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According to author James Churchward, MU was about 5,000 miles long and 3,000 miles wide, a beautiful tropical paradise like the Garden of Eden. He claims there were 64 million people who died in the sinking, and that it dated back over 50,000 years. The Pacific Islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent. Precise…


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Think on This...11/24/12

Think on This...
. . . for he that seeks the Lord must believe that He is, would they find Him; for one doubting has already builded that barrier that prevents the proper understanding, whether as to physical, mental or spiritual attributes, or spiritual aid, or mental aid, or physical aid; for that in faith sought for shall be thine, even as was given, "Be my people and I will be your God."

Edgar Cayce Reading 459-1

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Rules of Life

Rule One - You will receive a body.

You may love it or hate it, but it will be yours for the duration of your life on Earth.

Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons.

You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called "life". Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate…


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Devotion to Guru (Bhakti) - Part 4 By Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

Dear All,


The well is the family life into which we have fallen. It is verily the Guru(spiritual preceptor) who has come up to lift us out of this well of a family life. The rope that he drops for us to take hold of is verily the path of Namasankirtan (taking the Divine Name of the Lord). It has the trademark of innumerable saints who have followed this path. If the Guru says…


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Humanity Healing Network Facebook Page ~ NEW!

Namaste to Humanity Healing Members!

In case you do not realise

we now have a Humanity Healing Network Facebook Page


Just click LIKE if you wish to join…


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Do You Need Others to Validate You?

Written by Alan Cohen | Print  | …

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Think on This...11/23/12

Think on This...

Know - as has been given to self, to others - when there is trouble, doubt or fear, the greater portion lies within thy own consciousness. If you would have others show themselves lovely, be lovely yourself! If you would have friends, be friendly! If you would make for those things which would bring about more harmonious association in any phase of the experience, know they must first be lived - conceived, born and reared within thy own consciousness.

Edgar Cayce…


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"Beloved, there is no difference in the energy of abundance/lack. That is the grand truth. The difference is in your perception. When you are focusing on lack and need and have-not, what do you think is the underlying emotion? Need equals fear.

A quick trick to…


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Solar Activity illuminates Consciousness ~ by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we enter the turning point year 2012, Earth has been motivated and propelled forward into solar generated ascension light in the forms of solar emissions and solar activations. Solar Cycle 24 is expected to peak in 2012 and to subside around 2020. Solar cycles play an important part in the upgrading of human cell…


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Think on This...11/22/12

Think on This...

In 1938, Edgar Cayce was asked to give information that would help to stimulate in individuals hearts and minds a great appreciation of the true Spirit of Thanksgiving. In recognition of our sincere thanks for each and every one of you, we offer this excerpt from Cayce's Thanksgiving message:

...Thanksgiving is thy opportunity to show thy appreciation to thy friend, thy home, thy mother, thy children - yea, most of all to thy God!

...In this land ye may…


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The Law of One: Study Guide + The Divine Cosmos [Books x3] * Source Field Investigations [Movies x2] ~ David Wilcock



Namaste & Blessings

Here is valuable accompaniment material by the eminent David Wilcock

  • Guide Book for the 'The Law of One'
  • Books: Convergence Volumes I-III…

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This moment....

...... is all there is.....

The quote below perfectly reflects how I'm feeling right NOW (but it's always right NOW as there is only NOW, but you already knew that!!)

"Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment." -Thich Nhat Hanh

Yep. That sure hits the nail…


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Reunion of the Divine

The Reunion of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

And so the seeds are sown, the reunion begins in a long lost union of two who have been cleverly manipulated for eons in time on Gaia. The battle of domination of one over the other, the clash of opposite polarities thus forming duality. Bringing disunity, a civil…


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Leaving Thursday/The Psychic journey

I am off agin for 1 week.... I will be leaving tomorrow, Thursday. Please keep yurselves company on The Psychic journey".. I have posted some new things and Thank you for your support.. Have a great ThankGiving and remember what it is about.

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I'm Grateful... But...

Written by Marie T. Russell |  

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Think on This...11/21/12

Think on This...

Faults in others are first reflected in self. When such conditions arise in the experience of an entity, there should be first those considerations of that in self that has produced such a reflection, so that the God shining through any activity is lost sight of by self in the fellow man; especially one that is seeking for the spiritual activities in a material plane, and he that would gain the world and lose self's own soul has lost all.

Edgar Cayce Reading…


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The Real-Life Wizard Behind "Harry Potter"

The Real-Life Wizard Behind "Harry Potter"

By Stephen Wagner, Guide

Nicholas Flamel

Nicholas Flamel

Over 600 years before Hogwarts School was created, an alchemist claimed to have discovered the incredible secrets of "the sorcerer's stone" - possibly even immortality

The phenomenal success of J.K. Rowling's Harry…


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Stories on Radio 1

Hello Everyone,

Two of my stories ( "The mePhone" and "The Day Death Died" ) were read out recently on Australian radio program "Queensland Storyteller" by the host Kim Dodsworth.

I think his reading adds an extra dimension to the stories. It's always interesting to hear how other people interpret your work.

You can listen to it at the link below. It's a 10 minute recording. …


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The Law of One




Here is an interestingly layed-out summary of the 'The Law of One'…


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Sky High Egyptians?

Sky High Egyptians?

Were the Pharoahs Junkies? 

(Published at Samhain 1996)
The problem started in Munich. A forensic pathologist specialising in toxins had been asked to carry out what should have been a series of routine tests on a number of whole and part…

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