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no Falling in Love

Preamble : Tonight my computer crashed, to my dismay. All my beloved files are least 99%, Right?! The  1 % left were a few good videos and this one and only poem. It must mean here it is for my sharing.


no Falling in Love


What is it in me that longs so much to fall in love?

Why is it called falling?

Is this a destination to fall into,

separated and distant from my self and thus,

 much longed…


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Undonditional Love is getting off the wheel of Karma

karma means mirroring or  as Abaraham (Esther Hicks) in the Law of Attraction would say "what is likened to itself is drawn." In the temporary reality of the physical dimension, we were programmed to identify something or someone as either good or bad. If the function of the Sub-Conscious mind is to give birth to what the Conscious mind dictates every so often (A Belief is but a thought you always think of), then what would happen if there is no judgement? What if we really believe that "It…


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Prayer Sending out the Vibration of DIVINE LOVE


Father-Mother God, help me understand that

my brother who suffers is also me.

Let me shift my thoughts and feelings of separation

to that of Oneness.

Let the undesirable experiences that I see around me help me

figure out what it is I prefer, and give me strength to bless this process

of going beyond what…


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What You PLANT Is What You GET

The past 2 weeks and a half has been a challenge to me. I have been intending for something, but each time a situation would arise, I kept acting the opposite way! After some time, I did become more aware. But isn't that almost absurd? It is not a wonder now Why I wasn't manifesting what I want!

Sometimes we want something and are so hang up on getting it, that we literally run after it- and so it keeps running away from us too! We want a better job but are so lazy… Continue

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Finding the Blessing, Leting it Go and Moving On

I cleaned up the container beds with water and iodine, washed them throughly, placed the soil with fertilizer and carefully, tenderly planted the tiny leek seeds. They were placed under a timed flourescent light for some time until they have grown big enough to be placed at the green house for proper temperature. The inetention is for the plant to grow beautifully.…


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