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An afternoon healing painted in a thought flow of words.

On the wings of an angel she hears my cries.

Each feather carrying thoughts, prayers, blessings, wishes and healings.

Surrounded in light that comes from up high, I send out my heart and all its rays.

Only asking for what is needed and expecting nothing as release is made.

Sweet Angel by my side as I call you into action.

I ask of you please be with those who I send you too.

Always I thank you as you take flight with thy holy blessings…


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Spiritual Truth affirmation 03-11-09 (3:33pm)

::Channeled Writing:: Unknown spirit author

I close my eyes and see the energy starting to take shape.

Colors mold and blend into one another, delving in and out bursting brightly and continuously.

Breath fuels these wondrous colors for the energies of life start with a single breath.

Keeping stillness, calmness settles in my heart; bringing forth a voice in positive vibes and loving patterns… Continue

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Channeled Meditation and Message... from the "Astral Angels" 1:40pm

Channeled Meditation and Message... "Astral Angels"

Feel the love around you, breath deep and let go of all thoughts.

Envision the pink rays around you. Allow yourself to drift in and out of the colors that take shape.

Be still, be calm, be One.

Feel the light enter your soul, embrace it.

Cast out all that is not truth.

Be the love for you are the universe.

Stretch your senses outwards, begin to ascend into deep…

Added by Wateratheart (Krissy) on January 28, 2009 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Channeled message from the Angel of the Lord//9:44am

:: Angel of the Lord::

Speak to me kind words filled with the intent to listen to what I have to say.

Stay awhile and feel what light is when I am near, feed your soul with the love that is so vibrant and divinely guided. For your breath is your life force on this earth and your smile is the key to showing others just how we are all to be. Embrace the love and spread it through your teachings, you shall be blessed with gifts of wisdom, light, and joy if you manifest… Continue

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An Astral Message. (Channelled at 11:11am)

Skillful slumber seeks only to return to the homeland realms.

If you place yourself in sacred space you will soon see reconnections with those who are always around you, living in your world or distant time through out the internal oneness.

Cast upon yourself the love and light, for we will take you to the transcending energy waves requested upon from your subliminal self.

Messages, visions and missions are always…

Added by Wateratheart (Krissy) on September 16, 2008 at 2:12pm — 3 Comments

Daily Blessing of Light. (Channelled message.)

Today’s grace is bestowed upon the love that we as one feel.

To seek guidance is to welcome the light paths of love and peace.

Gather now my children, for it is about to be a glorious ride to righteousness.

In the name of the creator your earthly environmental change is occurring and your healing energies are needed to continue this phenomenon.

Each of you have the gift and many of you are feeling the immense cosmic pulls that are shaping and evolving the…

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A Daily Blessing

Love others as you would love yourself.

Today is a day filled with blessings for all to share.

Smile a little wider, speak a little softer, or hold a door for someone.

Embrace love and let it fill your heart with peace and light.

For today is a day to celebrate the joys life brings us each and every moment.

The Angels are working in harmony to allow change in this chaotic…

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Prayer is key to healing all that is needed.

::A Message from Krishna::

Open your heart and reach deep inside, there you will find me. You have all the answers you seek, it's just a matter of focusing your love and seeing through the light that is and always will be.

Listen to your heart dear child for it only speaks truth. Accept the answers shown to you for we will only guide you in love. Fill yourself with the…


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::Healings from the Angel of the Lord:: A channeled message.

If you speak love, you bring in love.

If you welcome love you become love.

Light the way by spreading the love, for each of us is a gift formed from love and it’s light.

Peace be with you child, in all that you do.

For when you accomplish things in the name of peace, you are carrying peace along your side.

Be patience with others, for there are some who are still blind.

If you allow them…

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Inspiration message. (Unknown author)

Love carries us all, Feel the energy and let this small token of peace fill your heart.

He is sent with a smile of electric blue waves blessed with rainbow hues and sealed with vibrant emerald and amethyst kisses from Angels that carry us home.

Speak softly today for it is a day filled with love and kindness.

For all of us are beloved Angels sent from our creator to help out our…


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The realm between awakened awareness and dream subconscious. (Growth, answers and guidance are all found from within.)

A light of purity will illuminate the way providing you with strength, clarity and vision; connecting through your mind's eye.

Energies will flow and release, only feed from what you feel, you must let go of what is asking or telling you to do so. Any negative energy must also be wiped clean as it appears, these energies are few and far between, yet you must release them in order to keep clarity…


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Love me and let us all be. (A message from Lord Michael)

Spread the word of love dear child, today is yet another day to be grateful for.

For you shall soon see that what you send out into the realms comes back to you in gifts so sweet.

At no cost there is retreat from any feats met and made in the light of holy love, for all you must do is close your eyes and breath in our lords love.

Light-beings aware, it is time to share your gifts and words to all who are ready. I

f you… Continue

Added by Wateratheart (Krissy) on September 10, 2008 at 4:43pm — 1 Comment

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