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An Excerpt...


A time comes in your life when you finally get it, ...when, in the midst of all your fears and mental minutia, you stop in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your Soul says -- Enough. I will no longer allow my mind and ego to hold me hostage. It is the Divine heart and the dignity of Who I Am that will now lead my life. The time is now.....

A time comes in your life when you stop fighting or struggling to hold on to that which was… Continue

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Something is stirring ...

Myself, feeling a bit blah today.

I can't put my finger on it yet.

Getting up way to early doing laundry done, not changing from my p.j's all day and now it is evening.

Fed the boys and myself breakfast and lunch and snacks but I don't feel like cooking dinner but I know I must.

It has been sunny here all day with a very nice breeze blowing through our window .

Kids did not want to go out at all.

My husband is not home from work… Continue

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The Seed, The Flower, The Mulch

The Seed

The seed is planted, within the body, at birth

There are those events, experiences that cause the seed to germinate and grow

Into every existance, dark clouds appear and rain will fall

Nurturing the growing seed, giving strength and vitality

As the Sun of Love breaks through the clouds

The Flower

The flower blooms and adds its beauty to the world

And accepts the rain, as a necessity of growth

And though it may droop, from… Continue

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The Harmony Project +


The Harmony Project

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.


Martin Luther King

The Harmony Project is a way for individuals and small groups to directly and positively change the world –– and themselves –– with a minimum of effort. It’s a simple, uncomplicated and powerful way for individuals to positively change consciousness.

The… Continue

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Meditation Tips

~Summer Solstice Love Goddess~

Date: Jun 22, 2008 5:08 PM


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Natural Healing Meditation

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Use The Back Door

Have you ever just wanted the benefit of being able to lay down and go

to sleep, to sleep? Evidently, I don't have such a luxury, or at least

I haven't in a long time.

Generally, when I do go to bed...and there's no set time, just when it

happens. I take awhile to relax and start to go into meditation. Not

really my regular way of meditation, but a clearing of the mind, of the

chatter - all the tons of thoughts streaming in. Once I get to a point

of near… Continue

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Love Will Find A Way

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::The Comfort Movie::

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Somewhere In The Knight - A Blog Revisited

I pulled this up from my blogs, had forgotten about it...with nearly 2000 blog entries, who wouldn't.

I repost now and dedicate it to my daughter [yes, you "N"], and to YOU all.

Somewhere In The Knight

This was written for another group I belong to, but something said it was sharing....ok, "T" said I should share it....

Ok, this is going to be a rework of the writing I had finished all but a

line of and walked out of the room, when the… Continue

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You Know...

...this...so Live It!

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A Tribute To Inspiration

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Some folks say, they don't know what to do.


Some folks say, they don't know what to say.


Some folks say, what will others think of me?


Some folks say, that's the way it is, it'll never change.


Some folks say, who am I to bring change?


Some folks say, who are you to know?


"BE", someone, who does what is correct to your Conscience.

"BE", someone who speaks the Truth.

"BE", someone who acts… Continue

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It's Complicated

In all my surfing around online, visiting the many profiles, blogs, pages and looking at the sites of others , I often see the term: It's Complicated. You hear it in conversations...

Whether they are talking about relationships, their lives, even their jobs, it's just easier to say "it's complicated".

Now, to hear Teresa [RareBreeze/SundayInJune] talk, I'm as complicated as they come...but I have fun being that way...I'll wear your rough edges off to a fine smooth sharp… Continue

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Personal growth is the process of responding positively to change.

It involves risk as you step from the known to the unknown.

All your growth will depend on your activity.

Your strength and growth will come only through continuous

effort and struggle.

There will be no development without effort.

Trouble is…

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The Formidable years

How do I give you love,
and show you what is right?
There comes a time to let go,
when all we want to do is hold tight!
To teach right from wrong at times seems so easy to do.
But sometimes life has different plans for you.
But still, I hold tight to what I teach,
Because one day, you will be out of reach.
But this I know, I can calm my fears...
Because I gave you love....
In the Formidable years.
Yvette Mesinas NOV. 07

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I am Me!

Waiting to explode with all the wonders that illuminate my soul.
A soul that was once tired and ready to let go
I won't let go. I will rise, rise above it all.
I will walk I will fly, I will not fall.
Ready for the world and all it has to offer me.
Watch out world for I am ready to see,
see that I am ME!
Yvette Mesinas

Copyright ©2008 YvetteMesinas

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A Kiss From the Universe

Breaking out of the norm.
Thoughts begin to form.
Break free
from animosity
Thriving to survive
coming alive.
Beginning to feel,
is this real?
The reality is
this is bliss!
From the Universe
a kiss!
Take it in.
Yvette Mesinas

Copyright ©2008 YvetteMesinas

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My Friend Albert

As I was growing up in a small New Jersey bedroom community, just 20 miles from Manhatten, I spent the majority of my time enjoying the County Park, which was located not far from my home. From about the age of 7, and up through age 18, it was my home away from home. It had a lake, with streams running both into and out of it, and was stocked with fish.

I got to know all the best places to catch the different species, at different times of the year, and enjoyed doing just that.

I… Continue

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Intentional Community Forming

Intentional Community forming...sustainable living ideas, living together in community to share resources and live in better, smarter ways. Discussions taking place now at: http://groups yahoo.com/group/homeineden Possible I.C. forming in Mentone, Alabama area, where a group like ours would fit in with the surrounding area full of retreats, healing centers, some other communities and in a place filled with energy.

Looking for founding members, "angels", and ideas....come share… Continue

Added by KnightsIntent on June 12, 2008 at 11:13pm — 1 Comment

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