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Your Aura Decides Who You Are

Let us not forget that we are essentially vibrational beings of light, that is aura, and our Karma or our thoughts and deeds are creating the aura that we carry, invisible to untrained eyes, but visible to Beings of Light, ascended Masters and Angels. We receive what we receive on the basis of our aura, and that is how we are identified, not as black or white, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, Indian or American, Hindu or Christian, it is our aura which decides who we…


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Chakra Healing and Your Empath connection

What is healing?

When you get sick you may go to the doctor. The doctor gives a name to your illness and perhaps prescribes a medicine. You may take the medicine and the symptoms of the illness may dissipate. Are you well? Medicines are wonderful and they serve to cure your illness, however that is not the same as healing. While a medicine may bring you back to the same level of functioning you had before you became ill, why did you become ill in the first place? That is where… Continue

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Angels appear anywhere in life, don’t they? I just got back from a very moving weekend in our nation’s Capitol and, thankfully, came across the Angel of Love there.  We left Friday morning, a group of Lightworkers with a mission, from the town of Milford, Connecticut. Ironically, just that morning a boy killed a fellow classmate who refused to go to the prom with him. It was a foreshadowing of the healing energy work we would be doing.

As lightworkers, we were headed down there to DC…


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Surprising Story:Nature is amazing!

This couple got some fertilized duck eggs for their farm. When they hatched, they mysteriously disappeared... But Look what happened...

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Astro-Chakra Weekly Reading

28 April - 4 May

...straight to the heart! from my heart to yours!

Moon 6 : 6th Chakra (3rd eye)
Moon Keyword: 'Intuition'

Colour: Indigo

Chakra Keywords: Intuition, Wisdom

Card Keyword:…


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OMTimes Magazine April D 2014 Edition

OMTimes Magazine April D 2014 Edition with Naomi Judd on the cover


Direct multimedia edition link: http://www.editions.omtimes.com/magazine/2014-04-d/index.html

Free Subscription to OMTimes: …


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Empathic Toolbox

Join Reiki-Master Teacher, Yolanda Williams, for this special episode of Reiki Radio, with special guest, Lynn Zambrano.


New Spirituality Podcasts with Reiki Radio Station on BlogTalkRadio

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The world is my oyster....so where's my pearl?

“All that Adam had, all that Caesar could, you have and can do… Build, therefore, your own world.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some days you just don’t want to hear “just do it”. Especially when you can’t see the start line. It’s not lack of motivation or laziness, rather the daunting and large task of beginning. Let’s face it, sitting on the couch in puzzlement, stuck in the mire, leads to frustration followed by a headache or watching LMN with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (or ESPN and… Continue

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Unity of Opposites

“The unlike is joined together, and from differences result the most beautiful harmony.” ~ Heraclitus.

Union of opposites, an aspiration that takes skill. Reflecting on this brought forward the importance of cooperation and compromise. When faced with situations where ego is likely to dominate your views and perceptions, how do you reach a point where a successful union can occur? Ego can be a formidable barrier, and commonly it’s thought that giving up or in to another implies… Continue

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There is beauty to the chaos, that could not exist any other way.

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How to Meditate Deeply in Hectic Circumstances

Do you want to experience deep meditation that is bulletproof? Here are some tips. 

The first thing that you want to remember is that small actions that contribute to inner peace go a long way. Actions that contribute to peace include stretching, prayer, calming visualizations, reading text that inspires the soul, singing that favorite hymn from church, yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. 

Dedicate at least 30 seconds to five minutes out of each hour to…


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As Above, So Below

I went to a very powerful and beautiful mediation last night, to be in the center of the Grand Cardinal Cross energy that 's been shaking things up here on planet earth. As above, so below, they say...what happens on earth is simply a reflection of what is taking place in the heavens. Maryanne, our fearless leader,  is so talented and erudite, for she was able to put this very complex topic into words we could all understand. The planets involved, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are…


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A Prayer for Mother Earth

I just love Earth Day. It's a time to celebrate spring and to get out the garden and play in the dirt. For me, it's always been a time to collect dirty sneaks, electronics, and even used clothing. Of course, it's a time to not only promote recycling, but rather a chance to get people to rethink their choices.

There's a guy in our town who just loves recycling. He must, for he travels around on his bicycle, stopping at each blue container to rummage through and pick out the…


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"The Soulful Life" reprise

While browsing in a second hand store, I came upon a poster with this written upon it, may it touch you as it has touched me........within.

The Soulful Life

I don't care to know how much knowledge you've acquired

nor countries visited;

I want to know if you've given your soul a place to live.

Does your spine shiver over a wise poets' words of grace?

Do you commune with nature long and with tireless wonder?

Have you known…


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Rolling Away the Stone

Easter Sunday.  It’s a day for reflecting upon the life that lies before each of us and embracing the light within us all. It’s a time to celebrate and rejoice in the miracles that abound in this world.  For me, it was a time to make my return to a church community. I have been a little gun-shy about wanting to go back to church, after having been asked last May to “renounce all things Ree-kee” by the minister and his wife of a church in our town I’d attended. Ouch. That hurt. If you’re…


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OMTimes Magazine April C 2014 Edition

OMTimes Magazine April C 2014 Edition

with don Miguel Ruiz on the cover


Direct multimedia edition link:…


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SAINT SKETCH - SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARMAHAMSA- PART 2 - Courtesy - Namadwaar. - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna -Thursday, December 27, 1883

Dear All,

Khudiram Chattopadhyay had gone on a pilgrimage to Gaya in the spring of 1835 in order to perform rites for his ancestors. While staying there Lord Vishnu appeared to him in a vision and declared that He would be born as his (Khudiram's) son. Filled with joy at first he suddenly realized his poor means and said to the Lord, "I am a very poor man. How can I take the responsibility of bringing you up?" 

The Lord said, "Whatever you give me to eat I shall…


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A Guide Named Joe

Written by Frances M. Shea

Like many people on their spiritual path, it was some time before my spirit guide revealed his name to me. I must admit I thought it rather…


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Egypt: The Egyptian God, Hu

Egypt: The Egyptian God, Hu

The Egyptian God, Hu

By Catherine C. Harris

The Egyptian god Hu was one of the minor gods in some respects, but he was one of the most important gods for those serious about Egyptian deities. Hu is the power of the spoken word. He personifies the authority of utterance.

One legend has it that the creator and Sun God, Re (Ra), evolved from the primeval waters of Egypt. Once alive, Re created the air (Shu) and the moisture…


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I wonder how my life would change if I could fully release all levels of unworthiness. Many of us struggle with false beliefs like, “I’m not enough.” “I don’t deserve more.” “I should settle for less.” We may compensate for this deep sense of unworthiness through grandiosity and ego-inflation. Delusions of superiority are empty puff bubbles - feeble attempts to buffer a devastating sense of inferiority that relentlessly insists that we are not up to the task of whatever is expected…


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