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                       I am writing this from my local library, as my phone, internet and television have been shut off due to an inability on my part to pay the bill. So, I will be here less than have been,lol, as far as online anyway. My Heart and Love are here, All ways. Now then, the title of this blog comes from a film I recently viewed which is titled "The Afterlife Investigations". It is documentary which follows the "Scole Group", which was a group of 4 individuals, who for 5 years held seances in a basement in Scole, UK and were also observed by many visitors and scientists who observed what occurred. I do recommend it highly, if you are able to find it.

Ok, the title of this blog was written upon film, which if i remember correctly, was placed in a locked box and held by the person, who had placed the film in the box(not one of the four)during one of these seances. It also had a drawing of the moon in crescent and something else I couldn't make out.

The reason I find this question of importance, is because if you ask yourself this question, you would honestly have to answer that you cannot see behind the moon. lol..and my follow up question would be, Does that mean it does not exist?...well, you might say, we have seen photos made by satellites or astronauts of the dark side of the moon and that is how we know it is there....and I would answer, yes, that is true, we have seen photos that we "trust" are from the dark side of the moon. That is if we trust others to impart the truth about material things....do you see my thought patterns here?...."if" this was not a hoax, the writing on film that is, which the film stated was vetted by many scientists actually looking for hoax and could not find the means for this to be accomplished in the time and circumstances afforded, then there should be a reason for this communication....and what I "felt" about this communication was, simply because you can not see phenomena which is intelligently controlled, does not mean it does not exist. The material world and Newtonian Physics are not the be all, end all. Actually, they are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. As science has begun to understand, there is "Dark" Matter and "Dark " Energy, which really makes up approximately 96% of the observable Universe. It is called "Dark",because these illuminated minds can not measure or quantify it. So, human material science can, kind of, account for 4% of the Universe. Hmmmm, even my small intellect can see that that is not too much.

Anyway, food for thought....lol...I suggest you simply accord this as a possibility, not fact, by any means and maybe realize that more is possible than our limited science says is possible...Like the Power of the frequency and ALL encompassing Creative Force of Love. namaste'

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Comment by Mark Seebach on July 1, 2014 at 2:01pm

Video is available to watch in the video section of Media Center....namaste'

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