January 2016 Blog Posts (11)

Idle Choices Waiting

Small dinghies

in the harbor

much like choices

wait to carry us

to new adventures

Each one a vehicle

to navigate our existence

here on Planet Earth

Without choices

we, like the dinghies

go nowhere

do nothing

waiting powerless

Let our heads assist

in the untethering

yet align our…


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Before Sunrise and Moonset

Long before I arose from my bed

there was only the Moon and the Stars

how sweet early morning can be

There with thoughts manifesting

busy yet without movement

at one with all of nature

Should I record this or just enjoy the conversation?

The discussion within begins to rise

the mind chatter seeks to disrupt

and this…


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Diamonds of Life

We are the Diamonds of Life
which reflect each others Light
being gathered together

Earthbound Angels
remembering that we are not alone

cRb 2014

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On the OMTimes-Circle of Hearts radio show where I was a guest we were talking about detachment and during one of the breaks we had left off thinking about the word unconditional. Even with the commercial break blaring through my earphones this message came through.

Sometimes I try to rethink and rearrange the words but I Am told to leave it…


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Unbinding Our Beliefs

Unbinding is an odd word which we seldom use in our everyday vernacular. Yet I found it in a comment I made years ago, as I begin to gather several years of bits and pieces of them…

The practice of unbinding

is the reversal of flow

in which we learn that ecstasy

is achieved in the…


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Forgiveness and Surrender

We want to forgive, we talk about it, we read about, we give each other advice on it; we make it very difficult. Forgiveness is the way of the heart not the mind. It occurs quietly when we surrender to our hearts and quiet our minds.
~ cRb 1.13.11

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Awareness: The Key to Personal and Planetary Healing

Written by Bonnie Glass-Coffin Ph.D. & don Oscar Miro-Quesada 

The key to personal…


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1st New Moon in 2016

Welcome to 2016…

On the ninth of this month we will experience the first new moon of the year. I’m reminded once again of the many beginnings that come out of stillness of those times in our lives when we have to rely on our own light to guide us.

Over the past few days several old quotes of mine have surfaced, all of which reflect a sort of anticipation,…


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Discernment requires a heart

that is ready and willing

to listen and respond

to new information,

an open mind that is prepared

to let go of the old programming

and false beliefs,

and both the heart and mind

working in co-operation

with each other

to see things differently.…


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Within Her Heart

From within Her heart

Mother Gaia calls

to all Her children

Come home dear ones

and remember Our Love

and Our Transformation

Hear my heartbeat

within your own

as a clarion call

Of joyous celebration

as we journey together

in balance and unity

For in the passing of time

much has been damaged…


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Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans 2016 semester begins!

I am an abstract energy presence in a human body and I have information to share with you regarding the restructuring of your genetic code that is not available anywhere else.

It is possible to transform the ordinarily toroidal human energy field into the shape of a Flying Rainbow Lasagne and in so doing achieve an additional degree of freedom (of consciousness and physical vitality.)

If that sounds interesting to you, please enroll in the upcoming semester of Lessons for… Continue

Added by FlyingRainbow Lasagne on January 2, 2016 at 5:17pm — No Comments

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