Ask and you will receive in all ages, the man has believed in an invisible power, through which all things have been and are continually recreadas. We may assign personality to this power and call it God or we could look at him as the essence or spirit as perméa to all things, but in any case the effect is the same. As the individual is concerned, the objective, physical, visible, is personal, what can recognize with his senses. It is your body, brain and nerves. The subjective is spiritual, invisible, and impersonal. The personal is aware because it is a physical entity. Impersonal, being of the same type and quality than the rest of the self is not aware of itself and why has it been termed the subconscious.
The personal, or aware, has the power to the will and choice, and can therefore exercise selection during the choice of methods of which found solutions to the difficulties. The impersonal, or spiritual, being part and one with the source and the source of all power, it may not exercise any choice, but has infinite resources at its disposal.
This can and get bring results by methods that human or individual mind cannot even conceive. Therefore, you will see is your privilege depend on the human will all its limitations and prejudices, or choose to use the potential of the infinite making use of the subconscious mind. Here, then, is the scientific explanation of the marvelous power which has been put under its control, if only decided to understand, appreciate it and recognize it. [...] 1. Display is the process of making mental imagery, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern of which will pop up their future.
2 Then the pattern clear and do so beautiful; do not be afraid; let grandiose; remember that nobody can impose any limitations but yourself; you are not limited as to costs or materials; recourse to the infinite as their source, constrúya in his imagination: will have to be there before it appears somewhere else.
3. Click the clear and precise image, reténga firmly in his mind, and gradually to bring the object closer you. Remember: "you may be what you decide to be".
4. This is another psychological development is well known, but unfortunately, read about will not bring you any results you may have in mind; even helps form the mental image, and much less help you express it. It is necessary, insistence, strong mental effort: the type of effort that only very few are willing to carry out.
5. The first step is the idealization. It is also the step more important, because it is plain envelope which you will build. It must be solid and must be permanent. The architect, when planning a 30-story building has displayed each line and every detail from the beginning. The engineer to cross an abyss (with a bridge), first determines a million of forces in different parts requirements.
6. They see the final until the first step has been taken in the same way that you drawn in his mind what you want. You sembrará seed, but before you sow you need to know what you reap. This is idealization. If you are unsure, return to the wheelchair every day until the image is clear and it will be gradually developed. Initially, the general level will be weak, but will be taking shape, first outline take shape, then the details, and gradually you develop power allowing you to formulate plans that will finally materialise in the objective world. You come to know what the future holds.
7 Then comes the display process. You should see the image each time more and more complete, view the detail and, as the details begin to reveal the way and means to bring revelation materialise. One thing lead to another. Thinking will take action, action will develop methods, methods shall encourage friends, friends atraerán circumstances, and finally, the third step, or materialisation, there will be achieved.
8. All recognise that the universe had to have been thought of before they could become a material fact. And if we are prepared to follow the guide of the great architect of the universe, we will find that our thoughts take shape, as the universe took concrete form. It's the same mind operand of the individual. There is no difference class or quality, the only difference is grade.
9. The architect displayed their building, sees it as you want it to be. His thinking becomes a plastic mold from which will the building finally emerge, high or low, beautiful or simple, his vision takes form in the role and finally the necessary equipment is used and the building is erected altogether.
10. The inventor displayed his idea exactly the same way. For example included Nikola Tesla, who had a huge intellect, and was one of the inventors more large ever, this man materialized the more surprising realities, always viewed their inventions before work on them. Tesla not apresuraba to materialize them to then spend their time correcting defects. Having first built the idea in your imagination, maintained it there as a mental image to be built and enhanced by his thought. "In this way", writes in his book "The experimenter electric", "i am enabled to develop and refine a concept without having to touch anything quickly." When I moved enough as to incorporate the invention of any possible improvement that I can think and see you no failures, I convert something concrete product of my brain. "Invariably, my design work as concebí should do so and for twenty years I have not found any exception".
11. If you can consciously follow these instructions, develop faith, the faith which is "the substance of things that expected, the evidence of things not views"; class and develop confidence, the type of trust that leads to the resistance and the value; you will develop the power of concentration allowing you to exclude all thoughts, except those that are associated with its purpose.
12. The law is thought to manifest in the form, and only one who knows how to become their own thoughts divine thinking can take the place of the master and speak with authority.
13. The clarity and certainty are obtained only with the image in the mind repeatedly. Each repetition makes the image more clear and precise than previously, and in proportion to the clarity and precision of the image will thus occur resulting manifestation. You must build it firmly and security in their mental world, your inner world, before you can take shape in the outside world, and you cannot build anything of value, even in their mental unless you have with the appropriate material world. When you have the material, you can build anything you want, but be sure your material. You can do a fine clothing in tatters.
14. This material will be created by millions of quiet mental workers and molded in the shape of the image you have in mind.
Think you 15 about it! You have more than five million ready mentally workers and asset, that are called "nerve". Apart from that, there is another force reserve at least an equal number, calls to action-ready to the most mild need. Her power to think, then, is almost unlimited, and that means that her power to create the type of material needed to build for yourself any environment you want is virtually unlimited.
16. Apart from these millions of mental workers, you have billions of mental workers in the body, each of which is equipped with enough intelligence to understand and act on any message or received suggestions. All these cells are busy creating and re-creating the body, but also boast with mental energy from which can attract towards if same necessary substance for a perfect development.
17 They do this by the same law and in the same way that every form of life attracts itself equipment necessary for their growth. Oak, rose, the lily: all require certain materials for your more perfect expression and how get them in the silent request, the law of attraction, more reliable for you get that required for their full development.
18 Construct the mental image, constrúya it clearly defined, perfect firmly hold and media appear; supply will continue to request; you will be guided to do the right thing at the right time and the right way. The sincere desire attract the secure expectation, and which should be reinforced with the firm request. These three things not fail to attract success, because the sincere desire is the sentiment, Confiada expectation is thinking request firm is the will and, as we have seen, the feeling provides vitality to thinking, while will firmly maintains it until the growth Act makes it manifest itself.
19 Isn't admirable man to have such enormous power within if and powers so far-reaching it have no idea? No wonder that always have taught us to find the strength and power "outside"? We have been taught to find anywhere, except our interior and provided that this power is manifested in our lives have told us is something supernatural.
20. Today many have come to the understanding of this marvelous power have made aware to take charge of your health, power and serious efforts and other conditions, and still seem to fail. Do not seem able to act to operate. The difficulty in most cases consists are focusing on the external. Want money, power, health and wealth, but they do not account that they are effects and arriving only when the cause is.
21. Those not paying attention to the outside world will seek only to confirm the truth will only seek wisdom, will find this wisdom will disclose and disclose the source of all power, expressed in thinking and purpose that will create the desired external conditions. This truth can find its expression in the noble purpose and courageous action.
22 I only created the ideals, not think in external conditions. Then beautiful and opulent and its internal world external expressed and manifest conditions has on the inside. You will come to understand its power to create ideals and these ideals are projected effects worldwide.
23. For example, suppose that a man is indebted. The think continuously in debt, concentrating on it, and as the thoughts are causes, the result is that he not only ensure debt to stay with him, but actually creates more debt. The being put into operation the great law of attraction with the normal and inevitable result: La loss leads to an even greater loss.
24 What, then, the correct principle? Focus on the things you want, not in which do not want. Think of abundance, idealice methods and plans to implement the law of abundance operation. View the conditions on which the bountiful Act creates, this will lead to the demonstration.
25 If law works perfectly to bring poverty and lack any form of limitation for those who hold continuously thoughts of deficiency and fear, will also work with the same certainty to attract abundance and opulence conditions for those who hold courage thoughts and power.
26. This is a difficult problem for many. We are too anxious, what we fear, anxiety, tension. We want to do something and we want to help, we are as a child you just planting a seed and every fifteen minutes removes land to see if it is growing. Of course, under these circumstances, the seed never germinará and this is exactly what many of us are doing the mental world.
27 We plant the seed and leave it imperturbada. This in no way means that we let sitting doing nothing: we will do more and better jobs than ever before we have done and new channels provided constantly, opens new doors; we need nothing but have an open mind and be ready to act when the time comes.
28. The strength of thinking is the means more powerful for knowledge, and if it is concentrated in a topic, you can resolve any issues. Nothing is more beyond the power of understanding human, but that requires leverage the power of thinking and doing that produces what we want.
29 Remember thinking is the fire that creates the steam that moves the wheel of fortune which depend on their experiences.
30 Ask yourself a few questions and then wait for reverentemente responses; you feel always same of whether? Reaffirms to if-same or following the most? Remember that majorities sow are guided and are never guides. That was the most which fought tooth and nail against the steam engine, the automatic loom and any other progress or improvement was proposed then.
31. For this week pursuit, display a friend see it exactly as it was the last time, see the room, furniture, remember the conversation. Now to see her face, see it clearly. Now, to talk with him concerning an issue of mutual interest, see change your expression, see you smile. You can do it? OK, you can, then wakes up their interest, tell a story of adventure, see his eyes shining with a spirit of joy and emotion. Can you do all this? If so, your imagination is good and is making excellent progress.
Questions of study with answers is displaying?
The process of creating mental imagery.
What is the result of this method of thinking?
To maintain the visual image or box in mind, we can gradually but surely zoom in ever more to us. We can be what we want to be.
What is the idealization?
It is the process of viewing or idealize plans that will eventually materialise in our objective world.
Why the certainty and clarity are necessary?
Because the "view" creates the "feeling" and the "is 20 %..."

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Comment by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on November 30, 2009 at 4:48pm
Dear Maria,

Yes, Jesus also says that Seek And You will Find ! Sohiniben.

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