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"Love Grid"

"There is a grid around the Earth of Love.

It is a place where we can all connect to surround the Earth with the energy of Love.

Recently, many of us who are Healers have been feeling attacked, drained and exhausted. We have had to cancel appointments as a result, and take unanticipated time off. Today, when I was connecting to the Love Grid, I saw that it is being attacked.

An attempt is being made to tear this grid down, to disconnect us from it and destroy our…


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Stone Tape Theory

Stone Tape Theory

This theory is based on the possibility that buildings, the rocks or the earth are able to absorb energy from living beings who inhabit them. Later, under certain conditions, that energy or signal can be replayed, rather like a video tape. Most typical hauntings have a very emotion…


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What Is Zen

Written by Mel Ash | …

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Always Tell Your Truth

Written by Ric Giardina | Print  | …

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Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All Connected

Written by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. | Print  | …

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The 2012 Gateway Trajectory

The 2012 Gateway Trajectory 

by Owen K Waters

2013 is almost here and it will bring a bright new dawn for everything related to the New Reality. Instead of being beset by multiple expiring cosmic cycles, we will become immersed in a new era where it becomes very easy to create positive new projects. 

I learned from my primary guide – a…


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Dogs Know Heart: Recognizing Authentic Love

Written by Alan Cohen | Print  | …

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Afraid of the Unknown

Written by Stuart Wilde | Print  | …

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Good Samaritans help baby fighting for life

The couple is incredible and the woman is CG Walter's sister, one of our members. It proves the power of random acts of kindness and the impact in other's lives. Namaste CG, we are very proud of your sister and her husband. If anyone wants to contribute,please see how below  at the article.



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ATTENTION PLEASE ....Community soul service agreement -




Yesterday I was contacted by Higher Management and, since I reach so many of you via the internet, was asked to assist with some paperwork that apparently got misfiled or lost in…


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Feather Magic

Feather Magic

by Robert M. "Bob" Anderson, Ph.D.

I found myself in the world of the late eighties with a complete loss of identity and direction. My first marriage had ended. I was living in a small town in rural Louisiana, trying to gather my energies to begin again. My professional life was in upheaval; my personal life was a…


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Change & Esoteric Astrology

Written by Bonnie Wells | Print  | …

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The Nature of Archangels

The Nature of Archangels 

by Owen K Waters

The Creator often sends additional help to us, the students of Classroom Earth, in our evolution towards spiritual growth. The most well-known example is Jesus, who was sent here to liberate humanity’s heart from the suppressive, archaic order which existed at the time. By following the principles laid…


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A call for Volunteers-Omtimes Magazine Spanish

 Hello dear members and workers of the light,

As many of you know, we are the force behind Omtimes magazine and we proudly announce that we are a number one magazine in the world tolead the "main stream" title of conscious magazine. Omtimes now functions with a small  internet radio operations in partnership with CBS radio. We have 11 radio programs going from Monday to Friday every week.

Recently we also expanded our reach changing the time of…


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The 2012 Agreement: Bringing Forth A New World

The 2012 Agreement: Bringing Forth A New World

From the level of our soul, we all made agreements to be here at this time. Our job is to usher in a new way of life, an entirely new reality. Like midwives, we are here to help in giving birth to a golden age of manifestation upon the Earth.

At the same time, the current world acceleration is requiring us to adapt to challenges and situations we never expected to have to deal with. Many of us got caught up in the ways of the old paradigm. However,…


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Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

Written by Susana Madden | Print  | …

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Life is a Series of Steps

Written by bobby Jennings | 

bobby jennings Ever heard the saying "3 steps forward and two steps back"? Of course you have! Well there's more to it than that.

Elliott Wave Theory was developed by Ralph N. Elliott in the 1930's to describe and predict the movement of the…


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Shower Them With Love

Shower Them With Love

By Eric Klein

Last week we talked about how big problems begin small. How floods of emotions start with a drop of unrest.

This week, let’s turn it around: every blessing, every breakthrough starts small.

There are seeds of goodness, healing, and…


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Good Sources of Vitamin D:

Good Sources of Vitamin D:

Naturally there are certain foods enriched with Vitamin D that could be

considered as best sources of Vitamin D

for Vegetarians to compensate the deficiency of Vitamin D in the

regular diet. In general, Vitamin D deficiency might cause asthma, slow

down of…


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Technique for resolving the causes of emotional intensity

  By  Linda White Dove 

Beyond Emotional Intensity Into Ease and Flow


With so many people I know going through a lot of strong emotional clearing, I have decided to share with you a technique I often use when I feel triggered by people…

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