We are our own individualized selves with our own DNA codes, our own viewpoint. The way we see, sense, smell taste, touch, show emotions, and the way we communicate with each other are all wrapped up in one bundle that makes us who we are, as individualized Spiritual beings.

Profound and positive changes in the world and our experiences will begin to occur when we utilize our truth mechanism and communicate only and always from our heart center. We must always seek the truth from our higher selves, always going within to seek guidance and understanding. This will guarantee that we will always be operating and communicating from the standpoint of absolute truth.

 As individualized beings we must find our own unique qualities of expressions so that we don’t clone others actions. Much if not all of our lives are spent mimicking others, living without direction and little if any understanding of how to operate ourselves. We mimic fashions, we speak the language that we feel will cause us to appear a certain way to others, we hate those we are told to hate, and we judge according to what the news reports tells us.

Often times we find that going against the grain and seeking our own uniqueness will cause others to react to us in a manner not easily forgotten so usually we stay in the box.

When we allow ourselves to be dictated to, when we believe that we have no power, when we live in the world according to someone else’s views, we give up originality, we give up creativity, we give up on ourselves, we give up the ability to see something different, and we give up our own unique Godness.

Only those that are not in the box or those that are existing at the top of the box are able to bring new and refreshing ideas into existence. For the majority of the world has been brain washed into thinking they are not capable of creating anything that would be beneficial to the world or themselves.

We are living and showing up in the world from a viewpoint of the false prophets. When you take on someone else’s views what you are saying is this, “your communication tower to your higher self or the Holy Spirit is not working” and so you allow yourself to be pulled into the box of crying souls. Once in the box you must act, and react, believe, and deceive as the others in the box do or be persecuted, ridiculed, and made an outcast, while still existing in the box. You have been told that no matter what, you cannot get out of the box.

When you believe that, you have no way of making a new life for yourself and that you have no one to help you to find an understanding to this thing we call life. You start to believe what the others in the box have been telling and teaching you about who you are and where you belong.

You continue to believe in these despairing ways, with out knowing any better, you sink down deeper and deeper into the box. You allow yourself to be held prisoner to the outsiders points of view, feelings, emotions, wants, likes and dislikes. You become a clone and that’s where trouble begins. This very way of being shows us how the world as we know it has become so deceitfully disorganized and controlling. We have no clue how to trust our own inner mechanism, our own inner guidance system. We become fearful to allow ourselves to be led by our own Divine wisdom and the world reflects our ignorance each and everyday.

When we are trying to live by someone else’s views or understanding or writing or teachings we are giving up our own intuitive guidance, our own personalized road map, to travel life’s journey on someone else’s roadway.

This takes away our power and allows us to easily become controlled by the negative forces of the world. It also starts a belief within ourselves that we are nothing, which causes us to continue to hold our existence in the fog of disharmony, living out of alignment with who we really are.

This occurs because we are trying to live by rules that are not of ourselves. We are trying to live by teaching that doesn’t vibrate to our true frequency and because they are not in alignment with the truth of our nature. We live life like we are trying to push a brick filled wheel barrel up a hill.

We are afforded these experiences because we are all trying to fit into this one box, and because we are all trying to fit in to this one box life gets stuffy, the air is stale, we cannot move about freely. In this lies frustration, anger, crime, disease, disharmony, recklessness, and deceitfulness. All because we are all trying to push others out of the box so that we can fit in and have more room, and in all actuality there is no box that is big enough on this planet that can hold who we really are.

So we must come away from the mass mind and out of the box. When we do and begin to trust and go within ourselves, there and only in that place will we find, love and devotion, our true personalities, our true Spirit and the purpose of our existence.

A gifted life lives in harmony, peace, and ease of mind, has space to move, to stretch and be who they really are. Outside the box, we will find the perfect understanding to all the questions that we have in the Universe. Away from the mind of the masses, we will find the comfort and love of our Creator, our divinity. The one and only source of creation, there and only there do we need to truly exist.

The minute we stop looking outside ourselves and begin to pay attention to what we are feeling and refuse to take everything that is spoon fed to us about life, God, the Universe, time, our place in the world, the way we should act and not act, hell and heaven will we begin to hear that still voice of guidance beckoning us to the right path.

Then and only then will we begin to know and understand who we are as Godly beings whose purpose is to create for themselves and the world, Heaven on Earth. Nor Heaven, nor earth can ever fit into a box.

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Comment by Mark Seebach on June 28, 2011 at 7:40pm
Namaste and Thanks for sharing
Comment by Third Eyez Open on June 28, 2011 at 6:33pm
Thank you guys it means alot to me to have your feedback! 
Comment by Natasha on June 28, 2011 at 5:41pm
Amen !  Thank you

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