How the Conscious Universe Works

by Owen Waters

"The universe only exists when you are observing it," or so
the popular theory goes.

This theory is an offspring of quantum physics. It says that,
because the observer affects the outcome of experiments, the
observer is key to reality. The theory goes on to suggest that
the universe only exists when you look at it; therefore you
must be creating the universe from your consciousness.

This is actually not a new idea. The old Zen riddle, "If a
tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it
make a sound?" reflects the same style of thinking. It suggests
that nothing happens in the universe without an observer being

There is some validity to this theory in that, at the deepest
level of consciousness, you are Infinite Being. At that deepest
level, you are that which creates the entire universe, and
maintains it in motion. However, at the everyday, human level
of consciousness, the universe exists and runs quite happily
without human intervention, whether or not anyone is watching
it. The tree makes a noise when it falls, whether or not any
human observers are present at the time.

Take, for example, the Pleiades, the star cluster which is
also called the Seven Sisters. Often, on a clear night, you can
see the Seven Sisters twinkling in the sky, even though they
are five hundred light-years distant. Because of that distance,
you are actually observing where the Seven Sisters were five
hundred years ago; it took that long for the light image to
reach your eyes. Basically, you are observing history in the
night sky, not the actual, current position of the stars.

If you were creating the universe by virtue of being its
observer, as the theory goes, then you would actually witness
the Seven Sisters in their current position, and not in the
position that they were five hundred years ago.

Nevertheless, the idea that we live in a conscious universe
has been gaining ground steadily for a number of years. What
does the term, "a conscious universe," actually mean?

The universe consists entirely of consciousness. The fabric of
the universe is consciousness. The objects in the universe are
all made of consciousness. Everything in the universe is
fabricated from aspects of original consciousness, interwoven
and set into motion.

The chair on which you sit is apparently made of physical
material. It appears to be a solid object that exists somewhere
outside of yourself. However, physical matter is composed of
subatomic energy particles, and energy is composed of
compressed consciousness. So, the chair is made up of 100%
consciousness. It only appears to be a separate object outside
of you because it is a projection of consciousness within

Physical objects have their own specific locations in space.
Space, however, is just a projected illusion, a concept
manufactured by consciousness so that the All may be divided
into an infinite variety of apparently separate parts.

Time is also a projection of consciousness. Time is a concept
whereby the infinite parts of the All can engage in the
appearance of movement. The underlying reality is still the
eternal Now, yet time makes change, and therefore an infinite
variety of experiences, to be possible.

An everyday example of projected reality is a movie projected
onto a screen. You know that the movie is just the projection
of a recorded, dramatic scene, but it's easy to forget that as
you become involved in the unfolding drama. The movie appears
like a real-life drama for as long as it absorbs your

Time and space were fabricated within the consciousness of the
universe in order to set the stage for life as we know it.
Because the universe is made of 100% consciousness, all things
are within it, and therefore subjective. Nothing is really "out
there," even though life appears to be an objective experience.
All physical reality is a projection within your consciousness,
not something outside of, or separate from, yourself.

Each and every object in the universe - a table, a chair, a
car, a house, anything - is not only composed of 100%
consciousness, it actually IS conscious!

Next week: Learn how Object-Oriented Reality is the key to
understanding the conscious universe.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"

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