A Message from Dot. (Dot! A Faery Tale by N M Cole) All Rights Reserved

"Under the surface, are the pre-biotic circumstances for the free dwelling of the soul. In events such as imagining to portray a personality it is circumstantial to the effects woven in the previous existence. Therefore one cannot add any more pre-meditated ideas onto this and must only collect new attributes along the way. In comparison with the old this is a most cleansing endeavour. Old is a term loosely translated from Errigion into English and is somehow lost in translation." Dot by N M Cole


Living is easy when you are free to be happy. Living is harder when you are not. That is what they told us. That is all we knew. Those were the basic principles we had been taught like some heavy indoctrination that had been embedded within us for all time.

That was until the day of the eruption. For that day was one that nobody shall forget. For when the eruption came we were all fearful for our lives, the future and our survival. And it was upon that day that we met with our own reckoning. We learnt so much about ourselves, from ourselves and what we realised was that everything is ok. There is no cause for alarm for we must seek and find the answers within us.

There is no point in making a shelter here… one thing we learnt that day is that the only shelter you can make for yourself to protect you on the day of reckoning is the shelter made inside of your own heart. By creating a space inside our hearts where we can retreat and hide out is the only safe shelter for any being for we will not find it if we seek to make it out of bricks. We will not be protected by the solid shelters we make -although ‘solid’ - are far too easily destroyed. The planet is more powerful than you are. It will shake you off like unwanted bugs. So behave yourself.

Don’t listen to the hollow, humdrum, insipid words that you hear, believing and repeating them like a well rehearsed play and allowing your senses to become dull… dictated to by those that seek to control you. Search your heart! There is power within. A spark that dwells within… within you. It lives, it grows, it expands, it recreates and it moves… it is ALIVE. It searches for all of us and when we make the decision to listen to it, it rejoices and sings to the heavens… another one returns! Another one returns!

Go seek out all that is in your heart and be a lighthouse for others. Thank you for reading this story… or Faery Tale as it seems to be. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you are going to be in it or you are part of an audience that has watched it. Maybe you are the director or the sound technician or the lighting engineer? Whoever you are and where ever you may be… enjoy your life as much as you can and offer a thought to those who are not lucky enough to have homes, families or basic human rights.

A dark sea with treacherous rocks is a dangerous place without a light house. The heroes in this play lit their torches when the monsters came. Don’t be afraid, light yours. Maybe the day of the raging bull will never come for you. What may unfold instead is a mystery…but one we would all like to get inside of.

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Comment by Manju on February 27, 2012 at 9:29pm

Gratitude and Love to you Natasha for sharing this! Namaste!

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