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Positive & Negative of Feelings

Positive & Negative of Feelings

Saturday, August 7, 1999 (5:55 am)

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 16 -- The Positive And Negative Of Feelings

Many religious and New Age writings are teaching that we should only feel the positive emotions of love, happiness, and bliss and that all other feelings are evil and should be extinguished. The basic thought seems to be that if we are "evolved" or "saved" then we will never feel fear, hate, anger, envy,… Continue

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12 Self-Defeating Behaviors

Adapted from The Best Year of Your Life, by Debbie Ford (HarperSanFrancisco, 2005). Debbie Ford will be presenting at the Omega Being Fearless Conference, 3/31-4/2. For more information, go to: www.eomega.org

Any behavior you engage in that is self-sabotaging, that takes you away from what you want, or that distracts you from your goals is behavior that is self-defeating. These behaviors zap your vitality, leaving you exhausted and without… Continue

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Today's Blessings


There is only unity held with this glorious universe. This

unity is our truest source. It emanates peace and restores

balance to all things in all places. The way of the one has

arrived within my consciousness and silently immersed

my will to its disciple.

Today shall be a better day than yesterday, and tomorrow

a brighter image than today could possibly be because I… Continue

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Morning blessings


The visible universe is not at all what it appears to be to our senses. It

is the invisible universe which resources all that we see. Behind the visible

is the Real, the force, the energy, which moves all and carries all through

infinity and eternity. In the stillness before appearance we discover the

essence that is the incarnation of Spirit. It is from this absolute reality that

I commune with the Presence and… Continue

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Empowering Resolutions: Stretching As A Pain Remedy

This month we will be keeping tabs on your New Years Resolutions, in

order to empower you, help you to stay on track and give you some

great tips for keeping your promise to yourself.

Empowering Resolutions: Stretching As A Pain Remedy

Next to breathing and breath work, stretching is the most beneficial

exercises we can do for better health. Done in tandem, breath work

and stretching are the best support for easing aches, pain, tension,

headaches,… Continue

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Haiti: The Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned

Haiti: The Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned

by Isha Judd

With the news of the Haitian disaster comes a profound sense of vulnerability. When faced with catastrophes of this scale, we are left feeling exposed, without answers, the explicit images shown in the media reminding us how transitory everything is in life, how the material security we strive so hard to achieve can disappear in an instant. These harsh shocks remind us that we cannot control even the most significant… Continue

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Current Planetary Changes

Current Planetary Changes

Dear Friends:

Many speak today of the possibility of planetary changes. What I can share with you comes from my present view of the cycle that Earth’s humanity, the planet, the solar system and the galaxy are passing through, as well as from the perspective of the Inner Spiritual Group to whom I belong.

Let me start with two ideas that I would like you to read several times and to share with all those who want to listen to… Continue

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Are You Involved In The Blame Game?

Are You Involved In The Blame Game?

When you resort to using an excuse, the ultimate payoff is that you remove responsibility for your own shortcomings and place responsibility for them on the shoulders of someone else. I've written about this blame game throughout the book, Excuses BeGone!

Once again, this is the work of the ego, that false self that doesn't believe in your infinite Divine nature but does keep track of how well you stack up against the people and… Continue

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2010: The Year of Truth in Action

2010: The Year of Truth in Action

Happy New Year my dear friends and readers!!!

Did you make any resolutions?

I did... for the first time ever...

My resolution was to never, ever think about or remember 2009, ever, ever again. Ever.

And tho most of us made it out alive...I am still not completely convinced that this was the right choice.

Eight days in, and yes it still feels a lot like 2009...blagghhhh...but despite my… Continue

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Morning blessings

What is the basis of assent to anything? It's appearing to be true.

It is not possible, therefore, to assent to what appears to be not true. Why?

Because it is the very nature of the understanding to agree to truth,

to be dissatisfied with falsehood, and to suspend its belief in doubtful cases.

What is the proof of this?

Persuade yourself, if you can, that it is now night. Impossible.

Dissuade yourself from the belief that it is… Continue

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Why Random Acts of Kindness are So Important

Why Random Acts of Kindness are So Important

We first heard the saying practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty, many years ago when we were at Findhorn, the well-known spiritual community in Scotland. It always struck us as being the most obvious thing to do, that practicing kindness and beauty should be a natural expression of who we are.

Although wonderful in its intention,… Continue

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Starting Anew and Recharging the Battery

Starting Anew and Recharging the Battery

Ten Tips To A Fresh Start

1. Mental Cleanse - The Power of Positive Thinking! Negativity is the root that undermines our happiness. The negative ideas we think can manifest in the words we speak. The minute the words leave your lips, is the minute they manifest. Change your thoughts to positive, uplifting ones. Think hope not hopelessness. Think goodness, not evil. Think joy not despair. Energy follows thought.… Continue

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There is a beautiful stream of Light that comes down from the heavens at this

wondrous time and permeates all life. The pulsation of this Divine energy is

my lifeline to the Creator; without it I could not exist. It is a God-given nature

that is present everywhere from the cosmos to the subatomic particle of the

tiniest molecular design and it is ramping up It's realization within Earthly life.

Halleluiah,… Continue

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Service Is Its Own Reward

Service Is Its Own Reward

A true World Server strives to have a mind that is balanced at all times. This requires keen enthusiasm for disinterested, selfless service: Be kind to all. Love all. Serve all. Be generous and tolerant towards all. This is the way to purify both heart and mind, and to help forge the path to world enlightenment.

By performing acts of service, the heart is purified. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, the idea of superiority, and all similar… Continue

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If All Else Fails, Read the Instructions

If All Else Fails, Read the Instructions

By Elsa-Brita Titchenell

Looking at our accomplishments in terms of human values, we find our civilization sadly lacking in the virtues we still approve of, pay lip service to, and wish for. Justifiably proud of modern technology, we often shun the inconvenience of striving for the betterment of character which would make us more congenial in the true sense of the word -- more agreeable toward friends, neighbors, and fellows.… Continue

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