HI, First Id like to say, Im so thankful I found this sight, what a blessing. I am new to the awakening, but have had a feeling of just knowing things would happen all my life. And, in fact they did from time to time.

Ive opened my third eye with rapid speed. Two months ago, Id didnt know we had a third eye. This has been a blessing, but leaves me with questions. I started seeing right away, things that have come to pass in my community, for example, a month ago I saw an explosion, a week ago, it came to pass in a neighboring community. Praise to God, no one was hurt, but it shut a whole community down.  Ive seen all of egypt, Yesterday of course Egypt was headlined in the news.

I have a "knowing" the people of Egypt will succeed. I have been shown all of Dublin, and a lot of Ireland. This I am still working with my angels on, as it is not clear yet, why. I saw a Black skyscraper (what I now know as the sears-willis tower) with a large full moon (or setting sun) behind it, in front of it hovering I saw a spaceship, "alien" to this country, with a large, what I see as a robot standing in front of the building, it resembles R2D2, but has classic "alien" eyes.

My question is, has anyone else had these experiences, or does anyone have thoughts on the visions Im seeing.

Would love to hear your feedback. Blessing to All!!!

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Comment by deZengo on January 30, 2011 at 2:31pm

Dear Stands Tall :: Keep your eyes / ears / heart open because you are right ... change is happening.  Right now is an incredible time to just BE alive and bear witness to cosmic change and the uniting of our collective voice.


You might want to check out one of the "Signs for Ascension" groups!  The roller coaster ride has just begun ... deep breath in!  Hold! Prayers for PEACE and the Changes necessary for our mass consciousness and ascension! 


Love : Light : Welcome Welcome Welcome!


Comment by Stands Tall on January 30, 2011 at 8:58am
Thank you for your thoughts Dominic, I will do just that. I feel my visions are a Blessing for sure. Just not sure how to handle the information that has been given at this time.

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