How all things proceed from Universal Subconscious Mind.)

1. Basic and eternal in the universe are everlasting laws of action.

2. A vibrating universe, acting upon itself, evolves centers of force such as are    

    represented by the atom and by the Solar System.

3. These centers of force seek other centers of force with similar vibrations, and by

    their coalescence matter is formed.

4. Since intelligent law makes up the center of force, the atom, which is the

    building block of the universe, is conscious.

5. We have our beings in the midst of a living universe.

6. There is no such thing as inanimate matter, for all form is made from universal

     intelligence and is but a conception in the Universal Subconscious Mind.

7. That matter which we call living is simply that which has evolved sufficiently so

     that its consciousness is discernible to our senses.

8. That process which all life is caught up in is Universal Intelligence seeking to

    know itself by becoming a thing.

9.  Evolution is the path of expanding consciousness.

10.Developed self-consciousness, such as is now possessed by man, is a necessary

    step toward the development of universal consciousness.

11.Man's destiny is to expand his consciousness to complete unity, to a oneness with


12. Form proceeds from intelligence, for form is intelligence. Therefore form

     proceeds from thought, and thought makes things!

13. All life is but an incarnation of the one life, therefore there are innumerable

     reincarnations until unity with the Universal Subconscious Mind is obtained.

14.The Secret Doctrine has been held inviolate by esoteric groups for many ages 

     and teaches that mankind is evolving toward spiritual unity.

15.The Secret Doctrine lays down the past and future of man's evolution but this

      cannot be accepted as substantiated.

16.Matter is only relative, and is nothing more than a combination of centers of

    force or moving intelligence.

17.Space and time are also relative and represent concepts in the Universal

      Subconscious Mind.

18. Man lives upon two planes at once the plane of mind and thought and the

     plane of  things and circumstances but actually these two planes are only one.

19. Your "I" is a product of your thought and is never the same from one moment to

      the next, except insofar as it is confined within the fleshly limits of your body.

20. The real "I" is eternal, everlasting, only one, and contains all things.

21. The Kingdom of God is within us.

22. You are what you think, and thoughts are things; therefore select your thoughts

      with care.


                                                 Meditation on Form :


I am the center of the universe.

God, the Universal Subconscious Mind, has
made himself manifest through me. I know that my purpose in
life is to reach ever upward and outward, to expand in
knowledge and love and unity. I
place my future in divine hands. I turn over each problem of my life to
that great all-knowing mind to which all things are possible.
I do not tell God how to bring these things about. I have
complete confidence that every circumstance that comes
my way is part of a perfect plan to convert the
image of my faith into physical reality. Even now the universe
seeks to answer my every need. As I believe in my heart,
so shall it be done unto me;
this is the law of life and ofliving.

There is greatness in my friend and in
my enemy, for we are all brothers seeking the same high mountain
along many paths.

God, who made all creatures, made no
poor creature, for He made only of himself. I am prosperous
for God owns everything. I am vigorous for
God is all vigor. I need only open my mind and my heart,
keep my thoughts
in the path of truth, and I am filled to
overflowing with the power and
and love of the universe.




I know that all of life exists within me. Here in
my heart and mind, in the recesses of my being, there is
utter calm, a place of unruffled and placid waters, where
the truth is apparent and the clamor of the world does
not exist. I see about me the thoughts of all mankind, for
these thoughts have become things. Whatever is good
among these thought-things I accept; whatever is evil I
ignore; for my concern is only with truth and understanding,
which is forever the lovely and the good
and the expanding. My mind moves easily to the furthermost
reaches of space, in all directions, and just as easily
moves back to me once again.



"Three Magic Words" by US Andersen

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Comment by A'GOR on October 1, 2011 at 3:25am

These centers of force seek other centers of force with similar vibrations, and by
their coalescence matter is formed.

It was spoken good. We seek peoples, the resound with which do our energy is maximal

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