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Think on This...7/31/13

Think on This...
For, know that each soul constantly meets its own self. No problem may be run away from. Meet it now!

Edgar cayce Reading 1204-3

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Think on This...7/30/13

Think on This...
Each entity is a part of the universal whole. All knowledge, all understanding that has been a part of the entity's consciousness, then, is a part of the entity's experience. Thus the unfoldment in the present is merely becoming aware of that experience through which the entity, either in body or in mind--has passed in a consciousness.

Edgar Cayce Reading 2823-1

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 hEALING PAST HURTS IS OFTEN A MATTER OF IDENTIFYING THE MIXED EFFECT PAIN HAS HAD UPON US. aND THAN ALLOWING OURSELF TO DISTANT OURSELVES FROM THE CONSEQUENCE IMPOSED APON US BY THESE AMAZEING LIFE EXPERIENCES. wHILE WE CAN FINALLY  acknowledge that dis-stressing events and hurtful circumstances have been  apart of our lives, we no longer have any reason to carry the toxic emotional reprocussion of them. Letting go of  our emotional baggage has been part of our exsistance for so long it's a…


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Think on This...7/29/13

Think on This...
Know that whatever experience ye have in the material sojourns for a purpose. Know that it is not by chance that ye are in a material or earthly consciousness in the present. For know that all activities of the mind, of the body, must be based upon SPIRITUAL things.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1754-1

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How To Make Your OBEs More Vivid

How To Make Your OBEs More Vivid

This article is originally from Alfred Ballabene's Astral Pages. The letters and links are not operational at the moment but are included for reference.
Letter 341:
"I remember having an experience just like it but I took it as a dream because of how unreal it seemed... The OBE I described to…

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Gaia's Lament


Gaia’s Lament

My waters are like tears, of emotions, the cleansing, salt waters of my oceans.

The sadness, of the earth, and humanity, which, I hold within, me,

When I cry, for them, they are healed, of painful emotions.

Though my tears for myself are like acid and burn me,

The lava , and fire, of the earth, rise, within, me, bubbling out, in pain, making, my waters boil,

The waves, crash and rise,…


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Why We Love Vampires: The Psychology Behind the Obsession

Why We Love Vampires: The Psychology Behind the Obsession

Charming, elegant, and downright sexy, vampires have been the monster-of-choice for ... well, ever. In looking at the psychology of vampires, these are the top ten reasons they are so…


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Healing the Butterfly


I was walking in the fields, on a sunny day, there were lots of butterflies, fluttering about me. One, of the butterflies, settled, at my feet, it looked a poor thing, tattered and torn, by the elements, its wings, were ragged, around the edges, and the colours dim, although its body was a beautiful green. I stopped, and stared at the butterfly, while it twitched its antenna, towards, me, feeling sorry for the butterfly, and feeling its pain, I stretched, out my hand, towards, it,…


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Think on This...7/28/13

Think on This...

There is the necessity that the physical body be in as perfect accord with the Creative and Universal Forces as is possible, but "Thy will be done in me as Thou seest I have need of in the present. Let me bear in my body those conditions, circumstances, physical and mental, that will bring me wholly closer to an understanding of the purposes for which I came into being; without censure to anyone, without censure to myself, but use me as Thou seest fit!"



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I am



I am, the wind, from the east,

Swirling about you, the cool draft,

Rushing through your hair,

The droplets of myst, caressing your cheeks, your eyes, your lips,

The vortex of feeling and emotion, flowing through your body,

I am the sensation, the dizzying breath,

That touches your senses, causing a shiver down your spine,

As the chill prickles your skin,

The icy blast, whistling a soul…


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Eyes of Perception

                                  ~**~        Mother Earth looks Beautifully stunning today.         ~**~

                                            Another set of eyes will have a different perception.

                         The state of our inner and outer world makes up how we…


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Think on This...7/27/13

Think on This...
But do not put off today that which will bring hope and help to the mind of another . . . Those things that make for the putting off become a joy never fulfilled. Use, then, the experiences from day to day as the basis, and these will grow under thine very effort; surprising even to self as to the joy that comes from same, and gradually taking shape to become a joy to self and blessings to others.

Edgar Cayce Reading 877-9

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Are You Aware of the Law of Impermanence?

Impermanence is not just the law of this physical world, but the greatest tool for Spiritual transformation. We may know the simple fact that the world is in a continuous flux of change, but the influence of the illusive potencies of mind does not allow us to see that and truly absorb this reality and reflect on it in our day-to-day activities of life. We behave as if everything is permanent, including our own physical body and our physical home.

Way back in the 90s I was…


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Think on This...7/26/13

Think on This...

. . . to bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is but making that divine love shine--shine--in thy own soul. Then smile, be joyous, be glad! For the day of the Lord is at…


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Personal Attitudes Dictate Our View of the World

               How each person sees the world is highly dependent on their attitudes to life itself.

Listen closely next time you are having a…


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Think on This...7/25/13

Think on This...

Think never that the opportunities have passed; for ever is there set before thee a choice to make, and has always been given "Today is the acceptable year, the acceptable day, of the Lord!" It is never too late to begin, even in an experience; for Life in its experience is a continued, a continuous effort--in making, in starting, the associations which bring what has ever been given as the way whereby man may justify himself before the throne of grace in a material…


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Does “absent” healing work? In other words can you or I act as a healing channel sending focused energy to someone at a distance, someone not physically present, and still have a positive effect on them? Can a lessening of their difficulty or perhaps a cure for any discomfort they are experiencing be manifested?

Healing energy can be sent over great distances and arrive exactly as it was sent; however, there are a variety of things that can happen at the point of…


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War is Not Human Nature

Times of India, Science – July 21, 2013


A new study of tribal societies finds warfare is not an innate

concept but a recent phenomenon invented by ‘civilized’ societies…

Is it natural for humans to make war? Is organised violence between rival political groups an…


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Taking Action ~ Taking Responsibility

                         ~  When we choose to keep the door of Faith open, Faith will respond.  ~

                     ~ When we choose to keep the door of Hope open, Hope is always with us. ~

                                                  When we carry the energy of Love within…


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Think on This...7/23/13

Think on This...
DO NOT hold the idea, "Well, I know what they are going to say or do, but I'll do as best I can." Disregard that! KNOW the spirit with which YE do a thing is the spirit that will respond to thee!

Edgar Cayce Reading 1688-9

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