older and lived alone. When I was in the AirForce I can even remember it happening in my barrackswhile my roomate stayed sound asleep. One early Sunday morning my AirForce buddies and I were driving back to the airbase from an evening at at dance.. I was in the back seat of the car and looked out the window and saw what looked like the moon above the treee but it was moving along at the same pace of our car. I called it to the attention of the driver and the others and telling them it was a UFO. Then it got ahead of us high above the middle of the road. I told the driver to follow it as secretly I wanted an abduction to find out as much as I could as this was happening out in the open and not from a bedroom. We followed it a ways and then it made a sharp right down over a dirt road into the woods.. We followed it a ways there and then we lost site of it so we found a place to pull over and wait to see if it would show up again. We just sat there for awhile and then a very bright light flooded our whole vehicle. It scared us all silly for awhile and then I relaxed while all the others in the car was sound asleep.. I could not move even though I was concious. Then I saw what appeared to be 3 men all in black with even their faces covered coming up the road . I knew then that they were going to take me. They pulled me out of the car  draped each of my arms around 2 of thems shoulder and dragged me down the road and to a UFO that sat in a field. Why I say dragged is because they were shorter than I. The toes of my shoes got badly scuffed from the dragging.. They brought me up a ramp to the entrance of the UFO Where there were 3 humanoid people waiting for us. At this point I do not care to discuss what occurred after as I want to get back to the experience with the light being.

Several years after the leaving the AirForce and been thru 2 divorces I was living out in the country in a rented mobile home. Had been living there alone for quite awhile. One night I awakened just an hour or so after I fell asleep and was having trouble going back to sleep. Suddenly I got that electrical feeling flowing thru me again and then began to wonder if I was about to have a stroke. Then it was as if I did not care and would just let it happen as my life had not been that great after all I had gone thru. Well then my windows at both sides of my bed lit up just as it had occurred in the car while in the AirForce. Since I was alone I shouted out, Oh boy here I go again, expecting another encounter. This time a light being passed right thru my wall and windows  at the left side of my bed and that scared me much as I had never seen a being like that before. He walked along side of my bed and turned at the foot of it , looked right at me telling me not to be afraid as no one was going to harm me. He kept walking around to the right sideof my bed then turned and walked down the hallway to the kitchen where there was a door to the outsde. He opened it and walked out. Then suddenly I heard someone else come thru the kitchen door and walking down the hallway to my bedroom. I was still scared so I then ducked under my covers. A few seconds later I felt someone climbing into bed with me. and really hoping that it was not a man. Finally I got the courage to reach over and found out it was a woman. I said that it had been a long time for me and I did not know how I would be. She said to me,"No problem" and then crawled on top of me. It was dark so I could not see her face, but I remember her wearing a jeans jacket , but as soon as she was above me I can not remember a thing. I do not know if she was human or alien. I awakened the next morning feeling as if I had had a good night of fun though. When I went to the bathroom to wash up I noticed what looked like a huge scar from a smallpox inoculation on my left shoulder. When I got back to thebed their was a small blood stain on my sheet just where the shoulder would have been. That scar stayed there for about a month just as the old small pox vaccinations did when we were young. So as I said the whole situation was odd. I do not know if Iwas a breeder for a hybrid or just vaccinated to keep me from some disease. I do not know why the woman had to come thru the door while the light being just slipped thru the wall .

I know that I have never really been harmed from any of my experiences and after reading Secret Places of the Lion I know they have ways of tracking us thru each lifetime and that they have been here to watch over me in this one. Much later after that experience from the light being I read of some Russians also meeting up with those types of beings. Their sketches of them were about the same as what I saw that night.

Well Frank you have been through a lot~at the least, I would say.  It was good to read that:  "I know that I have never really been harmed from any of my experiences and after reading Secret Places of the Lion I know they have ways of tracking us thru each lifetime and that they have been here to watch over me in this one.  Good to know they have done no harm to you.  Well at least after the initial shocks of encountering them anyway.  I'm grateful you are here to tell your stories.  Namaste my friend~

Thanks Ann. It takes lots of guts to speak openly about these things. But at my age am beginning to think why care what others think. They did happen to me and I think of them as exciting adventures even though they seemed scary in my youngest ages. Back then I had to put up with lots of humility from my parents from crying out in the night that ghosts or something kept coming to my room. I guess I really frustrated them as they blamed it on nightmares and overactive imagination. I can remember one night they actually called the doctor to my home. As he sat on the couch and beckoned me to come to him I looked through his coke bottle glasses which made his eyes look huge and just started screaming. He was a small man and those huge looking eyes reminded me of the little greys. After awhile I learned it best to just keep quiet about them.

I have opened up to close friends and one time at a party one friend introduced me to two men in black suits. One of them was his brother in law but they both worked for a government agency. One of them was extremely tall. Since I have some psychic ability I told them that I knew what they stood for. I told the tall one that he was an alien and the other that he was a hybrid. Neither one of them flinched a bit at that statement. Then I told them that I wished to speak to them in private so we walked away from the crowd. Since we were all outdoors I sat in a childs swing while they stood in front of me while I told them my whole life experience of ufo's and abductions. When I finished I told them that  no one or nothing was going to stop me from from telling others of what I had experienced. Instead of them trying to hush me they just became close friends when we would meet again at the parties. I never questioned them about anything as I felt it safer not to know, and they never volunteered any to me either except for one night our party was out of town, and we were all on a party bus to get to our destination. My two friends in black were sitting across the aisle from me. One of them shouted out to me to look out the window as there was my UFO.. I looked outside and saw the brightest star in the horizon in which I recognized immediatly as a UFO. It was just sitting in one place and then another broke off from it and moved lower in the sky. I hollered over to my two friends asking them if they saw that action.. They both replied in unison with a "Yup !" After that party ended that night it was the last time that I saw them but they left me with a memory of their believing everything that I had told them, by that demonstration on the bus.

Fascinating to read of your experiences, Frank. It is so good of you to share them with us here and shed some illumination on these subjects from your own perspective. Thank you

Thanks Pauline. I really appreciate hearing statements like this. I only wish more people would open up to their stories buy certainly can understand why they don't. Family and friends can think you are crazy. Even employers might frown upon hearing such things to the point of actually firing you.

It is too bad that more parents have not experienced just things as they could ease the fear of a small child a I was when they started hapening to me. I really think that my mother had some experiences as I remember one night being on board a craft holding her hand while waiting in line to be examined. She seemed to be in a daze oblivious to her surroundings. Either they erased her memories  ot she never dared to speak to my father of them. My father seemed to be furious of what he thought an overactive imagination. I believe that was because he worked hard with long hours and that he needed all the sleep and rest he could get once he was home

Frank, I still think there is a reluctance to open one’s heart (and mind) up and recount these kind of occurrences. All sorts of reasons, really: Fear of criticism, and knowing that there will be/are individuals who cannot comprehend what someone has experienced in life, for starters! However, I truly believe that people such as you who are willing to bare all have a very important role to play. By your stories and descriptions you bring this area into the open. We must not forget here though that sharing on a forum such as HH means non-judgement, so we must all continue to write and explain. It would seem that your mother had the same connection which you have both brought forward in this life.

Namaste! Pauline


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