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Even though I crave caffeine, carbohydrates, and chocolate right before my period, these foods make me feel bloated and aggravate my cramps. So to avoid the kind of aches and pains that can leave me feeling sapped for days, I make it a point to eat especially well during that time–lots of big salads and antioxidant-packed smoothies. When I told my acupuncturist about my pre-period diet, he gently chided me, saying that these eating habits might actually be making me feel worse. According to… Continue

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Raising Your Frequency

Great video

with blessings and gratitude

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Meet the Future You

Meet the Future You

By Stuart Goldsmith / Author of The Midas Method

Imagine walking into a room and meeting the 'you' of ten years from now. What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? What will your lifestyle be like? What car will you be driving? Will you be running a business? If so, how successful will you be? What will your net worth be?

You really only have three choices here about… Continue

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Meditation For All

Part 1

Part 2…


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Introduction To Meditation

Kavita's introduction to meditation will not only help you get started with proper posture and preparation but will also help you understand why we meditate. Kavita skillfully explains the workings of the mind and brain; "The mind is a tool, and a tool you can't turn on and off is a not a tool that works for you, it's a tool that you work for". What is meditation - most of you have heard of it, some of you may have even tried it - but for many of us it is an alluring part of…

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Meditation for Starters ~ Swami Sri Kriyananda

Learn to meditate at The Expanding Light - Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Nevada City, California. ( In this video, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) author of over 80 books and a world-renowned expert on meditation and yoga, instructs the viewer in the art and science of meditation. You'll learn why we should meditate, how to access superconscious states, how meditation differs from prayer, and how to release little worries that preoccupy one's mind.…

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The Healing ~ Begins Now

Part 1

Part 2…


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An Authentic Peace Proposal

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What Are Qilin? (Good Fortune)

麒麟 Qilin are 1 of the 4 magical god groups (with a little "g" not a big "G") or divine beings of Chinese culture which bring good fortune, good luck, good omens. and, grant wishes (like fairies and Buddhas)

They are also guardians, and protectors, scare away evil spirits.

They are noble, fair, and represent Justice, much like "Libra".

Despite their fangs, they are vegetarian, and benevolent.

And, giving someone… Continue

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A conjoining of souls

In many ways the beauty of the HH Network is exactly what was discussed, as will be Aspects of the World .org, which will be opening at the end of the year

I say that of course with the big Vajra hands waving saying "Anyone wanna help" (:

But even as I work towards its opening I am agasped with excitement, the plans I have for it are far beyond enormous, but hey, to know me is to know, we don't aim low around here'

The spiritual awakening of so many has… Continue

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The Magnetic Power of Optimism

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Laura


Date: Mar 30, 2009 2:24 PM

Subject: The Magnetic Power of Optimism

The Magnetic Power of Optimism

by Jean Warner

March 2009

============ ========= ========

Trying times can bring a person or a country into a state of anxiety or depression. These are the times that one needs to realize that there is a remedy if one chooses it. If one allows himself to assume… Continue

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Life..?It just keeps on..Doesn't it?

Osiyo,I have been out on a run..and just now stopped..It has been exciting,and very draining..But in great way!The kids we work with at the foundation,have just gone thru a graduation..and all should be home by today..YAY!The parents left excited in the kids progress..and they have made great strides in all areas of family healing and community Dynamics!WOOT!

On a personal note..I have gone back to work at the restaurant..after several months of being laid off!YAY! that… Continue

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Being the Essence of The 5th Dimension ~ Valuing Your Vibration

Seven Hearts by Jim Warren

Last week we talked about the ascension process. We learned to raise our vibration by choosing 5D responses over the automatic pre-conditioned reactions we typically have for 3D dilemmas. We came to understand we ARE powerful enough to create our own reality. This week we'll talk… Continue

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852 Hz Meditation Awakening Intuition

Hello Family and Friends, Another interesting and attuning meditation video, incorporating Solfiggio… Continue

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Life After Completion By Jennifer Hoffman

completion Pictures, Images and Photos

Life After Completion

By Jennifer Hoffman

Many of us are completing cycles with our soul groups and karmic patterns for the first time in our many lifetimes here. And we have the support of the energy shifts and access to higher vibrations to help us with this process, as well as many opportunities to decide whether we will end lifetimes of sadness, pain and drama and…

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Healing Through Unconditional Love

Unconditional love Pictures, Images and Photos


by: Cestnick, Paul

Paul Cestnick has founded a number of study groups in Toronto based upon A Course in Miracles, a self-help psychotherapy book which teaches that life experiences are created by the way in which we think. He regularly conducts workshops…


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Nothing Changes on the Outside Until it Changes on the Inside.

When we are unhappy,

We often quite naturally begin

to fantasize about how our troubles

would end "if only".

If only I could move to the country

and avoid the hassle of city life...

If only I could quit my job

and do something simpler,

like be a forest ranger

in a national park...

If only I could leave this marriage,

which isn't working out,

and find someone

who really understands… Continue

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For Your Discernment & Enjoyment~" NOTHING BEYOND THE NOW" and "THE POWER OF COMMITMENT"

March 7, 2009


Blessed Are Each of You in every NOW moment.

It is with sheer Joy that we gather together as always in the Light of Love and Oneness.

Welcome Dearest Ones, Welcome as we reunite with Spiritual Family once again!

It is with our Greatest Love that we come in this day to bring forward yet another message for your discernment and enjoyment in support of your Grand Awakening!


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