Oil Disaster in the Gulf and What we Can Do


Oil Disaster in the Gulf and What we Can Do

Something we can do. we can swamp the mail and email inboxes of all of our government leaders with our concerns. There is a lot more of us "WE THE PEOPLE," then there are greedy corporations and other big money hungry leather hearted big business

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Oil Disaster in the Gulf and What we Can Do

There is something we can do. we can swamp the mail boxes and email inboxes of all of our government leaders with our concerns. There is a lot more of us "WE THE PEOPLE," then there are greedy corporations and other big money hungry leather hearted big business,

Here is the phone number fot the US Senate 202-224-3121
Or email your senator .
All contact information can also be found at;

Sample letter below;

Dear Senator:

Americans stick together in crisis, including the caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. I am asking that you be among those to stand with the President as he our government and the people of the entire U.S. not just the Gulf region, to make BP accountable for their mess and to fix it, restore the ocean, beaches, marshland, wildlife, and people affected, to the way they were before their activities caused the greatest manmade catastrophe ever.

This damage will be with us for generations. The wetlands have already begun to become marshes of oil and are losing their protective grass. The beaches are covered by tides of tar after the BP cleanup crews leave, and it’s not easy to get them back keep cleaning all of BP’s oil every day.

The lives of those who live in and on the water, like fishermen, shrimpers, oystermen, and the marine creatures who are their living are dying quickly. Marina owners, tour boat operators, grocers, engine repair mechanics, restaurant owners, and local five and dimes are seeing no business. Who wants to visit an oil-fouled beach?

I ask you, Senator, to make sure that the full force of the law stays upon BP to stop the flow of oil from that well, restore the land to its former pristine condition, provide full dollar-for-dollar compensation to every person whose livelihood and family have been injured by this catastrophe wrought by BP’s activities.

Think about this: BP’s oil will be a “legacy disaster.” Your best efforts at accountability will not prevent oil globs on the beach that you or maybe your grandchildren will step around. A swim might be followed by a decontamination shower, and that odd taste in your seafood could well be from Louisianna crude from one of those plumes that BP said wasn’t there. All of this, 40 years from now.

To those outside the US you may ADJUST THIS LETTER ACCORDING TO YOUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT or whom ever you desire to write to. Or compose your own.

We must not forget after all efforts in the physical sense have been implemented we should not forget to return to prayer and meditation. Given our knowledge of the power of prayer, meditation and intent with regards to united healing efforts we are able now to use this knowledge to further our efforts with regards to heal the tear in the surface of our planet that is causing grief in the golf. Pray, meditate and visualize this wound in mother earth being healed.

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Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on May 7, 2011 at 4:47am



Sign a petition to end tax breaks for big oil.

Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 25, 2011 at 2:00am

Please repost this far and wide as it will be a big show as to the love we feel for our water


Media Flotilla Armada,  This is Cucial to our lives we can all make a difference. 


Monday April 25, 2011 marks the launch of our Media flotilla promoting a physical flotilla on the Gulf of Mexico July 2, 2011.

Our goal is to amass a minimum of one million participants on the ground and water in the Gulf at this event. 

Everyone knows about the spill and that people and the planet are suffering. At this point, we need to expose the cover up as much as possible.

The sudden deaths and disappearances of several activists and unfounded charges against others demonstrate the cover up all too well.

Exposing these facts may keep other targeted activists safe while we continue exposing more details.

Exposing these facts will bring the culprits to justice.

After all, a problem defined is half solved. The other half of course is providing sensible, sustainable solutions.

As this is truly a global issue with global culprits and ramifications, we require global participation.

We need global participants, coverage and sponsors, so please share this invitation far and wide.

Forward it, print it and post it. Ask others to do the same.

The media aspect of this effort requires mass media participation. Media outlets are welcome to contact me directly. (see below)

Rev. T.Kathryn O'Shannahan-Hyland

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office 289-369-0449

mobile 905-229-8196

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Tune in to K2 Media 347-945-7100

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Come, lend an ear, share your voice.

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Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 24, 2011 at 3:05am

My experience with a Physical Injury Claim and the GCCF,


I worked the oil spill response, just like thousands of other people.  Some of us came home sick, sicker than we could have imagined.  When I knew something was wrong I made an appointment with a Doctor, and it took 6 weeks just to see him initially.  That is a long time when you are this ill.  I did the Metametrix volatile solvents test and it showed that I had a 4.2 level of ethylbenzene and I was showing for 2-methelpentane as well which meant my exposure was recent.   My health started to go downhill fast.  I thought about an attorney, but that takes time, time that I did not feel like I had.  The GCCF was running commercials, “let us make it right”.  So, being sick and hearing the tales of strippers getting 25 thousand and co-workers getting 40 thousand, I figure this would be the way to go.  That was early on, now it seems so one is getting any payments. 

The GCCF says they are trying to weed out false claims, but the process they have is beyond reason.  I first filed my claim in Houma in November, the claims officer was nice, helpful and we put in for my claim.  To my surprise, I was denied for an emergency payment.  So now the option is to put in for a Interim payment.  Their process seems to be guised in smoke and mirrors.  When I went for subsequent visits to the claims office I was treated without respect on some visits, and with respect on others.  When I asked what documentation the needed, they could not provide me with direct answers, then I would get letter saying they need more and more documentation.   They kept on asking me, well how did you get exposed, you were not on a clean up crew, they would say.  I told them even though I was not on a clean up crew, nor was I in the water, I was exposed none the less, rain or air is my best guess.  When did it happen they would say, I told them all I could do was pin point when I became symptomatic.  

During this time, I realized I needed help paying for my doctors visits and I put in for workers comp as well.  If the claims center is not going to cover it, then they should.  When I showed my test results to the Human Resources Director for the company I was sub-contracted thru, her response was not, “oh we’re sorry, are you ok?” but rather, “how the hell did you get this test?”  But she turned it over to a nice investigator with Travelers Insurance.  They pretty much blew me off until I mailed my bills to them certified mail.  The investigator has now made an appointment for me with a doctor of their choice, and yet again another 6 week wait.

Back to the claims center, the claim process is only supposed to take 90 days.  That is a blatant lie.   After submitting to them my medical records which show my exposure and what is happening to my body we are at 118 days.  That’s a long time when the bills are racking up and you can no longer work.  My doctor says if I do not have the treatments he suggests that I could have a much more serious illness to deal with as this toxicity progresses.  Right now, I am in a lot of pain, heavily fatigued, and starting to lose my eyesight.  100’s of my co-workers and beach residents are dying, and 1000’s are sick.  Coincidentally, all with the same set of mystery symptoms.   

On Friday April 8th, I called in to speak to a live person, I was told that all my paperwork was in and he is very sorry it is past the 90 day mark, that I should just be patient.   At the end of our conversation, he thanked me for not yelling at him like so many others have done.

On Tuesday April 12th, I called again, and this time the representative told me that I was not past my 90 day mark as this did not start until I put in my last bit of information.  (That’s kinda funny, cuz they keep on asking for more, is this a stall tactic to prolong the 90 days and push you past your year marker on when you were exposed?)  So I asked when was my 90 day mark, he looked thru my file and said he could not be sure.  But he assured me that all of my paperwork was in and that everything would proceed, please be patient.

On Saturday April 17th, I call again, only to find out that not all of my paperwork had been submitted.  My jaw hit the floor.  They want my doctor to submit codes, diagnosis, the importance of my treatments, why I need them now, if time really is a factor, and my doctor needs to submit his credentials, and will this be a lifetime of treatment, and to explain if I am or am not good to go back to work.  They also were not sure if I worked with the Vessels of Opportunity Program, and if I could write another hardship letter.  At this point I asked to speak with a supervisor for clarity.  And yes, she repeated basically the same, she also added that the letter from my doctor did not look real.  I asked her what she thought would be less expensive, paying my medical bill sor my death claim, her answer was haunting, she said they have not figured that out yet.  That evening I emailed my doctors office to inform them what they needed to do, also informed them I could no longer come in for treatments as I am down to 2 weeks of money and can no longer work. 

The following week, I believe that Tuesday, I received a call from the GCCF, even though I have submitted paycheck stubs and w-2’s they are not sure if I really worked on the response and need me to further document if I was actually employed on the response.  And of course, this will extend their review of the claim another 30 days. 

Meanwhile, Travelers Insurance is hoping the claims facility picks up the tab, or so the investigator has told me.  Looks like she and I will both be sadly disappointed by the GCCF.

In my humble opinion, any one with the ability to read and write could not possibly be this incompetent.  I am ill, my life is virtually destroyed because I chose to work the emergency response.  I am about to lose everything.  A nice doctor and his wife in Florida have asked me to come see them and they will bill me for my treatments, so that can continue for the time being.  But that does not pay the house note where my daughter and I live.  When I worked the response I averaged 90 hours a week, I was strong and healthy.

Many people are sick and will die if something does not happen soon to help us. I am begging not only for myself, but for all those who have been affected by this, do what you can to hold BP accountable as they are legally, morally and ethically responsible.

Kimberli Ridgeway

April 23, 2011


Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 22, 2011 at 1:08pm
Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 22, 2011 at 4:41am
"We expected to find BP’s toxins in our bodies after working in the VOO [Vessels of Opportunity] program," she added, "But we did not expect our two-year-old grandson to test positive for having them too, with levels higher than ours. He has not been to the beach and has not eaten any seafood. Therefore, it is in the air."
Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 22, 2011 at 4:37am

Top ex-oilfield executive says Gulf op a depopulation event. 100,000 now sick.




Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 21, 2011 at 4:44pm
Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 21, 2011 at 4:44pm



I see this as possible a good move, but if all they are gonna do is help people die rather than detox them, then it is just more song and dance.

Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 18, 2011 at 4:31pm

Bulletin from the cause: Provide Help for People in the Gulf States who are Getting Toxic

Go to Cause
Posted By: Kimberli Ridgeway
To: Members in Provide Help for People in the Gulf States who are Getting Toxic

Letter To Congress

TO: Members of US Congress 
Lisa Jackson of the EPA and all EPA Dept Heads 
The US Dept of Health 
National Institute of Health aka NIH 

FROM: Trisha Springstead, RN 

DATE: March 28, 2011: 


I am a registered nurse licensed in Florida. I trained in medicine at Loma 

Linda University, UCSB, and Riverside State College. I have over 36 years 
experience in the medical field in a myriad of specialties and have been clinical 
educator and administrator for two HMA Hospitals. My husband Richard W. 

Springstead is an MD and has seen a few of these patients with me. He is an orthopaedic 
Surgeon with 35 years and a Graduated from Emory College of Medicine. He has 
listened to me talk to these patients and is willing to help but in order to start up a clinic 
we need assistance for these patients. Richard and I both have taken the Certification 
Courses from Metametrix Clinical Labs in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Since the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon oil blowout disaster I have been working 
with patients from the Gulf States that are demonstrating a wide variety of serious 
symptoms of toxic chemical exposure and poisoning. I currently have over 200 families 
reporting to me. These families are terribly ill. They have shortness of breath, horrific 
skin lesions, neurological impairments, and short term memory loss. Their immune 
systems have been highly compromised, they are bleeding from every orifice, bruising is 
occurring spontaneously, their lung capacities are declining and their hearts are enlarging. 
Most are financially so broke that they can not even begin to afford the necessary testing 
for VOC’s or PAHs, let alone treatment. This truly is a public health crisis that urgently 
needs to be addressed. 

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory is the lab of choice for these people and we are begging 
for doctors and funding to be able to help these people. Many of them are going to 
die quickly, and are dying from undiagnosed poisoning. I assume because there is 
no insurance coding for “chemical poisoning,” that this is one of the key reasons they 
are being misdiagnosed with the flu, or mycoplasmic pneumonia, delusional, due to 
short term memory loss and confusion from elevated hexane levels, and Polyaromatic 
Hydrocarbon levels (from exposure to water, air and the vicarious spraying of Corexit.) 
Without a defined insurance codes, the doctors can not bill the insurance companies and 
be reimbursed for their work. 

From the blood test results we have seen, the levels of Hexane in bloods samples is 
creeping up to the 95th percentiles in the population I’ve been seeing, indicating that the 
air quality in this area is contributing to the demise of the health of the local population. 
One of our dearest friends and friends, Lisa Nelson, was a lovely young woman in 

her 30’s. She died two weeks ago. All indications are that it was as a direct result of 
exposure to Corexit on the beach last September. I personally know of approx 20 other 
people who have died or whose deaths are imminent. These people are scared, have 
families and children who are also becoming ill as the air becomes warmer. 

A large number of the people I am seeing were oil cleanup response workers for the 
Deepwater Horizon and they are now very ill. Per my observations, they are consistently 
being misdiagnosed by ERs, medical clinics and hospitals. In addition to the lack of the 
reimbursement insurance coding issue, few doctors and others in the medical profession 
are educated in Environmental Medicine and this is exacerbating the situation. 

From numerous first-hand reports I have received, the spraying of the toxic chemical 
dispersant called Corexit goes on to this day on the beaches and open waters. This is 
completely unacceptable and must be stopped. I have been told by about over 1OO of 
the patients reporting to me, that they witnessed Corexit (being sprayed from a boat, a 
plane and I have my own first-hand experience of watching planes spraying at night in 
Applachacola and Panama City. 
I would be happy to testify to the above statements and can provide more detailed 
information, if it is needed (within the legal framework of patient confidentiality laws). 


Trisha Springstead, RN MS 
Dr Richard W. Springstead MD

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Support the cause. Be counted:

Comment by HolyHellcat aka Dr Kimberli on April 18, 2011 at 3:06am

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