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My amazing day, or, Because I locked my keys in my car... or, synchronicities.... :D

Sometimes the twists and turns of life lead to the most amazing things! Today I locked my keys in my car! Because of this, I was hanging around my car, wondering what to do, and I ran into an old friend and chatted for about 40 minutes!

I decided to take the bus to my parents' to get the spare key. I got a map at the museum - the bus was leaving in 4 minutes! I ran across the road, and the bus was about to go on by, when it got a red light! I crossed the road and got on…


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"How can you love someone that's not even the same colour as you?"

"How can you love someone that's not even the same colour as you?"

c. Rachel E. MacDonald, July 31, 2010. (names changed for privacy's sake)

I subdued the thought almost as soon as it came into my consciousness. It was as shocking and disturbing to me then as it is today. My cousins were over, and my parents and brother were somewhere else in the house with my oldest cousin and my uncle. I came around the corner, and was witness…


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Brave mouse eats food of shocked leopard


Here is a story of a little mouse who decided that a leopard's food would make a fine dinner and proceeded to eat it, much to the befuddlement of the leopard who tried in vain to push off the little creature.

It's either a story of a mouse with courage and determination, or of a sick mouse with distemper, maybe? Who knows which it is! Anyway, the mouse was hungry and…


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For the Beauty of it All - a poem/reflection/memory

For the Beauty of it All

c. Rachel E MacDonald, June 26, 2010.

It is spring. The teacher opens the gate and we run out into the schoolyard! The others are shouting to each other. The sun is warm on my coat. The ground is soft beneath my feet... squoolsh, squoolsh. Squee, squoolshel.

Beside the slide, there is a new lake. Yesterday, it was frozen. Today there is an ocean with an ice island on it. The island is sparkling at me. I am going closer, to see.…


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Hindi Bhajans (hymns) from my mother and father

My mother is of Indian origin from Trinidad in the West Indies. One of her ancestors who came to Trinidad as an indentured labourer in the 1800s was a Catechist from India (Christian teacher). Contrary to popular belief in the West, there are many many Christians in India. There are more Christians in India than there are people in Canada! The apostle Thomas is said to have gone to India after Jesus' ressurection, and taught and set up churches there. That's why so many Indians have the…


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Feathers in the hand

Feathers in the hand, by Rachel E. MacDonald, c. June 25, 2010.

I picked up a feather today and thought of you. Do you remember the one you found at the meditation workshop at the church downtown? You held it so close to your heart, like it would break, and petted it, as if it were a bird in your hands.

Looking back I can see the pain you were in at the time, just as you told me later. Wounded wild bird, striking out at anything that came too close.



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Communicating with Trees

Dear friends, I've loved and known trees my whole life. They are gentle, delightful and kind, loving beings, friendly and wise. Not to mention strong, caring and good at teaching in ways that show you the truth so you can understand. I could write some of my own experiences, but I won't right now, b/c it's late at night. I may come back and edit this later to add some in.

Now here is a woman, Dianne Robbins, who wrote a book about that, and about what the trees (and cetaceans,…


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To the beloved beautiful little lamb in each of us

Glossary: thee = you; dost =do; thou = you; bid = encouraged; o'er=over, mead = meadow; vales = valleys, meek and mild = humble and gentle. God bless ye! :) love, Rachel


The Lamb, by William Blake

Little lamb, who made thee?

Dost thou know who made thee?

Gave thee life,…


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Songs of Inspiration, Joy, Love, Hope and Faith

(by the Music Machine people)

Joy for me, Joy for you!

Joy is something that we do!

Joy for me, Joy for you!

and others too :)

Everybody seems to want

to have joy everyday

lots of folks don't even know

it was made to give away

Joy for me Joy for you

Joy is something that we do,

That's what joy really is,

let's learn to give.

Give away pure delight

make someone…


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SOS Children's Villages - for orphans and abandoned children

Hi All, I was watching a show on TV about this organization and I felt it was really respectful, loving, and efficiently providing food, education, home and love to a LOT of kids (78 000 children at present!), all over the world and have been doing so since 1949. They also provide services for surrounding communities, including social and medical services, serving 950 000 people a year!

Now there are a lot of kids whose parents and other family members have died from HIV/AIDS,…


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I Shall Not Hate

This morning on the radio they were interviewing an author who is from Palestine, that was both inspiring and upsetting. His two girls were with him too on the air. Three of his daughters and his neice were killed last year, in front of his other daughter, by Israeli shells. He was on national TV there and around the world crying for them. The ire of his neighbours was of course ignited, and they wanted revenge, but he went public on TV and called for forgiveness. He…


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Protecting yourself from / dealing with psychic vampires


Cutting energy cords, shielding, identifying, not blaming, healing.

Some of this is helpful. Some of it seemed a bit over the top, to me, ex. indicating to burn everything that reminds you of the person!!! Often people don't know they are doing it, and might be our friends. All of us are on a journey. We are all Creatures of the Light and…


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Icelandic Volcano Pictures


These are pictures from April 17 of the volcano in Iceland. Wow! Please pray for people, animals and plants affected, and for the volcano itself and for the Earth! Blessings.

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I give thanks........

I see STAR has on her profile, something about being grateful. I will write some grateful things here. Please feel free to join me with your own. Maybe we can make this part of the poem discussion group :-)

~Rachel MacDonald April 22, 2010

I am grateful for the sun and the moon, the stars that shine their light, the campfires, and yes, the streetlights.

I give thanks for the food we eat, the plants and animals, elements and elementals that grace us with their…


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wish... rant... wishing....and reality :)

Unkindness hurts me... I wish everyone could all be healed, and then we wouldn't hurt each other. I went on this site for Indigos, and people were reporting spiritual experiences, and others were insulting them and undermining them. I don't get it. If people are so afraid that they can't handle the possiblitiy of something beyond what they know, I wish they could just go away and let the ones experience it in peace, or be open enough to say they disagree, instead of putting people down as…


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PELICANS - medicine/gifts/power, and videos (migrating, soaring)

There were pelicans in my vision(s) last week, and now there are pelicans in my town!!! I just went for a walk and I saw them. They are back for the summer :D I hope they're here to stay. They are very ancient animals, have been around for thousands of years. They have seen a lot, and have a lot to share.

Here is a video of pelicans at dawn.…


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Dad's book is out! The Thomas Book: Near Death, a Quest, and a New Gospel, by the Twin Brother of Jesus

Dear friends, hey there! Happy Spring :) Sorry for the mass email but I wanted to send the same to all of you!

I'm writing to give you the website of my Dad's newly published book, The Thomas Book. It was published in March, by Eloquent Books. www.thomastwin.com… Continue

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Wind - a Force to be Reckoned With

On the prairies of Saskatchewan, we are fortunate that we don't have typhoons, earthquakes big enough to notice, landslides or volcanoes. However, we do sometimes have tornadoes,and, as for the last few days, powerful winds!

Normally I love the wild winds here, they are interactive, exuberant and let you know that you exist.

However, yesterday, a woman was killed when a house on skids was blown over by the wind and crushed her against a vehicle. Our prayers go…


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Lessons from Wildlife - geese and fish :)

On fish - ok, no lessons, really, just a website: http://www.sharkbreak.com/ - this is a site where you can see all kinds of seascapes and change the backgrounds and make the shark or whale or dolphin or fish move around by moving your mouse :) Cute thing, I have not seen the inside of the website. I'm hoping it's some kind of conservation organization. Looks like it! Let me know if you find out :)

Geese: I was watching them fly…


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