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SADHAK! (Spiritual Aspirants) BEWARE – Part-1 by Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

Dear All,

A Sadhak who is involved in spiritual practice should never exhibit himself in any way till he enjoys total experience.

In worldly life, too, many a leader seeing what they deem as shortcomings in the society start an organization with rehabilitation in mind. They commence such movements without any self-interest, in all goodwill and with a sense of sacrifice. However, eventually caught in the net of…


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Enlightenment for the Sake of Evolution

~*~  Dear Friends ~ When we think of enlightenment we think of the Self. This person who incarnated into a family and given a name, a home, schooling, all under the supervision and watchful eye of a parent or parents.  We grow up and find our own way in the world and decide to follow the path to enlightenment. There are many, many paths to enlightenment and each one is…


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Spread Your Wings

                                       Today, like every other day, I spread my wings.

                                       Some days my wings take me to places to see

                                       And experience another facet of life on earth

                                       I have not previously flown…


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Are you really loved ?

" Knowing that we are loved and cared for, enables us to develope a greater trust , in the people who matter the most. When we realize that. this flow of love is constantly steady, we free ourselves from worring about what others think and instead make space in our lives for greater devotion to our loved ones The sence of security and trust gives us strength to cope with anything that comes our way. We know that no matter what there are people in our lives that will support us. You know I…


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Rainbow Bridge = Universal Peace

Rainbow Bridge = Universal Peace…


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My Parable on Purpose, Part 1

This is my own parable about how I see things right now regarding Aikido. It probably doesn't apply much to anybody else's life on the surface. All I can say though is that in these time our life paths are coming into intense scrutiny and there will be changes for Peeps and hard choices to make.  I don't offer any real wisdom here, just my story.


A long time ago a man met a baseball player and got very excited about becoming one…


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2012 - Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge by Jose Arguelles - 2 AWESOME VIDEOS

2012 - Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge by Jose Arguelles …


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                                                                      DO NO HARM!

We seem to be living in a world that is getting less hospitable every day. Look closely at any endeavor our species has engaged in and it appears we are unaware of the harm we do, we ignore the harm we do, we intentionally do harm for our own gain, or sadly in some cases we do harm…


Added by Tara Mary on August 23, 2012 at 9:00pm — 6 Comments

Feel More Generous By Reflecting On Moments You've Given Not Received

Want to feel more selfless and giving? Then you might be better off thinking about the times you’ve given something of yourself, instead of the times you’ve received something from someone else.

New research suggests that these feelings of “giving” could spur the urge to want to help others, compared with feelings of “receiving.”

Researchers from the University of…


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TheDaily Oracle Aug. 23rd ~ MUSIC

Music - The energies and directions are now evolving around directing you to immerse yourself in some beautiful music…read on…

Music lifts your spirit above earthbound concerns and elevates your thoughts to Divine love. You have angels with you who want to help you through the healing properties of music. By this…


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Go Slowly

As the winds of change continue to gather momentum, and as the cosmic roller coaster ride continues in earnest, there is a sense of exuberant energy shifts and deep changes occurring on just about every level of our beings. Whilst it would be all too easy to get carried along with these currents like a leaf being taken by the wind, there is a sense that whilst we do need to step into the flow and become One with…


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Energy Report For August 22, 2012

Energy Report For August 22, 2012
Today’s Energy is shifting and changing. We are not used to such calm energy, and are holding our collective breaths waiting for the next shoe to drop. We know this energy just cannot last and want to hold onto it for as long as possible.
The Earth is gently moving and stretching, causing us to feel dizzy and unstable. Our emotions have been stretched to the limit…

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Archangel Uriel – Live From Your Heart

The potential of your life exists within the knowing of your heart and soul. Yet you use your mind to determine what is possible and its limitations prevent the highest potential from being available to you.



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Keeping Our Inner-Focus - New Earth

 Dear Friends ~ I only post channelings if they are messages from the Higher Realms, including my Higher-Self, because they are with me and within my Home to assist the spiritual workers on Earth who are aware of the Ascension Process. They are not someone from 'outside' my own vibrational tone, nor are the messages changed in any way by myself…


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The search for the Golden Rose in the valley of Atlantis, and how it links with us today

The search for the Golden Rose in the valley in Atlantis was an important event and we have reached exactly that point again in this cycle of evolution. So we will touch the various incidents which led to the plucking of the Golden Rose and see how that moment links with us today.…


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~The Daily Oracle~ Growth

Growth – The energies and directions are particularly evolving around another continuing theme here on ~The Daily Oracle~™ that of our personal growth…as Charles Dubois sais: The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become…Read on…

Get ready for a…


Added by Ann on August 21, 2012 at 7:25pm — 1 Comment

Your Turning Point

Your Turning Point

Into the state of your soul trapped in duality some light begins to shine. At the turning point a critical event shakes the soul. Everyday life is interrupted, either by a crisis or by a sudden epiphany, or by both, in what is described as “the dark…


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Depression and Ascension

Depression is something that affects more and more people today. It’s a word we use to describe how we feel when we are sad, listless, unmotivated, restless, and in worse cases,…


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Message from Anrita- A request for prayers and love at this time

This is a message from Anrita, dear friends/HH family requesting prayers and love at this time. Please send prayers and love. Many hugs and much love to you, Darlene




My precious friends and family,

I have been guided to share with you…


Added by tree faerie darlene on August 21, 2012 at 4:20am — 12 Comments

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