A Lightworker's Path

The LightWorks Passages by N M Cole

To speak is to be unheard. To know and understand that you are seen and yet invisible is a wisdom well carried in this world. How many of us feel alone, lack faith in others and human nature itself? For to walk the path of the light is no easy task and not a smooth journey.
How often do you want to take shelter or even run and hide? How often does the light pull you up again and somehow gives you nourishment to carry on? How many times do we continue on that path only to find our feet are bare and the stones are sharp and every time the pain creeps into the very soles of your feet, somebody, somewhere laughs?
Still the light pulls you. Still you carry on. Treading like a dove amongst scorpions. Watching with one eye, the road and the other on your heart. A hand clasped firmly on your sword of truth.
Yet still we persevere.
Yet there are times when we just want to run and hide, or need a hug or something. But we dip ourselves once again in the discipleship plan and carry on.
For any warrior of the light needs to know the shadow and in its pain, be strengthened by it. So we are fortified and re-fueled with more light than ever before.

For knowing the shadow helps us cast our light. And casting out your light is your pull towards source and your compassion for hummanity.

Namaste All

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Comment by Natasha on October 12, 2011 at 6:00pm

Aia, I can't imagine you are ever really alone... with all that heart!  I can honestly say there was a moment in my life where I felt so alone I actually held my own hand.  I sat on a coach staring out the window holding my own hand and I squeezed it really hard.  In my head I whispered to myself..."You are not alone, I am with you!" and guess what?  I was right! 

Thank you for your lovely comment.  And also for being you!

Love and light,

Natasha X

Comment by Aia on October 6, 2011 at 1:48pm

Dear, Natasha, through all my life, I have been so lonely. I have tried several times to mingle with people by going to parties but I have come to realize that I feel even more lonely than before. I have realize another truth - being lobely is a benediction cos thus you are able to express yourself. And it is only in hardship that you can start thinking of God and the important matters in life. Once you succeed in expressing your soul you cease to be lonely cos you receive that divine satisfaction. I don't know if I am a worrior of light but I know I have chosen the path of good and I just go ahead.

 Thank you for being you, Natasha !xxx

Comment by Manju on October 4, 2011 at 11:11pm

 True and beautiful! "If there is a shadow, there is Light". Thanks my friend!



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