Nothing in life is as little or insignificant as it may sometimes seem. Every little thing has more to it. Every “thing” is alive with energy and has depth far beyond its surface.

If you wish to amplify your intuition for any purpose, if you wish to cull any wisdom from surface knowledge, then you must decide to never discard any visual or auditory or sense perception of any kind. In other words pay attention to all your sensory input.

Extra sensory perception has such a wide range of benefits. It can be used to determine appropriate answers to your personal health questions. It has great value in understanding relationships. Intuition can keep you from taking actions with upsetting consequences and guide you instead to better choices.

Training your intuition is not as difficult as it might appear. This effort at extra sensory perception begins by being fully present in the exact moment you find yourself. Step out of any mental day dream and be here now.

What does this entail? Why don’t we try something? Using this approach, while you read these words, the pink rose you are receiving from me just now as a mental projection is not just colored pink.

Use your imagination. Look closely. The rose is a mottling of many colors. Is there a touch of white? Perhaps just a whisper of a deeper red hue at its center is showing itself.
Immerse yourself in the life and quality of the rose.

Hold the rose in your hand. Yes it is soft but feel the texture of each petal. Can you feel its frequency, its vibration touching your palm, your fingers?

Your special rose does not just smell sweet. It combines a range of fragrances. Fragrance is a vibration. Is it possible that you could hear this fragrance in addition to smelling it?

In this moment the rose is performing its special life dance just for you. Appreciate its special contribution to this moment in time.

Each one of us possess special sensing capabilities. Each excel more in one method of discovery than another. As you work with your own abilities you might discover that hearing is your most accurate and acute sense. Others might find that their inner “knowing” is always available and gives reliable information. And still others will gain much through their hands and sense of touch.

Whatever way gives you the best result, use it. At the same time, try working with other aspects of your intuition. You may find it quite easy to incorporate several of your sensing talents for even better results.

Keep a written record of your own experiments with perception to encourage yourself as you move forward. You will gain confidence and precision with just a little practice. Don’t forget to give yourself a big pat on the back when you get it right!

This Saturday, October 3rd, I will be offering “Psychic Play” a workshop. It is an interactive experience with a lot of smiles, giggles and laughs. I offer you an assortment of easy to use tools for intuitive development. I know that whether you have a lot of experience with the paranormal or none you will benefit!

The workshop will be held at the Church of the Angels, 2269 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL from 1 to 4pm this Saturday, October 3rd. You are invited to participate. The cost is only $35.

I am Reverend Lois Cheney, clairvoyant and trance medium. I invite you to bring any question and as many questions as you wish. All readings are cassette recorded for your later review. Each appointment is strictly private and confidential. I will read for you in my Sarasota Florida studio or by telephone. Call today: (941)961-2783 E-Mail:

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