Adventures in Cracker Barrel ~~ How to Flip an egg

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Adventures in Cracker Barrel ~~~ How to Fip an Egg

As most of you know, I recently moved away from the Dakotas

Reasons for that aside, it has lent a beautifull chance to reconnect with my sister in her life

Of course, wanting to aid financially, I took a job that I was HIGHLY overqualified to do, at the local Cracker Barrel

Now, experience in cooking aside, which is 15 plus years, who the hell uses a computer tech in a corporation nationwide, as a cook, I don't know, but needless to say, I don't work there anymore

I'm not baggin on the Barrel, BELIEVE ME, b/c they would say, "Hey we found a car wreck he was in 14 yrs ago in his report"

Yep they did, one where NO ONE was hurt, there was insurance, and there were no intoxicants involved

Bad brakes, thats all

a fender bender

But hey, whatever, not the first restraunt to pull that card

Problem is this, these excuses I have heard in food industry's stretch far beyond a single place

It's like that at ever Denny's, Perkin's Cracker Barrel~~~~~ Whatever you name it

I've worked at like 20 places

Here's what gets me though

And a REALLY basic thing for economic recovery and WHY this all happened

How to Flip an egg?

I have flipped more eggs than I can count

Fed more people and their families than I care to imagine

Seen more of the food industry than most will ever even concieve

And that cool, b/c feeding the masses is needed

But part of that means I have also seen a MASSIVE amount of training manuals and data sheets

Server steps through 30 restraunts


Cooks lines


Order sheets and payroll budgets

pretty much everything

Guess what I have never EVER EVER seen in a restraunt training session for cooks?

Yep, you guessed it, How to flip an egg

The correct way to handle a spatula

The pressure to use for different foods when flipping

Imagine an 18 year old with no work experience that walks into a restraunt and gets a job to learn cooking


This exists in many forms of buisnesses

Just forgetting the basics

That they must be passed on as well

Thought that was kinda funny ironic when I realized it

On a personal note

Part of hanging with my sis, we were discussing the Cracker Barrel training and stufff

Part of it is life insurance, they automatically enroll you

Now, anyone knowing my sitch with the ex wife and my kids can imagine how I reacted to this knowledge


Like holy s***, I'm afraid the b**** might try to kill me just for the money, I don't want that s***

Now that is some serious irony to insurance laws and my life if ya know me

and the hits just keep on comin

Kasey Kassum ~~~~~ Countin em down

all love and namaste


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