Subject: A Thanksgiving story

Raccoon Mama Frantic At Window: Couple Saves Her Boarded-Up Babies

By Melanie Blow of New York

 They say that when opportunity knocks, you'd best be around to answer the door. We usually think of opportunity in financial and material terms, but sometimes being able to experience an intense bond with a wild animal is a true opportunity.

My senior year of college, my boyfriend and I moved into a little rental house on a horse farm. It was a single-story house, but it became clear our first night there that we had an upstairs neighbor — a large raccoon could be heard walking and digging in our crawlspace, and at times the ceiling would actually bow from her weight. That was a little upsetting, but with a landlord eagerly offering to kill raccoons for us, what choice did we really have? He saw them as a threat to his horses.

A Noise At the Door

One afternoon early in the summer, I was cooking dinner when I heard a noise at the door. I looked out, and there on its hind legs was the raccoon, knocking, or rather scratching, on the door. I stared at her for a minute, and then called my boyfriend over. The raccoon looked at me, then got down, and went to the window, scratched at that, and then circled around the house, scratching at every door and window.

We thought the raccoon may have had a litter of babies in the crawl space, because there had been more movement and noise up there since spring. So our first instinct was that she was somehow unable to get to her litter. Walking outside with a mother animal who is frantic to get to its cubs is a very risky thing, but we decided it was the best option for everyone. My boyfriend thought he knew where the raccoon got into the crawlspace from outside, so he went into the carport with a hammer, and I stood beside the raccoon with a fireplace poker.

The raccoon stood about 15 feet behind and to the side of me, never taking her eyes off my boyfriend. It turns out that the landlord had nailed a piece of plywood over a hole in the carport that allowed the raccoon access to the crawl space. My boyfriend removed the plywood, and then slowly walked back inside, with me behind him.

Farewell Dear Friends…

The next morning I was doing dishes and saw three fat, healthy baby raccoons lined up right in front of the kitchen window. After that day, the crawl space was empty. Momma Raccoon realized the den was no longer safe. But she also must have realized that there are people in this world who can help her and her family when she needed it. I have never had an experience with a wild animal like that, where they so plainly express a need, and risk so much by trusting that someone will understand and help them. But it worked out for everyone.



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Comment by Aia on November 29, 2011 at 4:19am

''Dr Bach's 'rescue' combination is a crisis remedy - something to keep ready to hand when things have gone wrong. So if you have just been flooded out you might reach for the crisis combination bottle while you look through your contents insurance.
Later, if it appeared that shock was the main emotion, you might switch to Star of Bethlehem alone. You could take both right away - it wouldn't do any harm - but the crisis formula alone would be sufficient for the initial crisis.
An occasion where you might take both, perhaps mixed in a treatment bottle, is if you were suffering from regular 'emergencies' in the form of panic attacks - but could trace them back to a trauma in the past. There would then be clear indications for both remedies...''

'Rescue' combination and Star of Bethlehem are perfect for me

 Thank you, dear, friend !xxx



Comment by RaK on November 27, 2011 at 12:44pm

I would recommend you to initially use Rescue medicine, which is composed of 6 floral together, it will clear up the angst  and it will give you more peace, while it will open your clarity of spirit.You will need it, specially because you a a voice for the voiceless. You need clarity and objectivity to speak straight from the heart!

 After that I would  suggest some others, but you  should see if you can find other types of florals there, besides the ones from Dr Bach. I will be  more than glad to work with you on those and we can work together to find the right ones fro you. Dr Bach strongly advise self medication, because they are remedies for the soul, with no side effect for the body.

Comment by Aia on November 27, 2011 at 12:37pm


RaK, dear RaK, thank you so much for your reply. You really gave me an answer which touched my soul! How do you find the time for everyone of us?! You helped me very much , I thought I was not quite all right with my nerves but I was seeing that even nervous people are not like me...they would attend an abattoir without batting an eyelid and have no problem to stand and watch this horror. I have become a vegan because of that reason. Not that it is healthy but because I love ... God how much I love  animals. They are so real and innocent. 

  Do you happen to know which of Bach's flower is for this particular condition? xxx

Comment by RaK on November 26, 2011 at 12:22pm

Hello Aia,

I guess your condition goes a little further than what people call empaths, this is the  real feeling when you are in the path of Oneness. It is not like rainbows or unicorns like  most lightworkers  like to paint the situation, it is rather painful, because you  voluntarily or not drop the  illusory veils of separation and allow yourself to feel  the pulse of life. That include people and all forms of life. That is the personification of the goddess Kuan Yin, the one with a thousand arms and ten thousand eyes to see and reach for the suffering of all creatures of this world. You know the soul is the same , the only difference is the manifestation of the body.  There is not a way to avoid this AIA, it is a spiritual condition that is necessary, this is the real learning and practice of compassion. There are ways to mitigate, if you wish, there is a floral of DR Bach, I would recommend,the rescue medicine, it will make  and facilitate the opening without so much pain, but keep in mind that the opening of any chackra to full potential is painful my friend.It may not be only physical pain, but emotional too, specially the heart chakra. You may also have short of breath, palpitations and physical sensation of pain right in the middle of the rib cage. Meditation and prayers help, or affirmation with intention, intend to all beings on earth to find release from suffering and to achieve everlasting bliss.Whatever what you may find to do this will help you go through this expansion of the heart.I will not promise that will be better , but you will be able to bear the phases of this beautiful soul unfolding.

Comment by Aia on November 26, 2011 at 3:48am


Hi, RaK, 

I'd like to ask you something. I saw a little pigeon, one day, apparently fallen from the roof through the drain pipe into the basement. It stood by the window and looked at me sadly. Upon seeing it I started to choke. I dashed out to the neighbours and found а key to save the little creature. But I had lost much energy. I sat on a bench and thought '' My Goodness, there is something which is isnt quite right with me'' . I mean  other people do not react that way. I cannot stand torture of another creature. I am going crazy. Its not that I do not help them but at such moments I am going out of balance and control. I thought you might know something on this condition. Any thoughtfulness on your part would be of great help to me. Thank you in advance! xxx

Comment by RaK on November 25, 2011 at 12:42pm

 Hello Aia, yes, it made me cry too

Comment by Aia on November 25, 2011 at 4:09am

 This story made me

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