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Free! Accelerator Astrology International Tele-Activation

Saturday October 5,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  

Come join Bryan for this exciting free session into the magic of your own astrology and the very specific, magical combinations of accelerators that will enhance the positive aspects of your star sign, give you extra energy, help you to break through any limitations and expand you to your fullest potential.   Each of the signs will be discussed with interesting,…


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EarthStar New Moon Drumming Circle Live! International Tele-Activation

  Saturday September 28,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $35

Come be a part of this special lunar drumming activation that will bring forth the power of the new moon, initiating a new prophecy that will create an expansion of energy and light for all of humanity.  Together with our galactic brothers and sisters we will drum in and accelerate the influx of new frequencies coming to the planet.  Join us for this new and…


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Lightwave Training- Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday & Sunday - September 7 & 8,  2019

 Includes a special "follow along" webpage with images and videos!

These Lightwave training sessions can be accessed through your phone, cell phone or Skype.


Imagine yourself radiating a luminous spiritual “Magical Presence” and channeling higher streams of consciousness in a recording studio, practicing martial arts, acting in a play on stage, dancing in an exercise class or simply…


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EarthStar Diamond Consciousness

Live! International Tele-Activation

  Saturday August 24,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $25

Throughout the ages diamonds are highly prized as symbols of beauty, wisdom, perfection and wealth.  Correspondingly, our human consciousness is a very complex, precious jewel that needs to be nurtured & polished in order to radiate its full magnificence and potential   Come…


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Summer Lightwave Party Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday August 10,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $25

Join us for this summer celebration, as we send luminous streams of light-energy into your body and home.  During this session over 100 Lightwave practitioners will gather together with us to transmit a multitude of subspace healing frequencies directly to you, working with each individual’s specific needs and desires.  In addition,  we will activate the new…


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Global Lightworker Ambassador Program

.Live International Tele=Session

 July 27, 2019  $75

Activation of the Eagle Commanders

Balancing a 3D Life/Job with Your Spiritual Work & Destiny

Light Reflections from the 13th Universe: New Images from the New Creation!

Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light Transmission


For more information please visit....  …


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Master of the Universe Global Lightworker Ambassador Program

With Bryan de Flores, the Ascended Masters & the Galactic Command!

Live! International Tele-Activation

Session 1: Saturday July 6,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $75

The Masters of the Universe Ambassador Program is designed to create a new exemplary model of spiritual Ambassador & Leader; one that will excel beyond all expectations, one that will be the embodiment…


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The Starshield Experience Live! International Tele-Activation

The Starshield Experience Live! International Tele-Activation

A New Wave of Cellular Restoration, Physical Rejuvenation & Healing!

Saturday June 22,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $35

Come experience the latest speed-of-light transmission that will restore your energy,  renew your…


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EarthStar - Help I'm Processing Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday June 8,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $25

Stop the planet I want to get off!!!  Have you ever felt emotionally frustrated, mentally stressed and completely at the end of your rope?  You are not alone, millions of individuals around the planet experience intermittent or extended periods of internal "processing", which can triggered by planetary energy fluctuations, personal karma or random happenings in…


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FREE Multidimensional Birthday Seminar

Join us for this fun, interesting session that will inspire and excite a new perspective about your special and very important day of each year.  Learn a new, innovative way to celebrate your birthday in style and kick it off with a huge energy boost.  Be there or be square!


For more information please go to

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Through The Looking Glass

 Through The Looking Glass


Exploring Your Past Lives & Manifesting Your True Destiny!

A 2 hour Online Experience

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - May 10. 11 & 12 -  $37

You can access this 3-session online seminar whenever you wish during the 3-day period. 

The entire seminar is about 2 hours long.... and…


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EarthStar Change the World Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - April 27, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35

There are many ways to change the world we live in and inspire the people around us….and every day is an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the light of the world around us!  Our galactic friends have created a new, interesting and very flexible addition to your personal spiritual plan that will ignite change in the many different areas of society....and this only requires a few minutes a…


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Time Machine Multidimensional Workshop Live International Tele-Session

Unlock the Power of Your Mind & Activate Your Full Creative Potential!

Saturday - April 13, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $75

Come join us for this innovative new & exciting galactic workshop where we will work together with the Ashtar Command & the Arcturians to design the future.  This 2 hour creational experience will begin with a time-traveling session to download programs…


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Exploring the Akashic Records & the Mysteries of your Soul Live! International Tele-Session

Keys to Accessing Your Personal Soul Blueprint & Book of Life

"Saturday - March  30, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35 

The Akashic Records is an etheric library of all mystical knowledge, every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of our planet.  It is this non-physical spiritual computer system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for…


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EarthStar The Vril Power Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - March  16, 2019,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35 

An incredible power from the ancient world of Atlantis resides within each of us, waiting to be awakened.    This original God-Force gift of ‘Vril Energy’ was utilized by highly evolved Masters in the Golden Cities to manifest magical powers and super-luminal light energy.  Come join Bryan and the Masters of Light to re-activate this divine power within you.  In addition, we will be sending…


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Starbuilders Live! International Tele-Session

New Activations, Infusions and Unlimited Possibilities for Humanity in 2019!

 Includes a Starbuilders Visual Activation Gallery designed by Bryan

Join the Star Captains and Command Representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light & The Lightquest Team as we all embark on the fascinating journey of transforming our planet into a star.  This 3-part explosive, exhilarating and enlightening experience will include…


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Lightwave Training - Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday & Sunday  -  February 16 & 17, 2019

Includes a special "follow along" webpage with images and videos!

These Lightwave training sessions can be accessed through your phone, cell phone or Skype.

Lightwave Energy Technology

Experience the Latest Miracle in Healing & Transformation!

 These training sessions will teach you how to…


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The Causes of Spiritual Awakening

            What makes a person become spiritually awaken?  With so many views and opinions on religion and spirituality it would be thought that there would also be many reasons…


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Artist Shefqet Avdush Emini - NEWS: Recensie of my artwork



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