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Accompanying patients at end of life

This book is the testimony of Annick Auzou, who spends part of his free time to the accompaniment of patients at end of life. Over the years, she noted the difficulty in our society to truly listen to the suffering, fear and loneliness of dying.

This attitude of withdrawal benefit insulates even the person at the end of life despite his condition, retains the same needs for attention, human relations, Love. Each of the moments spent with these "patients" did closer to the essence of existence: the true word, humility, authenticity, availability.

Questionings and also insights that lead the author to share with us, with simple words and fair but never pity, his reflections on the life of terminally ill patient vie.Annick Auzou also take experience to make specific recommendations and concrete on the spot to be occupied not only the caregiver to the patient but also his family and the medical team with which he is required to work.

End of Life
Books to read ...

Death defeats the idea because it is cut, gap elusive. It also puts the power failure because of the subject is characterized by loss of control. But here is the attention now focuses less on the enigma of death on the conditions of dying. The outcome was the promotion of "dying". This new category as it magnifies exile one who dies. She ordered him to comply with an ideal control in line with the idea of an illusory transparent individual to himself. It must define solitary dignity and worth of life and reduced to a mere personal convenience. By combining this approach psychoanalytic, sociological and philosophical, this book will enlighten us about what death and dying mean today. Three writers gathered to write about the dying: - The diginité the dying of Jacques-Ricot Instead of dying of Patrick Baudry-The status of the dying Robert William Higgins
# The mourantJacques Ricot, Patrcik Baudry, Robert M-Wuilliam HigginsEditions EDITER118 pages - 20 Eurosun CD-audio conferences comes with livre.Pour order with 5% discount, click here
The dignity of dying

Abstract: The dignity of dying is first that of a living which can not be banished beyond the human community. And dignity of man lies in its humanité.Il should not confuse the meaning of the constitutive dignity of human beings with a different meaning which refers to a form of greatness, nobility, pride, decency. While the ontological dignity is unmatched and unconditional, that dignity, decency is a relative value. But lack of decency, lose self-esteem, no longer correspond to the usual standards, it is not leave humanity. Sometimes, a shift in meaning uncontrolled, that dignity is reduced to a certain mere personal convenience, a freedom as absolute sovereignty of the subject. Certainly, respect for the dignity of etrehumain implies respect for his freedom, but not any liberté.En Indeed, one can not confuse it with a free self. Freedom properly understood does not impair the dignity inconditionnelle.Jacques Ricot is a professor in preparatory classes in high school science Clemenceau Nantes, lecturer of bioethics at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Nantes, board member of the association Philosophia.Il lectures on philosophical issues, particularly around the issue of forgiveness, of the inhuman, dignity, from the end of life and peace.
Instead of dying

Abstract: The extent to which it is an experience difficult, uncomfortable, no definitive answer possible, that the individual may attempt to cling to what he would "finally" to end his same: that is to say sasingularité as it exposes its own otherness. But taken literally what is given as requested by the individual, not recognize the person, but ignore the singularity that animates it. The size of death through the singularly.

Accompany life from birth to death

Caroline Chavelle is both facilitator and Awakening in nursery volunteer with people endof life in hospital. This notion of support is important to him as to devote a very informative book: "To walk through life from birth to death," published by the Rock.


Introductions to the notion of support
Part 1: Supporting the desire for children
What place for the baby? Coaching Maternity and peternité.L arrival of bébé.Le become the baby. "The true value of time taught by children beyond appearances and age" Accompanying the family itself. "To reach to address all these changes, it is important not to be accompanied not feel isolated, depressed, guilty or not. "The Accompanying the family life. "Helping does not overcome the weaknesses of the other by doing things for him but give him the means to regain its autonomy" Conclusion: love is the best accompaniment project. "It is therefore important not to judge our neighbors but to forgive. Reconnaissance This love is without doubt the hardest in the world."

Part 2: Support from adolescence to old age
Accompany adolescence of our children. Support our parents.

Part 3: To accompany the disease and late life
What place for the patient? Disease or dying in hospital. "Like the little child, the patient needs to have links to live, or die in peace. The family, friends, volunteers, visiting the sick, break these moments of bewilderment and, through dialogue , gives the person's individuality. "The fate of sick and dying person (the truth at the end of life) The guérisonL'accompagnement bénévoleCitation of Montaigne in his Essays" If we need a midwife Women give birth to us, we need a woman still wiser to help us out "A Practical Guide recency websites that can provide information on these thématiques.Bibliographie.

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Accompany life from birth to death
Caroline Chavelle
Editions du Rocher 336 pages

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Comment by Anthony S on November 25, 2010 at 10:31am
Have you encountered information or, more specifically, models of living arrangements during your research, on the matter of seniors and intentional community? I lived in such a community for 6 months and saw the benefits for all involved, the caregivers, and elders and visitors. Not a job but more of a lifestyle.

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