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WHY : "What can I get??"

Lately I have observed a "drama" situation in my vicinity that highlighted this question, "what can I get??" Somehow it struck  a heavy chord in my heart as I too am guilty on falling into this space of Conditional Love, as I understand it.  It made me ponder on it and ask this question, "Why are many of us hanged-up in knowing what is in for us before we can truly give?"


Love is defined as Giving, and giving "unconditionally." This may be a hard act to follow to many,…


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The energy of the whole has taken possession of you. You are possessed, you are no more, the whole is.

This moment, as the silence penetrates in you, you can understand the significance of it, because it is the same silence that Gautam Buddha experienced. It is the same silence that Chuang Tzu or Bodhidharma or Nansen.... The taste of the silence is the same.

Time changes, the world goes on changing, but the experience of silence, the joy of it, remains…


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Happiness is freedom to just be.. first to self ..

that you may rest to thee.

Let there be no judgment of right or wrong,

and of good or bad,

but let it all be a pleasurable experience of witnessing 

 the total Inner dance.



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First meditate, be blissful, then much love will happen of its own accord. Then being with others is beautiful and being alone is also beautiful. Then it is simple, too. You don't depend on others and you don't make others dependent on you. Then it is always a friendship, a friendliness. It never becomes a relationship, it is always a relatedness. You relate, but you don't create a marriage. Marriage is out of fear, relatedness is out of love. You relate; as long as things…


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Gayatri Mantra: A Powerful helper in everyday and all life

By C S Shyam Sundar

*Om bhur bhuvah swah*

*Tat savitur varenyam*

*Bhargo devasya dheemahi*

*Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat*…


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FIVE HUNDRED PIECES (On restoring the heart to wholeness)


A Thousand pieces, your heart was broken,

As it slipped and dropped from someone’s hand.

Now five hundred pieces, you have managed to restore,

And five hundred pieces,  more to go.


Your heart is beating, but just merely living;

as if your breath depended on a machine.

Your instinct tells you, you have to be whole!

Pick up the pieces and restore your soul.


And so you looked..Outside the window,



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My day begun in a happy note,

outside was damp, 'twas raining hard.

But Over here inside of me,

the sun is up and sky is clear.


I saw you seated by the stairs, tapped your shoulders,

and smiled at you.

Your eyes just rolled up, you twitched your lips,

I knew it is not doing well Over There with you.


As I…


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                                                            HOW ABUNDANT YOU TRULY ARE!


How many are they?

Can you kindly count all your shirts buttons?

Have you considered the hems in your wardrobe?

Have you looked up the infinite sky?

Have you marveled how it can limit your eye?

Or did you think this is all a futile exercise?

Have you counted each wave that touches the shore?

As they…


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Zen wants you living, living in abundance, living in totality, living intensely - not at the minimum as Christianity wants you, but at the maximum, overflowing.

Your life should reach to others. Your blissfulness, your benediction, your ecstasy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all and sundry - not only to the friends but to the strangers too.

This is real compassion, this is real…


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High..and Grounded

Worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes your love is expressing, all around,

All as One.

Who knows of this but a few, all in the game of peek-a –boo,

that in no time and space,

all is known and One.



I read of Thoth.

His words and stories truly delight.

It makes me marvel and understand more and more about…


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The Good Life Tip

"Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God..And all these things shall be added unto you."

For lasting peace and Happiness in one's earthly existence, the keys are :


1) To be aligned first with who we are and what we are here for.

We remind ourselves that we are The One and the all, having an Earthly experience.  We are in the world but Not of the world. We do not live by fixed rules and earthly laws, but by the Guidance System we have through our emotions. Our…


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Zen Tarot Card

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Begin to Create







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The Winds of Change



What Is Freedom?

It is to enter the door when the soul wants to know.

It seeks liberation through the experience of the  I am.

Why do I breathe? Is it I that  breathes, or something  unknown?

Where does my breath go when one day am gone,

When what’s left of me is just that..a body??


The One Source that breathes to all its…


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Agreements In Heaven

I am amazed and in awe when I ponder on the grand scheme of things;

The order and perfection, interweaving of dreams.

Creations come in waves all throughout with all beauty,

emerging, re-emerging, expressing it’s love.

It moves through you , in me and all,

We play the part that fits us all.

We made agreements, once upon a time,

With utmost love, to help each other shine.

Love was all around me when I desired to grow,

Teachers sprouted all 'round,…


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Remove My Blinders

There is so much pain my Mother feels,

with sons and daughters, all for slaughter.

My animal brothers , trees, and lakes.

we kill them vainly and they cry for help.

The trees are burning down to their roots,

gone are their arms that lifts to the skies.

I hear them cry, with tears falling down their trunks,

but not for them, for they cry for man.

There is a black veil, my heart is heavy.

They grieve for man who is blind to love.

I cannot sleep, I… Continue

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