Melissa La Flamme HEY, CODE BREAKER by Melissa La Flamme

What program beneath the program holds you back from becoming a solid evolutionary?

An artful leader of your own soul's movement to set you free?

You need to retrieve the Code Breaker.

The one who knows how to operate in your depths,

reveal to you through the trap door,

under the fabric of the culture of media-driven,

sociopolitical, economic strains,

under the skin of the relationships that no longer serve soul,

under that which mutes the colors of your healthy living,

creative loving, passionate serving.

An initiatory act of rebellion

is a subversive maneuver to take heart

while it shatters the old code.

To lean into hope,

to make love from the repurposed materials of your tender life.

To live with courage

even in its absence is to live authentically especially when it costs everything.

To free yourself enough, to heal yourself

enough from the effects of the culturally-mastered virus; the Diabolical Hacker of your soul.

Time to re-set your organically beautiful,

wild system of body, mind, heart and soul.

This is the underground work of freedom.

Messy. Uncivilizing. Scary. Sexy.

To free your mind to submit,

holy embodied to the fire,

the one oddly kindled by your glowing fears,

the fears that keep you from realizing

-- I mean fully realizing -- that so-called reality

is a pre-fab construction by what poet, Diane di Prima, calls

the Metal Men;

the ones who pull the levers to keep you enslaved,

paying taxes, ingesting poison, consuming,

shushing your Dreams and killing the earth.

What the fck, right?

The work that often derails the hearty evolver

is the move into your fears of rejection

by people you know who do not want to be free,

who will not join you in evolution,

who may even try to undermine your heart's desire to be fully alive.

And then, there is the fear that you might go bat-s*** crazy

if you are free. Yes?

But listen: these fears are the allies of the Metal Men.

They count on you to feed them. Do not.

When you're ready enough,

reach up through the rubble with your dusty, blood-stained hand,

and with all you got, answer the call from the Code Breaker.

Soft like honey you will become,

sweet and potent, companioned by Vulnerability and Courage,

flanked by No-choice but to dive hard into your artistry,

your freaky-true way of serving -- serving your soul and others -

- severing with a sharp, large blade your familiar,

habitual, and outmoded ways of being accepted by others,

but not loved by yourself.

If you take this way, you will know

it is the one you can wholeheartedly choose;

the only one that wants to ravish you open; take you apart,

scare you sacred, shake you down, make you human

to re-member you came here to be free.

This way, the one that appears through the crack in the rubble;

the one that says, This Way to Mystery;

this way through to the door

with the unfastened hinges to the Unknown,

darkly sparkling life-sources, gifts with no shortage of delivering

deliciously artful madness.

This way to freedom.

My prayer is this:

That you embody your sweaty-palmed longing to rave

— with soul as freedom's teacher and spirit as bad-ass trail guide

to lead you to the know-how in your shattered, open heart.

The heart of you that knows gusty winds and cosmic downpours do not last.

The heart of you, reverent now

— having kissed Death's evolutionary intelligence —

licks life alive again, giving birth to screaming rebellion,

to the freedom to give it all back to the crying earth.

To pay the only debt we owe.

© 2015 Melissa La Flamme The poem, HEY, CODE BREAKER is from my book, What You Are For: Inciting A Revolution In Your Soul. Available now on Amazon. Image: © Andrew Lucas, artist and photographer.

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