A Ramble on Blessings

I would like to share with you something that happened to me that reminded me of the importance of sharing Blessings as part of our daily lives.

A while back, I was traveling out in the upper Midwest and the timing was perfect to schedule the Humanity Healing Foundation’s first official meeting of the Board of Directors since our legal incorporation and allow some of us to meet face to face. I found myself in a quintessential small-town in America’s heartland with the glory of the Fall colors making the landscape even more beautiful. I still had time before the day’s meeting, so I decided to enjoy the brisk, sunny morning and take a walk to explore the center of the town. I was not the only one so inclined and I saw a couple up ahead of me enjoying window shopping in the myriad stores along Main Street. As I looked on, a person stepped out from an alcove and approached them. They shied away, increasing their pace to put distance between them and the interloper.

She was a small woman and looked to be in her 60’s, although it was hard to tell because it was obvious that life had been hard on her. Her clothes were a hodgepodge of different garments and I assumed that she was homeless and asking for money. I fished around in my pocket for some cash, thinking I would get her something to eat.

But she took me by surprise, though, because when I reached her, she did not ask for money or help. She asked if she could say a prayer for me.

She took my hand and prayed for my health and my happiness. She asked the Angels to watch over me as I traveled and keep me safe from harm. She Blessed me with her Love and Compassion.

When she was finished, she released my hand and turned to go. I thanked her and asked if I could give her my Blessing in return. It was obvious by her surprise and small-voiced “Please” that no one had ever offered to share back the gift she freely gave to others. I placed my hands on her shoulders and opened my heart to her.

A Blessing is sincere, heart-felt Call for another’s well-being. It is a Prayer born of Compassion and Love. It is an Intention traveling from the connection that joins us and is sent out into the Universe. We give of ourselves and send our energy out for another’s greatest good.

When I was done, there were tears in both our eyes. I kissed her forehead and we hugged. Together we had shared something very special and very profound: two strangers, rediscovering and acknowledging the bond of our shared humanity, celebrating the joy that comes from sharing Love freely between two Souls.

I will never forget that moment.

The purpose of this Ramble is to share with you something I was reminded of as I walked away from that dear lady: sometimes the smallest act of kindness we offer can mean the world to another. Each individual holds the power to change the world. It just takes giving of yourself. Be free with your Blessings. They are more powerful than your realize.

I would like to re-share with you a video Liane (aka RaK) and I made a year ago. It is called The Gentle Art of Blessings and I offer it to you from my heart and with my Blessing.

Much Metta,


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Comment by Mark Seebach on August 28, 2008 at 8:36pm
Ahhhhh, ya big lug, ya touched my heart and kindled my spirit.
Thanks so much for sharing this small step in your journey.
Although, for many, it would be a giant leap, it is a demonstration
of what Humanity is becoming, one small step at a time.

with Gratitude and Love

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