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Profile Information

Please tell us a little more about yourself.
I am a spiritualist with Shinto, Buddhism, Christian influence living a life of a detachment. I am currently working on four projects to bloom later on this year. I like to cook vegetarian or seafood Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Hawaiian dishes.

I am goofy ONLY when I am in my private space and hours with someone I truly love but normally, I am a very serious person as you may witness from below. If I have any time to waste, I will be either concentrating on critical thinking, planning, networking, conducting, adjusting, learning and modifying from my mistakes.

I believe in healing from the inside out.

In the past two weeks:
I have recently been in touch with Dr. Sally Satel with regards human trafficked victims that get killed for the sake of organ supply and she is right on top of the matter. I am trying to draft a realistic policy with her so that organ supplies are in abundance in ratio to demand so that modern day slaves do not have to die just to meet the demand. The organ transplant tourism to China is also a concern as to the source of the organs coming from executed prisons and there is a room of a doubt that they are wrongly accused prisoners such as Tibetan monks that are disappearing on a daily...
Look into my blog.

Dr. Sally Satel is a staff psychiatrist, Oasis Drug Treatment Clinic, Washington D.C., lecturer from Yale University School of Medicine. Her educational BG is M.D., Brown University, M.S., University of Chicago, B.S., Cornell University.

International Transformation Foundation
This is a foundation that will fund operation costs for physical alterations and modifications for those with an element that they were born with that they wish to modify later on in their lives. It ranges from transsexual operations, lupus patients' cosmetics to letting go the 6th finger. The foundation will have a connection to a village where the guests can rest and heal from the transformation with advocates that will attend to their emotional changes full time. Operation and healing period can take a long time and we hope to offer the best so that when our guests can remain in our village as long as they can. Even after they have left us, we will be re-inviting our guests back to our village for after care for an extended period of time.

International Acupuncture & Alternative Care Village
This village will be located in the SF Bay Area and Bali to heal victims of sexual abuses both children, women and male to female trans genders that carry a female ID. They will be housed in a cabin or a floating facility in deep nature. It will provide extensive alternative care as Watsu, Water Dance, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal, Aroma, Nutritional, sports, art, music therapy, easy organic growing and cooking. Our staff will all carry a female ID and will have the same access to our facility and will live and dine in the same quality as our guests.
While our guests are staying at our village, they will be exposed to not only healing but also advanced life skills as how to become a smart investor. I am planning to mimic the women's initiative but more geared towards becoming an investor instead of suggesting my guests to become conventional business owners. They will be provided with a loan while in training and while they are with us, they will experience an exponential growth in their investments.

Healing Lupus with Acupuncture Foundation
This is still in the air but we have found out that acupuncture is the only cure to lupus at the time being.

My fourth project is yet to be announced. My business partner and I have drifted apart and I do not know where we are going...

Here is some irrelevant pieces of info. on me.
I am a GPI, Genuine Progress Indicator Environmental Economist formerly at Consumer Center Japan, an Eco-Feminist Artist from Kapi'olani Community College Art Department in Diamond Head, Hawaii trying to preserve the banyan trees in Oahu, an Eco-Anthropology Photo Journalist seeking to regain land rights as the Hallawa Valley, unrestricted limu farming on Eva Beach on Oahu, Hawaii, a sponsoring member of Hara Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan until 2002, promotion and portfolio photographer for Japan Flamenco Association's members, including AMI, an International Animation Joint Venture Assistant Producer in Telescreen Inc. worked with Moomin, Calimero for extended years for overseas distribution to 32 countries, Production Manager in SEGA Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co. Ltd. International Production Department and worked on Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel as well as local animation as Lupin III cinema quality, an International Policy Maker for Victims of all Bonded Slavery, a Consultant to Brenda Kalima Kobayashi, Co-Founding Member to International Victims Rescue Program, Finance Director to Declaration Voyage (Construction/restoration of "Declaration" wooden vessel, as we perpetuate further the United Nation's 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, celebrating in Paris, August-December 2008) Active Member of NYC STOP Human Trafficking, Active Member of London STOP Human Trafficking, Member of Fight Human Trafficking San Francisco
Member of D.C. Stop Modern Slavery.

Non-profits that I have launched, developed and expanded internationally that was most joyful was JNA (Japan Tree Nut Association) It is a restricted membership only industry supported non-profit that gathered affiliations within Japan and overseas. I had the chance to work with Chair of INA, Don Soetaert (his son Van), ABC (Almond Board of California), Blue Diamond, Diamond Walnuts and major tree nut and ground nut exporters from around the world and their Department of Commerce and Minister of Foreign Affairs to encourage tree nuts consumption within Japan.

I have also assisted in inviting the Maltan Knights into Japan with Chair Takahashi of General Overseas Development Co. Ltc., with the consultation of Kaoru Ogawa and some other prominent investors in Japan at a very young age.

I was working with CEO Keiko F**ushima (former name) of Dodecagon Inc., to open up Myanmar into commercialism with Tokyo Governor nominee, Dr. Y. Nakamatsu, Onodera who managed to convince the current Myanmar military to open up a privately owned hotel there. I was a difficult time for our female confined leader there and it was great privilege reaching out to her to resume with democracy of her people.

Educational Background
Marymount International School of Kingston upon Thames, U.K.
Hawaii Pacific University, Kaneohe and Honolulu, HI
California State University East Bay
Urasenke Ways of Tea

Places of Residence
U.K., D.C., Hawaii and too many to mention here.
Are there any other web sites where you can be found? (This can include other personal and/or business web sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype addresses.)
I have read and agree to the guidelines set forth by Humanity Healing International (These can be found under the 'Guidelines' tab at the top of the page.).

Serene's Blog

Effective Healing for Survivors of Modern Day Slavery, Human Trafficking

Posted on June 5, 2008 at 8:30pm 1 Comment


In order to establish a refined and a perfected healing program for the victims of bonded slavery (modern day slavery) I am asking all of you to keep your heads up for me. There are no healing programs for these vulnerable victims often under age and since I am a survivor of international slavery myself, I have decided to take this undone work as my work for the next 36 months with some of the most unique skilled professionals from around the world.

Description of… Continue

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At 3:28am on October 16, 2008, Pranayama said…
Namaste Serene,


"Peace is every step." - Thich Nhat Hahn

Lots of Love to You!

Much Metta,
At 4:16am on October 8, 2008, Pranayama said…
Namaste Serene,

"It is this very moment that is most precious." - Thera

Appreciating the moments :)

Much Metta,
At 4:00am on September 14, 2008, Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

Stars brightly gleaming on a clear summer night are a vision of beauty and also a reminder of the magnificent order that exists in the universe.

Within me, too, is a brightly shining light a divine light of wisdom and inspiration. With all the beauty and majesty of brightly shining stars, His light of understanding guides me in the choices I make each day. I intuitively know how to be loving and compassionate toward others.

The light of My Higher Power within me is an instant, constant connection to all the wisdom I will ever need for myself and for offering support to others. I am a child whose radiant inner light of spirituality is shining out into the world. This is light that reveals the answer to every question of mind and heart.

Love To All...

Angel Feathers Tickle Me
At 5:43pm on July 26, 2008, Pranayama said…
Dear Serene,

Thank you for the love, healing and wisdom you share! Your gifts are a blessing to us all.

I hope you had a loving week and that you have a fantastic weekend :)

Much Love and Healing to You!

At 4:51pm on July 18, 2008, Pranayama said…
Dear Serene,

Have a LOVE filled weekend :)

At 1:41am on July 16, 2008, Serene said…
Luminosity of Aqua

Cell phones DO NOT harass you
You look at your watch
You seem to have more time
Clean warm water around you
Never having to leave that place for long
A life style

Renovating to a life afloat, healing yourself and others. You have already experienced luminosity of aqua heal and inspire you to harmony and balance. What if that was a full time pleasure as you lived on water?

Lived on water, away from land
On a sailboat, not square buildings
Your life may define differently

It is true, that our life and values are shaped by the environment we live in. I am inviting a few people into my life who can live with a pinch of strength, experience, vision and goal orientation. It really is not much more effort than owning and operating a hot dog stand. You already know that with gleaming palettes of blue, green and gold, maternally and paternally, luminosity of aqua touches the heart of the author of civil rights and anthropology, the painter of hope and the little child in you that cries as she seeks for that unconditional love she never encountered wondering how it is supposed to feel. It delicately and gently resonate, dive and dance in the ever hidden and protected part of your heart. Quietly offering another moment suggesting voluptuous luxury of intuition and tranquility. Monet must have been your close relative. Every morning you rise to find yourself enliven and lightened by the colors and lights that reach your eyes through the portholes of our vessel. Just imagine the difference of an ordinary wake up in the morning to fresh plumeria leis by your pillow... Just that alone, your mood is different before your eyes open. Then the pink and yellow is absorbed into your mind through your vision.

Who has supported your dreams more seriously than Mother Azure, and if we pay attention, we should be making more than sufficient living on traditional schooners made in Thailand and Italy installed with hydrogen marine engine that we market through our PR website, top of the line solar panels that we help modify, auto pilot, etc. as we photo journal with Canon's sponsorship, the port side culture similarities (modern and traditional), why and how the remarkable concerto of human kinship is well preserved in their lives, often found in small and historical places of Asia, Europe and Middle East. Occasionally writing a tiny essence of your learning for major media, airlines, travel agencies, alternative care and health industries, and for strong members of commerce. Part of the year we will indulge in conducting Music, Cuisine, Herb Recovery-Heal-Tours for abused children and womyn (biological women, male transsexual female, hermaphrodite transsexual female) as you travel to different ports and lagoons, helping guests design their own life with their own vessel accompanied by firm financial freedom. Integrating your innocence into the life afloat, leaving behind forgotten mile stones to the gentle and caring historical relationship of mankind and our Mother Azure.

Healing abused children and womyn is NOT done well in artificial environment. We are not taking them into actual life any more. It is not well at all. Sexual abuse includes telling a potentially MTF that she is a boy and forcing her to act, fall in love, marry and raise children like a man when in fact she is a girls and a woman/womyn. Let's face it, it is indeed one HUGE challenge to learn to feel worth and warmth when you have been tortured too young, too long. Classically conditioned to accept abusers as a part of your normal life. Exploitation, confinement, your feelings and voices silenced. You might have been unfed but you won’t say, “I’m hungry” because you do not believe you deserve to be fed unless the abuser says so. You watch your abusers put away the cash of the night in their pockets, light their after the meal cigarettes and sip their coffee or beer. You fill your stomach with water as you try to fall asleep at 5:00AM after working all night. You dream of ice cream, teddy bears and a pair of soft arms to sleep in on the exact same bed that you just worked in. When a biological man rapes a PreOp MTF as a form of hate crime, it is not the same as healing a biological woman. It is not. Were you recommended to try the Trauma Recovery Center? How did your first visit feel? Not even if the therapist has 20 years of practice? Would you trust? Would there be a bond as you would with the divine Azure?

It is not much of a concern as you know that in tropical islands, you are filled with love every day, so generously and unconditionally. In the almost “heavenly” atmosphere on a tiny island of Bora Bora, Bali, Fiji, Palao or even in small fishing villages in Europe and Middle East, you will not need to lay a deck of education or monetary wealth, or to erect your social status to feel worth and warmth. You do not need anything beyond simplicity to create warmth and conviviality. Living on a sailboat amongst those that keep the mariner’s tradition of sharing, it has the same effect as living on these islands and villages. You don’t feel in debt of not being bale to return an equivalent because reciprocation is also simple. A banana tree leaf hat, foot lamp shades made of coconut shells, a lei, skin dive and pick a lobster or an octopus for their dinner. Being under the care of such people has no element of worrying about being used or abused again just because you were rescued, housed, fed, healed and loved. On a mariner's life, on an island, or small fishing villages, you are not loved and welcomed because you have a SS# that they can claim Federal Funding, apply for charities and grants which they will claim to have been your care taker when in fact they did not care a bit about you. A life on an island, a port city or on a sailboat people care for you and appreciate you because you exist and this is something that they have been passing on to their children for thousands of years. That lei sinks deep into a heart. It does.

It is beyond luxury but attainable to enjoy recovery and healing, the fun and sharing which is organic cooking, eating healthy, with lots of privacy and no urban invasions. Miss it? Do you know how it feels? I hope you see the great romance in healing and freeing abused people as it reverses the past of our abusive usage of the sea... we have and still are transporting slaves by sea. Some for the unimaginable reasons... such as constant supply of organs at an affordable price... So, if you know your brother got chopped up for organs, it will take immense effort for you and your surrounding people to heal you. This is a huge task that we as one humanity should have faced a long time ago.

We can ride a donkey instead of a jeep
Color of the bottom of the sea
Black bean sauce, fresh olive oil, eating traditional organic food
You'll find out how easy and hard it is to catch a fish you like
Rewarding it is harvesting what you helped grow
Don't tell me you will not swim with dolphins
Do not need head phones and speakers to listen to whales
Become a better swimmer if you watched seals
Vocal training with seagulls
Be a Da Vinci, sketching and painting what we see and touch
Local instruments become a part of you as we
Figure out the vastness of the Milky Way and Moon,
Let sunsets and sunrises understand you

You forget that someone used to control when to rise or to retire or
how and what to do that day.
What about Case Managers, that don't have a clue of your inner world, No meetings
It's sad but Psychiatric industries are not supported/invented by survivors, No counseling
Enough is enough, No walking around drunk men, drug dealers and takers.
No pollution, Far way from any neon and gas stations.

Has she not been gracious at all times? Mother Azure
Raised you, forgave you, understood you
Catch up with your sun tan
You don't need a watch

Stars get to work, mother azure rocks you to bed while you feel the security of being secluded from urban abusive elements that once used to dominate your life on land. Living a life afloat gives a sense of relief knowing that you are not visited nor surrounded by those the steal your innocence, dreams and freedom. You are away from all of those that judge you or misunderstand you. You will not need to explain again and again with the fear that you might be misunderstood. Mother Azure knows. Let's admit it, for centuries, those that live afloat that are reincarnated pirates like you have found luminosity of aqua share sentiments exact to yours.

Did you bump into the modern pirate that emphasize,
Absolutely nothing is more valuable than understanding.

As life time human rights activist, feminist by nature, WE can not disagree. There is always a color on aqua that carries your sentiments.

An adventurous original life with no maps, no guides was not an easy one to live, but you were born with a compass that pointed my direction. To have taken interest in Luminosity of Aqua and read to this line hints me that you hold a missing piece of my puzzle of journey. If you can feel what I write here, put aside your attachments and concerns. My search for you expands world wide but I sense you are close by. If you know my dreams, even if you are concerned of odds, safety, shortages, legal restrictions, geographical distance, may I ask you not to end your day without writing to me. I may or may not know you already but do not let my limited knowledge, skills and experiences, outlook and vision get in the way. Did you go to Pride and feel our brothers and sisters seek for heal?

What can be defined in a life afloat?
At 1:19pm on July 14, 2008, Pranayama said…
Dear Serene,

Have a blessed Monday, and I hope you're having a beautiful moment :)

At 12:09am on July 10, 2008, Serene said…
Good Day Everyone,
Let each day bring a small growth, relief, laughter, insight, inspiration and self love. I wish I could be all over the world and be with all of you at the same time.

I am in my earlier stages of my growth where my physical matters do not effect my performance nor vision. It is an interesting stage of my life. I have never been home sick... because the planet is my home.

Does anyone feel like that when you travel or live in different places?

At 11:42am on July 9, 2008, Pranayama said…

It's so lovely to see you here in this wonderful space!

Thank you for everything you do and for all of the love that you share :)

At 4:27am on July 5, 2008, Amanda Hayley said…
Do you have a website you can send to see your work?
Please send it to me.
Thank you

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