Change Your Perception Of Time

To reverse the aging process you need to change your perception of time because how you perceive time regulates your biological clock.

To do this, you need to risk a crucial question: What is time? In the
physical world we use time to measure the flow of events in our lives.
And yet we know that our experience of time is fluid.

Dreamtime, for example, is very different from waking time. When you are dreaming,
many things can happen in a very short time, because in that state you
have an entirely different perception of time.

In the quantum realm, time obeys a different set of rules. Cause and effect are
nonlinear, and events that we would normally consider "the future" are
capable of influencing events in "the past." When we glimpse the realm
of spirit through meditation or an awe-inspiring experience, we enter a
domain that is beyond time and space.

The experience of this is called timeless mind. Since mind and body are inseparable, a timeless
mind is also an ageless body. When our mind comes to a standstill, time
comes to a standstill and our biological clock stops.

One of the ways to define aging is to see it as the metabolism of time. Imagine for
a moment that you could metabolize eternity or infinity instead of
time. You would literally have an immortal body. The ancient seers of
the Vedic tradition claimed that even occasional excursions into this
timeless or eternal domain of consciousness could influence the
biological clock and extend life by many years.

The human body and its biological functions respond to the experience to time. To
paraphrase Einstein, when asked to explain the theory of relativity in a
way that was meaningful to everyday experience of time.

To paraphrase Einstein, when asked to explain the theory of relativity in a
way that was meaningful to everyday experience, he said, "If I burn
myself on a hot stove, that fraction of a second seems like eternity.
But if I'm with a beautiful woman, even eternity seems like one second.
It's gone in a moment. It's never enough."

The experience of time is subjective. If you are always in a hurry, your biological clock
speeds up. If you feel you have all the time in the world, your
biological clock slows down. During meditation, when you enter into the
gap between thoughts, time stops.

That also happens when you're playing a game you enjoy, when you are listening to great music, when
you experience the beauty in nature, and when you fall in love. Time is
subjective experience in consciousness and that subjective experience
translates into a biological response in your body.

- Grow Younger, Live Longer by Deepak
Chopra, M.D.

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