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Dad Fills Out 11-Month-Old Daughter’s Daycare Questionnaire and It’s Hilarious

Dad Fills Out 11-Month-Old Daughter’s Daycare Questionnaire and It’s Hilarious

What do you do when you’re a parent and you are asked to complete a personality survey for a daycare for your 11-month-old (who obviously can’t fill it out herself)? This dad did what any parent with a wicked sense of humor would do: he was totally honest (well, mostly anyway). And his answers were funny enough for the daycare employees to appreciate: “When daycare, completely seriously, asks my…


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last night I cried becuase I have no shoes until...

A few years ago I meet Stephen Schroeder, by chance or divine providence?  I choose to believe God has a plan so he keeps his eye on the sparrow. 

When I met Mr. Schroder he was involved with the Gideons .  I later found that Its a group of people who leave bibles in hotels rooms just in case someone is compelled to read.  No matter I thought to myself at…


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Black Moon Rising - March 30th 2014

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Incompetence of the Town of Smithfield

Incompetence of the Town of Smithfield

Smithfield is a small community that is a nice quiet place to relax, play and live. Our town was incorporated on February 29, 1840 making it "Maine's only Leap Year Town". There are many things that make this town an enjoyable place, but lately the people hired in the town office have made it a difficult place to live. Specifically the selectmen Richard A. Moore, Dale M. Churchill, and Justin S. Furbush have chosen to neglect their responsibilities…


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Soul Mates & Soul Families

Written by John Payne 

John L. Payne

There is much conjecture and misunderstanding concerning this subject. When most of…


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beginning tomorrow night...(Tuesday, March 25th) @

Yin Yang Fandango and the Tango Tea Room (Tango Fandango)…


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Most popular group

I had The Psychic Journey on here for a couple of years but I only had about 5 active.. It was not enough for me to continue on--so I walked away. I decided to post here on the main forum but I am still getting no action and my post are very good and have been featured on other sites. Is this a dieing site or can…


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Let's play a fun game

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I had the opportunity to be invited to a secret meeting with some very sosphisticated secret people. It started out about the plane anthan it went down like this;" Soon there will be a Space ship's this year or next and This creedance will have traveled across the galaxies and avery very andvanced in tecnologhy.…


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There is so much controvesary about Twin Flames and frankly I am now confused.. so I have a couple of questions

1) What is a soul Mate?

2) What is a Twin Flame

3) What is a Devine soul-mate----it is a soul-mate CHOSEN BY GOD…


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Malaysia Missing plane

Where do you think this plane is ? They have not found it ? I have my opinion and I think it  went through a PortHole or it was an alien abduction--what do you…

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How to Do Zazen Meditation - 8 Steps

Zazen meditation is the main technique in Zen Buddhism. It's a mindfulness meditation with an emphasis on harmonizing breath, mind and body. 


Zensters are really big on posture and building a physical foundation for meditation. 


How to practice Zazen


1. Get in a sitting position. It can be any of the following. 


Half lotus or full lotus (traditional in Zazen, but not medically sound for a lot of us)


Cross legged…


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{{{Higher Love}}}

this much!!!!!! to infinity and…


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Are You Suffering from the "Not as good as someone else" Syndrome?

Most of us hurt ourselves and put the blame on others. A little heart searching will show how we belittle our own selves, feel guilty, and at times suffer with 'not as good as someone else' syndromes. A simple logic is, if we don't respect ourselves, love ourselves, forgive and release our past,  we will continue to carry the poison within, and create the wrong vibratory field to attract the devils from the world and then curse, "Oh! God, Why me?" 




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Astro-Chakra Weekly Reading

17 - 23 March

...straight to the heart! from my heart to yours!

Neptune 7 : 7th Chakra (crown)
Neptune Keyword: 'Inspiration'

Colour: Violet

Chakra Keywords: Intuition, Wisdom

Card Keywords: 'Spiritual Beliefs'…


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“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled with the spirit of God, and blesses are those who are persecuted for righteousness for theirs are the kingdom of Heaven.”

Life is about choice.. choosing to do the right thing even though your alone in that choice, by not letting the fear of the unknown cloud your thinking. In that fear when the path become…


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To my dearest love <3

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride. So I love you because I know no other way”

~ Pablo Neruda

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The RUNNER’S point of view

Prologue (by Caroline from

The similarites are equal, regarding feelings. The ‘runner’ experiences the same heartfelt sensations, and also constantly think about his true love, but ‘anger’ plays a part here too: their peace and quiet is taken away from them. And when restlessness and / or losing control is involved, the Runner rather retreats within himself.

Also, the…


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Is Compassion the Same as Love?

As you begin to rise above your lower instincts and stop living for the sake of selfish desires, you start feeling the pains and agonies of others. An inner process of expansion has begun. Your ego is melting.

When selfishness melts, you flow with compassion because true compassion is the natural state of your being. Without being blinded by your small self, the ego, you are able to see beyond apparent evil manifestations. You become more sensitive to light. You begin to see light…


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More disclosure please :)

We are part of this <3
There is soooo much more than the eye can see!

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