Hello Dearhearts,
I had hoped to be in Trout Lake,Washington, right at this moment in time, enjoying the Eden which James Gilliland has created at The Sattva Sanctuary, affectionately known as "The Ranch". I attended the 2007 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference, so I know, what, I am not there to experience. I just listened to James and a Round Table of Speakers, broadcasting from the Conference, on "As You Wish" talk radio, and could feel the Peace and Open Hearted Comraderie, that I recall from last year.
Miceal Ledwith, William Henry, Brooks Agnew, Hope and Randy Mead were among the participants, along with the director of the documentary film about James, "Contact Has Begun", Michael Knight.
They spoke about a "Lightship" powering up, on request, over the "Field of Dreams", which is a large Ecinacea field, where folks gather and interact with Orbs, Lightships, Light Beings and each other, ESPECIALLY, each other.
This was the lesson I came away with last year, it's all about how we Love ourselves, unconditionally,and in turn, Love ALL other living beings, unconditionally.
Coming to the realization that we are most certainly not alone, within the scope of the Earth environs, let alone the Universe, and just how Ego corrupt, that
mindset is, certainly changed my perspective, but that only allowed the lesson to come to fruition. The experience there, is somewhat like a Giant Mirror, negative energy really despises seeing itself, so avoids the place and conversely, positive energy is drawn and reflected into the entire atmosphere. So, open hearted, unconditional loving energy is rewarded with open hearted, unconditional loving energy.
This is not exclusively in this one place, either. Each of our realities is shaped by the intentions that surround us. The exceptional thing about this location is, the intentions are positive. Most places are effected by the majority of intentions, which, unfortunately, are all too often, of fear and defense and other negative mindsets. As far as defense, being prepared, does not mean being paranoid and/or aggressive. We can have open hearts, and still be prepared to defend those same open hearts from the closed minded, padlock hearted, fear mongerers.
It is not the "Power of the Mind" that is awesome in it's ability.
It is the "Power of the Heart" that is infinite.

"The words that I remember, from my childhood still are true, that, there are none so blind as those who will not see, and for those who lack the courage, say it's dangerous to try, well, they just don't know that Love Eternal, will not be denied." Moody Blues-I know your out there somewhere

Infinity, makes possibilities truly endless, so let's all focus our intents on the positive

Sending Intentions of Love and Harmony and Peace
May they be reflected in your Heart

Mark Seebach 7/5/08 10:00pm mst

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