One chapter closes – and another opens – over and over. .. Thus..are..

The seasons of transition..

Less than 48 hours ago, i was informed..the growth removed from my throat..was..benign ~~

And, while that in itself is pales in the was..the last thing..i was Led to Finish ~~

In this saga of doctors and strokes and hospitals and recuperation of the past 5 years.

 One chapter closes – and another opens – over and over. .. Thus..are The seasons of transition..

Four years ago...
the doctor who pronounced me disabled...asked me..
"Jerry...if you ever get well enough..what is the one thing you want to do ?"
from..somewhere..deep in my soul...
without thought or cognizance..immediately ~
the Answer sprang..
"i want to walk the jungle more time"

Has Gifted me that opportunity...resplendent !

and so..SomeWhere ~
a 120 miles..of various little villages~

along the Pathways of Uganda ~ to..
the Center of the Jungle...

Join Us on Our Journey ~

Mubende Uganda

i may not be perfect...But i am Gifted With The Perfect Moment ~~

The Perfect hold my hand ~~

The Lady..i Love ~

and..who..fortunately..Loves me 

Maria will also be the one to make..first contact..once i leave..the air..for the first prolonged 9 years..

But truth sight is gone..result of a dozen or so strokes of various intensities & the brain damage.

She will be an administrator of Our:

page..with a (Maria) photo album...

as our the only one who understands accessing the phone 

and can post photos..if she wishes & Share what's going on ~~

for is down time...for awhile...(computer concerned)

Revitalization..recuperation..and Becoming One & Aware of my & acquaintances ..

Learning Absorbing...& Being..Open ~~

a realignment ..Focusing...on the i only have a fraction of the eyesight i once had...

can only..see..a fraction of the email..notices..etc. that come in...

that..coupled with severe (peripheral) memory loss (like absent minded)

But...Great..on ~Focusing~ on..The Moment (with no obstructions) all i see ~

Kind of physical right nor left..just Directly..what's in front of me ~

i will be personally going off:

@ the extent i have been involved the past 7 or so years...

my personal involvement, will be Mama Africa & All pages connected with it such as:

Architects of A New Dawn..Carlos Santana..Humanity Healing..Om Times Magazine..Om Times Architects..Om Times..etc.

and..once we reestablish Common Ground World in Africa...perhaps..some of "You" our Friends..would like to be administrators on some on the Common Ground World facebook pages ~

for @ least..the moment..all further updates will be here on Humanity Healing Network:

Reviving soon...our Common Ground World Blog system:

which basically reflects the same as here as we begin bringing things ToGether ~

as well as a new Common Ground World (Mama Africa) page:

This is simply an update...with much more to follow ~:)

my...Full~Focus~ is now on Mama Africa...

getting to Entebbe myself...

procuring..the funds..for flight..

and establishing a firm departure date..

so..other things..may coordinate..

Most Especially..a home...for my wife and child to know more safety, security & serenity !!

Other than that...that's about all my tired eyes will do for the day...laugh

Sure it's not all...but start !

All of these links are if you're interested..just click 'em..

Architects of A New Dawn...will also have links like this soon...

and...for the moment:

In Lak ech' Ala K'in

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