2012 super moons , sunspot activity and power numbers.

There are so many prophesies relating to this year, in particular the end of the year and the winter solstice, so I’m not going to talk about those. Neither am I going to talk about the power numbers that crop up throughout the year (although I will comment as and when they appear so watch this space).

I am going to talk about energy and the shift of energy which is happening right now. Many of the prophesies speak of a return to the feminine, a more caring, nurturing approach to life and this is definitely needed. We have raped and plundered our planet until we are close to killing her off altogether so change is vital if we are to survive. Not only survive but thrive (if you haven’t seen it already you should watch the you tube movie by that name). Everything is made up of tiny particles of energy. This is being proven by quantum physics, as is the fact that as energy beings we are all inter linked. Native peoples have been telling us this forever and yet still we “fail to see”.

Despite this there is a growing surge of spiritual knowing that is building up in ever increasing groups around the planet. So many of us are awakening and beginning to change the way we look at things. More and more we are beginning to move away from consumerism and returning to a more holistic lifestyle. More and more we are turning to alternative and complimentary health care where we are actively encouraged to accept responsibility for our own well being.

Responsibility now there’s a word with many interpretations. Many of us shy away from it preferring to let someone else make the decisions and the choices simply because it is easier that way. I believe that to grow and to move forward we need to accept responsibility for our self and for our actions and for our reactions. When we do that, when we truly stop and take stock of who we are we are able to move forward in a much more positive way.

Personally my feeling on this shift in energy that is taking place is that it is about balance. We all carry masculine and feminine energies and we need to embrace this and bring those two energies into balance. This for me is what this year is all about. In order to work with the higher vibrational energy which is coming in we need to be able to stand firm within our own being. We need to be in balance in order to stand firm. The solar flares we are experiencing now are the biggest we have seen and they affect the electromagnetic field of the planet which in turn affects our individual energy field. This is why so many of us are feeling off balance, tired, confused and maybe a little lost. I know one person who said she felt as though she was falling off the planet! This is why it is so important to stay centred and to be aware of balance within the self.

If we can stay balanced and work at keeping in balance then we will be much more in tune with the shifts and changes as they occur. Spending time at natural energy spots is another way to stay in balance or to recharge our energy when we are low. There are many of these spots around the planet and several here in Britain. Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, castlerigg, Callenish to name a few. Standing in our truth is another way to do this. When we stand in our truth we are able to see our part in the whole and to realise our true potential. When we do this our light shines from deep within we glow and become beacons of light to help lift others. Unfortunately when we do this there will inevitably be some who will try to undermine our confidence or put us down so we have less faith in our abilities. It is really important that we do not allow this to happen. Know yourself, know your capability and have faith in your instincts and in your work and your worth. Stand firm and ride the wave of change ever onward towards a bright new way of being. Look forward to these changes with the excitement and enthusiasm of a child. Welcome the energy that is coming in, embrace it. Love yourself and each other and most of all Let Your Light Shine. You are a beautiful being of light.

Never forget that.

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