I would like to share some important words with you...
My spiritual Journey is what has kept me growing and thriving and living in a place that is filled with light, Divine love and grace. My mission on this planet is bigger than my ego, desires and every day thoughts...
I am reminded of this at every moment and my Sovereignty is imperative to this survival
In fact it is imperative to all of us...
The small i am is almost over and the true authentic vaster I AM is calling us home...

You will see each other shine and grow more and more
Together we fly as one

Like two wings of that same Dove of peace and sweet surrender

This is my prayer and affirmation on the full moon eclipse day and every blessed day
To do this we must allow alone time and remain accountable for our own journey and come together in union to what is sacred and now becoming known...

To be responsible is to be responsible for our own growth and mastery as well as our mission on this beautiful blue green planet and this magical journey called life...

Responsibility simply means ~ the ability to respond !

Are you willing ?

To respond to your higher calling ~
To help this planet and its citizens grow and shift...
And of course ourselves... as a priority !!!

There is so much more in store for You Me Us All

This next month is the accumulation of years of preparation and awakening
and it is important for us to be clear and honorable in our endeavors so as to assimilate all the gifts knowledge and blessings that are being relayed to us and all of our human family...
Its true to say that all we can be is authentic and fully expressed in our totality
This means to be free to expand into our vastness...

We are all free to choose our thoughts beliefs and requirements and to strip away all that does not serve our highest good...

I am writing you to express this Divine truth of my being ~
Especially at this time of the shifting of the Ages
Grounding ourselves and being energetically clear is our life Support System

Which comes from the Inside ~ Not just from an external Source...

As we approach the end of this quantum cycle ~
We need to remain grounded and balanced...
And that we will create quality time that is Whole-istic in nature ~
For the Mind, Body and Soul

I hope you are up for the task

We are multidimensional beings full of beautiful threads of divine consciousness.

For this is important business for all of us, in our evolution

Know that I can never miss you because you are part of me...
And that Missing someone must never take precedence of missing yourself...
Love is freedom
Love is never having to say i’m sorry
love is eternal
Love is true
love is pure
love is expansive
love is growth
love is change and flexibility
love is unconditional
love is you - me - us - All

You may ask how can all these things exist in the same space...
Well they just do and this we will all discover very soon,
For it has been written in our hearts long long ago...

Know this to be True




Source; ~The Crystal Gateway

Image: ~ Alaenura Adam

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