~~~~~BLESSING A ROOM/HOUSE~~~~~BY Steven Fultz/Sallen


~BY Steven Fultz/Sallen
Walk through the house or room to be (you can also use table salt in a pinch, lol) for the corners of the room and some sort of holy/prayed over water/oil to draw crosses and onces in the mirrors and over doorways and windows also place salt in window seats and over thresholds...Another prayer or chant to use is one I have found that works well with lighting a candle (tea lites work great for house blessing) a small candle will continue the prayer prayed over it when it was lite for as long as the candle is burning....smile.....Below is the prayer I have used for over 20 years and it has always worked wonders:

Say as you light the candle the first part then as you are wanting to Bless the Room... "With Love and Light I lite thee"

Then say as walking around....also here is where you want to burn the Sage, you can use the common household spice in an ashtray, this too is all about intent and being a CHILD OF THE LIGHT while you are doing this...

" Let love and Light be present from the time of burning, on till the light is once more called to be present with me/us in this room and may it collect and reflect Peace, Tranquility, love and Harmony In the Lights Name...May the light of all those enlightened Be Present should any of not light ever come or Be here, IN the Name of all those of the light(or you can use God) let Peace, Tranquility, and Love and Harmony collect here, Let it collect Here...Thrice called and thrice welcomed it is... So Be it, and So it is... Amen".....author~Steven Fultz

Blessing a room is about changing the atmosphere of the room, you want to include anything in the blessing that will improve your chances of success and make the room clean and fresh, you can use fresh herbs to complement your burning herbs and the scent will linger in the room and help to make it a place where people feel comfortable and welcomed....Often when a room or house requires a blessing people have felt like they were not welcomed in the space...this can be because of as an innocent thing as the last owner/occupied not wanting to be bothered and jealous of his/her privacy... and the energy of that desire may still linger,....especially if that person lived in the room/house for a long time...keep in mind that residual energy is energy that is given off from those living and it collects in rooms and houses, especially if the room/house sits over a energy ley line in the earth..such ley lines crisscross the earths surface and these lines help to emanate your emotional signature onto the places where you repeat a visit or spend time in or around and everywhere is effected by the relative closeness to ley lines and there location upon the earth....so no one any where is exempt (lol) from having to deal with earth energy while they are living....learning to cleanse and restore this energy and refresh a locations energy is one that should be taught to the young as it is something that they will always have to do and deal with through their lifetime....

One should always keep candles, sage, and holy water/oil, sea salt on hand to refresh and bless a room, it is as important to do this as the color of paint you chose to put on the walls....yes it is that important because it effects your mood and ultimately your happiness in life....Most people would move Heaven and Earth in order to be with the ones they love so why not make the place you will be spending time with the loved ones, be " of Peace, and Love and Tranquility"??? Blessing a room doesn't require a priest but one is sought because he/she is a servant of THE LIGHT, if you will, All of us should seek and be SERVANTS OF THE LIGHT ...especially in this day and age, to be a servant or CHILD OF THE LIGHT, is something that will make your life itself be blessed...smile...But that is another post, in this one just know that blessing a room can be done with ease if you just use your head and ask your self the simple questions like "what would send me packing is I was haunting this room/house??", put yourself in the energy place and ask yourself the questions

what would it take? what do I use? and last .. how much energy should I put into doing this??

With some brains and some Love and Light energy you will be successful and have a good time doing it also...I wish you luck....

Sending you Blessings.....

Love and Light, Sallen

copyright 2008 (May be distributed with credits attached) Steven Fultz/Sallen/Angeleyed.... to contact~Angeleyed@live.com

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